Making the Switch from Tobacco to E-Cigarettes

Making the Switch from Tobacco to Ecigs ( Electronic Cigarettes )
If you, like many smokers, would like to kick the habit, you might find it easier if you have a fun, relaxing, and satisfying hobby to replace it with. Vaping is a wonderful alternative for many people just like you. You can buy a vape online without ever leaving your home and get started replacing a harmful habit with a better one. Let’s talk a little bit about why you should make the switch and how to do it right.

Reasons to switch to ecigarettes
What makes vaping a better alternative to smoking? Consider the following – just a few of the reasons to make the switch.

·You (and your clothes) will smell better. Traditional cigarettes leave behind an unpleasant odour that lingers… and lingers… and lingers. If you smoke in enclosed spaces such as your home or vehicle, the smell permeates everything from your hair to your clothes to your furniture. Vaping, on the other hand, creates only a fleeting (and pleasant) aroma that dissipates almost immediately.
You’ll smell and taste more efficiently. Not only will you smell better, but you’ll also smell better! Cigarettes can dull your senses of taste and smell. You may not notice it when you smoke regularly, but when you quit, you’ll notice a whole new world of fragrances and flavours. The transition may take a little time, but eventually, you may find that foods, flowers, and many other scents and flavours are much more vibrant than before.

You’ll enjoy a wider variety of flavours. When you smoke traditional cigarettes, you’re pretty much limited to tobacco and menthol flavours. The e-liquid used inside electronic cigarettes comes in hundreds of different flavours for you to explore and enjoy. You can certainly choose more basic flavours if you prefer, or you can branch out into dessert flavours, floral flavours, fruity flavours, and much more.

·You can vape in more places. As a smoker, you’re extremely limited in where you can enjoy your smoke breaks. While some limitations do exist regarding where you can vape, there are far more places where vaping is allowed and, in some cases, even encouraged. Even if you’re outdoors, you can vape far more easily without offending other people who may be in the area.

Tips for transitioning
So, you know why you want to switch from cigarettes to ecigs. Now, you need to know how. Here are a few tips to help you make the switch successfully and enjoy it every step of the way.

·Choose an appropriate device for a newbie. A complicated vape mod is likely to be frustrating for a beginner. Instead, look for something a little more basic, such as a disposable e-cigarette or a pod system. These simple devices make it easy to learn about vaping and get the most benefit from it. A huge tank and a massive cloud of vapour won’t make you look cool and may discourage you from vaping as you try to learn about all the accessories and maintenance needed while you’re trying to transition away from smoking.

·Try a range of e-juice. There are so many different flavours of e-liquid available that everyone can find something they’ll love. If you have a sweet tooth, you might enjoy a dessert-flavoured liquid (and as an added bonus, that cheesecake flavoured e-juice might even be a good substitute for the real stuff). Or, if you prefer more classic flavours, feel free to stick to tobaccos or menthols. Whatever you do, be sure to try out at least a handful of flavours to start learning which ones are your favourites.

·Find the right nicotine strength. It can take a little trial and error to get your nicotine strength right. Not enough, and vaping won’t be satisfying; too much, and it can make you feel nauseous or dizzy. In general, if you are a heavier smoker, you will need an e-liquid with a higher concentration of nicotine than someone who is a light smoker. You can always increase or decrease your nicotine strength over time to get it just right.

·Learn about PG vs VG. E-liquids contain a combination of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). The ratio of one to the other is important and will affect your experience. For example, if you aren’t producing enough vapour or you notice that your throat is sore, you might want to up your VG ratio. If you want a stronger throat hit, try a liquid with more PG.

·Be patient. You won’t likely switch from smoking to vaping overnight and never look back. However, with a little perseverance and experimentation, vaping can replace smoking in your life. Try switching gradually, replacing an additional cigarette every few days with a vaping session. If you do slip up and have a cigarette, don’t give up – just use your vape next time you have a craving.

Vaping is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Get involved with the vaping community, talk with people at your local vape store, and try out different devices and e-liquids to find what works for you.