Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

For many who have turned to vaping as an alternative to their traditional smoking habit, the battery life of their e-cigarette or mod is critical. After all, a battery that only stays charged for a few vaping sessions can hardly match the frequent use from a heavy vaper. Additionally, cheaper batteries might not hold a charge as well. Therefore, you might find that by the middle of the day, the e-cig is dead and unable to be used. So how do you know what type of battery is truly the longest lasting e-cig battery available? Before you can make that decision, you need to have a good understanding of your own vaping habits.

Evaluate Your Needs First
If you are using an e-cig to assist in breaking your traditional smoking habit, having a working and charged e-cig for always available is critical. It would not do to have a battery that gives out after just a few vaping sessions, especially for those who are heavy vapers. However, those who might not be very heavy vapers, a less powerful battery may be enough to handle your daily vaping needs. Still, it is important to have an idea of your habits.
While the initial pricing for a quality battery might result in some sticker shock, it can end up saving you money in the long run. After all, a quality long lasting e-cig battery that can be recharged multiple times is cheaper than buying cigarette packs that are just smoked and thrown away. Plus, you do not need to charge your battery as frequently. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having your charger at all times. That makes for a much less to carry while enjoying your vaping habit.
To understand the best battery, it is important to understand what mAh stands for. This is an abbreviation for milliampere-hour, which describes the total capacity of charge that any particular battery can hold. So what is the best mAh for an e-cigarette battery? For most users, a 180 mAh battery will easily hold the necessary daily charge needed for a majority of heavy users or vapers. Yet there are batteries out there with even higher mAh, such as the 350 mAh.
Keep in mind that the more frequently your battery needs to be charged, the faster it will lose the ability to hold a charge. Therefore, spending the money for a better battery will save money in the long run because you will need to charge it less frequently and need to replace the battery less often as a result.

Benefits of Larger Manufacturer
As with a majority of batteries, the best are typically tied to larger manufacturers or those who have made a name for themselves within the industry. One such benefit could be the rewards programs they offer their loyal customers. This can include replacement batteries at a reduced price or even a special warranty on their batteries for a free replacement if you have any problems.
For disposable electronic cigarettes, the manufacturer might also offer a free e-cig for a certain number of units returned when you are finished with them. These recycling programs can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a disposable long lasting e-cig, while not having to worry about replacing batteries frequently or incurring the additional costs.

Battery Types
There are several different types of batteries available to a vaper. Batteries can also change in terms of size and charge based on the type of e-cig they are made for. More traditional looking e-cigarettes offer charging options by means of a USB cable, such as the E-Puffer.
The battery for the VaporFi can be a 280 mAh, which when fully charged can provide up to 400 puffs in between charges. Still other batteries offer larger mAh to give you a longer vaping experience with every charge. But you need to keep in mind that these batteries are also going up in size. So you might find that the larger batteries will mean the purchase of a larger unit, particularly when it comes to the box mods or other customized vaping options.
When you start adjusting the wiring, voltage and other aspects of your unit, you will find that you are going to effect the life of your battery.

Box Mod Batteries
For the longest lasting e-cig batteries, one also make sure to find the best battery for your particular device. Box mods provide plenty of options to create or modify many parts of the box mod itself. This also applies to the batteries. You will want to know the type of voltage and amps you are looking for to match your other modifications. Additionally, you will want to make sure that your battery can handle multiple uses with your specifications. Often adjustments to a box mod can mean that it uses up a battery’s power much quicker.
One of the best batteries for a box mod is the Vamped 40 amp 2300 mAh battery. This particular battery can hold a charge for up to 2 days. With a mechanical box mod, this precise battery can have plenty of power for even the heaviest of users. For those box mods that have been adjusted, changes to the wattage can allow for the battery to hold a charge longer. Still, the important thing to note is the overall long life of these particular batteries with just one charge. They are easily worth the money in terms of the frequency of replacing the batteries, because they will not need to be charged as often. When you do not recharge often, you decrease the wear and tear on the batteries themselves.
For drippers, there is the Vamped 18650 40 amp 2300 mAh, which is one of the best box mod or e-cigarette batteries on the market. It can have an output of up to 40 amps, making it a powerful battery for even the heaviest of vapers. However, these batteries can be reduced to a 20 amp output when the e-cig or box mod battery is being fired for more than 30 seconds at a time. Therefore, your battery will not be quickly drained by more extensive usage.
Sub-Ohm Tanks or atomizers have a variety of types, including those that operate with a resistance at 1 ohm. Batteries that produce 30 watts can easily be compatible with these atomizers. Depending on the size of your particular model box mod, you can use even larger batteries to provide a longer charge that would be appealing to even the heaviest users.

Built In Versus Replaceable Batteries
Another important item to remember about battery life is that not all batteries can be replaced. Therefore, if the unit does not have a replaceable battery, you will find yourself replacing the whole unit once the battery can no longer hold a charge. Long lasting e-cigarette batteries should be part of electronic cigarettes that can be replaced as necessary, particularly for the more expensive units. Recognize that disposable e-cigs might not have batteries with a long life, but typically the whole unit can often cost the same as one replaceable battery.
For most vapers, it is important to remember that batteries are just one component of an e-cig or box mod. So if you are not looking to purchase a box mod or personalized unit, you may find that a disposable e-cig with its built in battery might do the trick. However, it is critical to pick a disposable e-cig with a longer lasting battery to make sure you get the most vaping possible from your e-cigarette. With box mods, be willing to look for one that includes a replaceable battery option. If you do this, then you can spend a little more on the actual box mod itself to create a more unique vaping experience. The money spent on replacement batteries would be modest by comparison to replacing an e-cig or box mod unit frequently as the batteries no longer hold a charge.

Negative Effects of Long Lasting Batteries
Previously, the charging of a battery for an e-cig or box mod could take all day. This was definitely a negative when it came to making sure that you had a charged unit for every day. But now, most batteries can charge much faster. Along with the USB port, an e-cig can even be used while charging. Plus, most batteries can now last for a day or more between charges. So even if you need a period of time to complete a full charge, you will need to charge them less frequently.
Ultimately, choosing a long lasting e-cigarette battery will be based on your choice of device, any additional customization and finally, how heavy your usage is. For disposable devices, it is important to shop for a device that will provide multiple uses before the battery dies. This is due to the fact that you are purchasing a new unit every time the battery needs to be replaced.
Quality batteries will have to be a line item on your vaping budget, but worth it to get a high quality option that assist in making your vaping experience an enjoyable one.