Let’s Talk About Vaping and Mental Health- What support is in place?

Mental Health is a growing topic over recent years as more awareness is being shown towards the subject. In this blog we will go over the ways smoking and using an e-cig can impact your mental wellbeing. We will also look at the support in place for those looking to quit smoking. But first, lets look at why people may choose to smoke.

Smoking and Stress
Many people see smoking as a stress reliever. However it actually increases anxiety and tension. The nicotine when smoking gives a relaxing sensation giving that gives that only briefly reduces stress. This is then quickly followed by withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Smokers may find it helps with their stress but it doesn’t help to tackle the cause.

Smoking and Depression
It is more common for people to turn to smoking if they are suffering from depression. Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine to the brain. This chemical triggers positive feelings and tends to be low in people suffering from depression. This may seem like a good way of treating it but in the long term smoking tells the brain to turn off these functions and will limit the supply of dopamine to the brain.

Smoking and Schizophrenia
It is even more likely for people with schizophrenia to smoke to control their symptoms. Some also use it as a way of reducing the side effects of their medication.

Why You Should Make the Switch to Nicotine-free Vaping
When vaping to quit smoking you will require e-liquid with nicotine to control the cravings. E-liquid comes in a wide range of strengths including zero nicotine so there are options to suit any type of smoker. Heavy smokers should use a higher strength like a 20mg liquid. Whereas someone that goes through less than 20 cigarettes a day should use a mid to low strength liquid such as 6mg or 10mg.
Once you have found the right strength you can gradually lower it until you get to a stage of no longer requiring nicotine. However this is a long process and it is important to be patient if you want to stop the urge to smoke. It can be even harder for people to quit smoking who use it as a way of handling their mental health issues.