Leaf buddi Arlo Mini Mod Introduction

The Arlo Mini Mod is designed by Leaf buddi and features the simplest operation system but provides 4 voltage options according to your need.
It utilizes a very friendly system as this mod aims at newbie vapers who may take the Arlo Mini Mod as their first vaping device. However, this article is still worthwhile for any users of this mod to know what it could offer. 

Let’s start with the look.
The Arlo Mini Mod is a hidden style mod. It has a 12mm diameter chamber for tanks or cartridges. Connect the 510 tank to the magnet ring that comes with the package and insert the tank into the chamber. Then it’s ready.
If you need to change another tank, you just need to pull the tank out, loosen the magnet ring and connect to the new tank and insert to the chamber again. 
Like the slogan Comfy & Handy, the mod features a special curve that makes you feel very comfortable to grab the mod in your palm. The mod has 7 colors for option and the rainbow one has a metal surface, which makes it looks more polished. Except the rainbow one, other versions utilize a special rubber coating which provides a better hand-feel. 

Then let’s move to the main features.
This Arlo Mini Mod features a new vibration indicator, which is still rare in the market. When you click the power button 5 times, the mod will vibrate as a hint as the mod is already on. When the mod vibrates 1 time, means that there’s at least 80% battery power left, but if the mod vibrates 3 times, then it means there’s no more than 20% battery power left. Then you may need to charge the mod.
Besides battery power, the mod vibrates as well if you take a puff that longer than 10 seconds. In that case, you may need to stop pressing the power button to prevent burning the coil.   


4 levels of voltage for option. Generally, with higher volt comes with a stronger power and bigger cloud. Stronger power produce more heat. According to your personal preference, you can change the volt from 2.0V to 4.2V by clicking the button for 3 times.
15 seconds preheat. Preheating is the function for vapers to warm their oil before vaping. Why? Because the oil could become very thick after a whole night rest. So, preheating can make the oil become floating liquid again and ensure the vaping can go more smooth.
And about the protections.
Over-time vaping protection. Like we mentioned above, when you take a puff more than 10 seconds, the Arlo Mini Mod will vibrate as a hint to tell you it’s time to stop pressing the power button. Otherwise, the coil may get burnt.
Short circuit protection. If a short circuit was caused when you put the cart in the chamber, all LED indicators will flash 3 times when you click the power button. 
Low voltage protection. When Voltage is lower than 3.0V, the mod will enter sleep mode after all lights flash for 5 times. In that case, charging mod can solve the problem.
And the tip about charging. When you turn on the mod and it vibrates 3 times, it’s the hint as you should charge the mod. But how to tell the mod is charging and when it’ll be fully charged? Well, when you put the mod into charging, there’ll be a green LED indicator to show you. And the LED will shut off when it’s fully charged.  

The packaging.
The package includes an Arlo Mini Mod, a USB cable, a user manual and 2 magnet rings. The user manual includes a very detailed instruction. Also, you can download the digital instruction from the DOWNLOAD section from our homepage. And we put 2 magnet rings in the package in case of customer may lose one accidentally.