Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade Your Vape

So, you’ve been using pen-style vapes for quite some time and are looking for improvised versions of them? Whether the battery life concerns you or you are looking for a chance to be on par with your fellow vapers, you have come to the right place.
In this article, we shall see why you need to upgrade your vape, what are all the advanced versions available and their features. We shall also look into the best vape mods available on the market and their approximate prices.

Why Change My Vape?

There are several reasons why you may consider upgrading your vape, here are a few:
1.You want a powerful battery backup: Pen-style vapes, just like any other electronic device which operates on battery, lose their battery backup after quite a while. (For nerds, after around 300 charges.) So, you may consider going to better versions of e-cigs instead of buying the same model again.

2.You are looking for a change in flavor of the liquid: Pen-style vapes don’t offer that flexibility with changing the flavors of the liquid, this may prompt you to upgrade to a vape which allows you to change the flavors – there are varieties available.

3.Peer Pressure: Your fellow vapers already have a later and advanced vape and this may prompt you to upgrade yours so that you can be on par with them.

4.Higher models are available at affordable prices: Technology of today becomes obsolete tomorrow. The same is the case with vapes. Maybe there are new vapes with advanced features, though not latest for affordable rates. You may just want to give a try.

5.Probably, you want to try cloud chasing or are already a cloud chaser and are looking for vapes which produce more vapor with more power.

6.You can make an investment: After vaping for a while, you find it worthy of the experience it offers and look forward to the enhanced experience an advanced vape can offer.

What are other advanced options available?
There was once a time where pen-style vapes were the only alternatives for cigarettes. Gone are those days, there are better options available in the market. Here are a few.

1.Vape mods: These are a bigger, bulkier and more complicated form of e-cigarettes. They are the modified versions of pen-style vapes (hence the name mod- meaning modified). Unlike a pen-style vaporizer, there are no wire connections, no coils ready to screw in. The device will strictly work on battery. They don’t work on tanks your familiar with, instead, they work on Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA’s in short). Instead of using readymade coils, you build them yourselves. This demands a fair working knowledge of Ohm’s Law to make sure you are not overtaxing your battery.

2.Box Mod: A box mod resembles a box, understandable right? There are electronics involved here, preventing you from building up something dangerous. It is compatible both with both tanks and RDA’s. Most people go with the tank option since they don’t want to keep filling the liquids. A tank can hold up to 5 millimeter of liquid, which lasts for a quite considerable time. There are several options available in the market today where you can buy the best vape mods.

Bonus tip: If you already have a Vape Mod based on a coil, here are few tips and signs to look into when it is required to change your coil.

Here are five signs that show you that the coil has done its work well and needs replacement.

1.It tastes like burnt when you vape: The most obvious sign that the coil needs to be replaced is when the vapor tastes burnt. Replace your coils immediately.

2.The e-juice doesn’t taste like you expected it to: If your e-juice tastes different all of a sudden, then, it is an indication that this is the time to change the coil.

3.Vape is leaking: If your vape is leaking e-liquids, then worn away coil is the culprit. It may be dangerous if you continue to use a leaking vape. So, try replacing the coil ASAP.

4.Vape makes strange sounds while you use it: If the vape is making gurgling sounds while you use it, it’s high time for you to replace the coil.

5.The coil is working for more time than expected: It is actually good if you have no problems with your coil for a long time, far beyond the expected period. But prevention is better than cure, so look out for the slightest symptoms and replace the coil.

Final Words
Whether to change or upgrade your mod is entirely a personal choice. This article has thrown light on when and why to upgrade, and the options available. Do consider having alternatives ( purchasing more than one type of mods) as the technology of mods is still improving and sometimes, the device may break down when you are in need of it.
Happy Puffing!