Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Smok Nord Look Amazing

The SMOK Nord kit is one of the most popular pod mods at the moment. However, it isn’t a real pod mod since it has coils. It’s more of an “All-In-One” device, but this isn’t that important. What matters is that SMOK Nord is a great vape.
Even though this company struggled in the past, this brand new vape has turned things around for them. They were able to prove that they can deliver quality products. It offers excellent taste and a fantastic look. However, to ensure that it lasts for a long time, there are a couple of things to consider. Proper maintenance and use of your SMOK Nord kit are essential to ensure that it lasts a long time while giving you great flavor. 

Prime The SMOK Nord Coil Before Use 
Always make sure to prime the coils before using them. Luckily you can do this easily: 

·Put the coil in your hand and hold it while putting vape juice through the cotton area’s hole. 
·Drip vape juice down until the cotton on the side (wicking holes) has changed color.
·Take a look at the wicking holes on the side, and if they are wet, your coil is ready for use. 

Prevent Dry Hits 
Insert the coil into the cap on top. Make sure that you installed it the right way. On the right side, you will have a rubber stopper. Unplug it and fill up the device. Make sure to put your device in a vertical position for around 10 minutes. 
This will give time for the juice to soak in entirely inside the cotton. This is how you will prevent dry hits or even ruining the coil. 

Preventing Leaks 
It’s essential to ensure your pod isn’t overfilled. In case you have leaks, look to fill up around 80% of the pod’s maximum. Furthermore, pay attention when you are installing coil heads. 
The open sides located at the coils’ base should be facing outside: one to the left and one to the right side. This will ensure proper wicking and prevent oversaturation. 

Choose The Right Vape Juice 
SMOK Nord can run on both MTL and sub-ohm coils. This means that you can use VG juice or Nic Salts. So, there are no limitations to what juice you can put in it. 

Choosing The Right Coil For Your E-Liquid 
If you like using Nic Salt e-liquids with your pod mod, then you should be using an MTL coil. If not, you will get a terrible taste you won’t enjoy. At the same time, MTL coils require less power, and this results in longer battery life. 
On the other hand, if you want to vape VG juice that’s potent, try out sub-ohm coils.

Clean The Pod Properly 
To place the SMOK Nord pod properly, place it upside down and remove the coil. Try and get all of the juice out. You do this with some cloth, paper, or by shaking the pod. Clean the pod with water and make sure it’s dry before assembling it again. 

Change The Pod on Time 
Pods can get dirty over time, no matter how much you clean them. At the same time, they aren’t meant to last indefinitely. This is something you need to consider. SMOK Nord pods are designed to last up to two weeks before their output drops, and their flavor gets worse. Make sure to change them on time. 

Don’t Vape on a Low Battery! 
The SMOK Nord has a convenient button for turning it on and off. However, this button can also be used to check the current battery level. To do this, you will have to press the button twice in a row. Once you’ve done this, the button will display one of three different lights. 
If the light is red, then your battery is under 30%, yellow means that you have over 50% battery, and green means you are at least 80% full. Avoid vaping when the battery is red as you might damage the device, and you will get a poor flavor.

Change Coils on Time 
Burned-out coils will not only taste poorly, but they can also damage the pod’s insides and cause various stains. To avoid this always make sure to change coils on time and look for these signs: 

·There are leakage issues on the atomizer 
·Vapor has burnt taste 
·The coil is crusted and dark 
·There is less vapor 

Bottom Line 
If you keep track of these things, we guarantee that your SMOK Nord kit will look fantastic and last for a long time. It’s all about proper maintenance and use. Enjoy!