Know Everything About Advanced Vape Coils

Has it ever crossed your mind that how your vaporizer actually works? Whether you have newly picked up the vaping habit or have been doing it for a while, the curiosity will eventually get to you. And you will find out that vape coils are responsible for generating the flavorful smoke you have been enjoying. But there are different types of coil technology available in the marketplace — some obsolete, while others offering advanced features. Finding out which one suits you is trickier than it seems. So, here we have put together everything you need to know about advanced vape coils, and how they can cater to your needs.

The Latest Vape Coil Technology — Mesh Coils
Coils play a contributing role in maintaining the draw tightness, cloud production, flavor, and the hit’s intensity. For a very long time, conventional vape coils with rounded wires have acted as a heating element. Undoubtedly, the performance of round-wired regular coils is satisfactory, but there are a few limitations.
The introduction of mesh coils has completely changed the game. It has solved many pain points related to spring-pattern conventional coils. However, today’s manufacturers still choose conventional ones only because they are easy to design and cheaper to construct.
Mesh coils aren’t shaped like a standard coiled wire but a cylindrical strip of metal having holes in it. The improved design provides the benefits that the others failed to give out. The design makes the most out of the consumed space and produces a better outcome.

Advantages of Choosing Mesh Coils

Better Flavor
The changed design has the sole purpose of providing better flavor and vapor. Mesh coils have larger surfaces in comparison to regular coils, allowing more fuel to be burnt. As a result, bigger and more flavorsome smoke is generated.

Fast Firing
Regular round-wired coils take quite some time to get ramped up. Meaning, you would have to wait while the vaporizers get ready, and when you are in a hurry, this could be a huge mood turn off. On the other hand, mesh coils work differently — their improved design allows them to heat up rapidly.

Inconsistent flavor and strength of the hits are prevalent, especially for the spiral coil. That’s because the heating element heats the material unevenly, and hotspots are generated. However, this is not the case for mesh coils, whose primary focus is to heat equally and get rid of hot spots.

Power efficiency
Usually, you need to enhance the power over 100 wattages to get the desired outcome. But for mesh coils, lower wattage levels will provide the same performance, thus saving the power. It also means that the charge will be preserved for long.

Drawbacks of Mesh Coils
They consume more e-juice than regular coils, increasing your overall budget slightly. Another drawback of using these coils is that the hits aren’t as intense. The flavor might be better, but the strength of the hit may get reduced.

How to Clean Mesh Coils?
They have two types, replaceable coil heads, and rebuildable coils, and each is cleaned differently.

For coil heads:
·Submerge the coil in vinegar.
·Take it out after a few hours.
·Rinse it and blow air on the sides.
·Let the water evaporate.

For rebuildable coils:
·Separate the coil wick and dry burn it.
·After removing the atomizer, clean it using water.
·Use a brush to do it properly.
·Dry burn in the end and let the water evaporate.