Issues with Vapor Production

Cigarettes have come a long way since their early days. The device is no longer unreliable like it used to be when vaping first hit the scene. Unfortunately some issues still exist with the most common one being that some e-cigarettes do not produce any vapor. This guide has been designed to help users resolve the no-vapor problem for all types of vaping devices.

No Vapor from E-Cigarette: What Could Be the Cause?
There are four basic reasons that could be the reason an e-cigarette is not producing vapor or sending out such a minimal amount of vapor so that it is not even visible.
The reasons are:
·The atomizer coil has dried up
·The atomizer has been heavily flooded
·The battery is dead
·The electrical connection between the atomizer and e-cigarette is poor
If you are having trouble with your e-cigarette then the first step to take would be to ensure that the battery is charged to 100%. If the e-cigarette runs on a lithium-ion battery, then there should be a display light that turns on when the battery is low.
If the mod is mechanical then a meter or a charger with a built-in meter is required to determine the voltage level of the battery. It is not safe to use a dead battery with a mechanical mod.
The next step is to check its atomizer to verify that there is liquid present inside. The e-cigarettes that use disposable cartomizers and disposable cartridges will need them to be replaced so the heating coil does not run on a dry device.
After you have added the e-liquid to the dripping atomizer or tank you have to confirm that it is at a safe-level and not at risk of spilling down the air tube. If the atomizer gets flooded, then it will not produce sufficient vapor and emit a gurgling sound.
Sometimes the pre-filled cartridges or cartomizers come packaged as slightly over-filled. This creates the similar problem as that of a flooded atomizer, but these cartridges are usually sealed. If you continue to use the e-cigarette with the new cartridge then the blockage should clear up on its own and soon you will be releasing a normal amount of vapor.
With any type of vaping setup a paper towel can be used to clear the flooding of the atomizer.

A Sub-Ohm Tank Producing No Vapor
If you are using a sub-ohm tank and it is not creating any vapor then the entire vaping experience can be ruined. To troubleshoot this issue you can start by checking the side of the tank. If the liquid in the tank does not cover the wick holes on the side of the atomizer coil completely then you will need to add more fluid to the e-cigarette.
If the sub-ohm tank does not make any sound when the button is pressed then there is a problem with the connection. If the mod is mechanical then stop using the e-cigarette immediately. The mod might be a hybrid that is not compatible with the tank which could pose the risk of explosion. If the mod has a hole in the tank to allow it to touch the battery then it is a hybrid one. Ask the professionals at the vape shop regarding that.
If the mod is not a hybrid one then it is important to ensure that the pin inside the top of the mod is in contact with the tank’s bottom. Many mods contain spring-loaded pins because they are compatible with a number of attachments. However, a mod with a center pin which looks like the head of a screw and will require manual adjustment. Usually the threading is reversed and the pin has to be turned clockwise.
If the problem persists then disassemble and replace the atomizer coil. The new coil has to be primed by wetting the cotton with some e-liquid. You could also close the air vents on the tank and take a few initial puffs without firing the device to force e-liquid through the coil. If the sub-ohm tank is still producing insufficient vapor then check the mod to see if it is actually one for sub-ohm vaping.
If the setup is temperature controlled then power level on the device should not be too high or temperature limit too low. The e-cigarette can stop producing vapor as soon as it is ignited because the coil exceeds the set temperature limit. As long as there is enough e-liquid the problem can be resolved by lowering the power settings or increasing the temperature.

A Rebuildable Atomizer but No Vapor
The rebuildable atomizer produces the most amount of vapor amongst all the e-cigarettes. These atomizers do not require a lot of upkeep and the wire/wick costs are a minimal. However, they are prone to problems because it is not easy to assemble the coils. Here are a few tips on how to get your rebuildable atomizer to produce a lot of vapor.
If the mod is mechanical then replace it as soon as possible. However, if it is regulated then a short in your e-cigarette will be displayed as a warning. Regardless of the type of device in use, the rebuildable atomizer should be removed to check the resistance of the coil with a meter. The reading from the meter should alert you in case there is a short.
If there is no short, then the mod and battery must be checked. It should be one that can handle the load generated by the coil. For safe use of the rebuildable atomizer develop an understanding of the battery’s capabilities and Ohm’s law.
Once you have confirmed that there isn’t a short and the resistance is in the safe range then the next step would be to bring the center pin of the atomizer in contact with the threading. The pin should be adjusted using instructions given earlier. For a hybrid mod the compatibility of the atomizer should be checked first.
A severely flooded atomizer or coil with built- residue can lead to little or no vapor as well.

Vapor Problems with a Polyfill Cartomizer
Polyfill cartomizers come with a removable top cap but this device mostly manufactured by Boge and SMOK uses a cotton rolled around the middle air tube. The coil of the atomizer is small and located in the middle of the cartomizer. The e-liquid has to pass through quite a bit of filler material before it reaches the coil which is quite a challenge. This is why the polyfill cartomizer does not produce any vapor. If the cartomizer is filled from the top, then material will look wet even if the coil is dry.
It is suggested that the cartomizers be filled with a syringe or needle tip. By inserting the needle in between the filler material and the inner wall of the cartomizer the e-liquid can be forced into the coil.

A Top-Coil Clearomizer Producing No Vapor
The top-coil clearomizer has an atomizer coil positioned near the top. There are two silica wicks that go from the coil to the clearomizer’s bottom. The top-coil clearomizer produces warm vapor because of the atomizer’s position. However, these cartomizers do not wick off as well as the others because they are working against gravity.
If the top-coil clearomizer is not producing enough vapor then make sure that there is enough e-liquid. If the device is a variable-voltage or variable-wattage one then the power level might need to be lowered otherwise the top coil cartomizers will not wick efficiently as the coil will not be wet enough.
The performance of the clearomizer may also be improved by disassembling and feathering the wicks with a pair of tweezers.

A Bottom-Coil Clearomizer and No Vapor
Since the clearomizer and wick is at the bottom there is no issue of fighting against gravity to draw up the e-liquid. The configuration of this clearomizer is one that most people prefer but there are still problems associated with them.
By using a disposable clearomizer and a permanent coil the center tube coming out of the clearmizer would be quite narrow. Sometimes the vapor condenses in this tube and hinders the flow. The e-cigarette can still be used if you do not mind the reduced vapor until the blockage clears up. It can also be cleared up manually by drawing firmly on the mouthpiece but be wary of the e-liquid getting in your mouth. Alternatively, you can blow the other way to clear it out as well.
If the clearomizer is a bottom coil one then the tips given for the sub-ohm tank also apply to you because they are pretty much the same thing just with the addition of a low resistance coil.

Did This Guide Help You Fix Your E-Cigarette?
We believe we have covered all the different types of e-cigarettes and possible issues that might be leading to no vapor being produced. Did it help you fix your device? Is there something we might have missed? Let us know!