Is Your Vape Spitting? Here’s How to Fix it!

Is Your Vape Spitting? Let’s See Why
We all know it’s rude to spit, but when it’s our vape spitting then unfortunately a good telling off won’t quite cut it – we need to take action!

If you’re experiencing a spitting/crackling vape then don’t panic as it’s nothing to worry about, and this common issue is one most of us vapers will experience at one time or another. 

In most cases, the explanation for a spitting vape lies with the user rather than the device itself, so if your vape is forever doing its best cobra impression then here’s what you can do to fix it!

Why is My Vape Spitting?
In most cases, the reason a vape is spitting is the e-liquid is collecting on the coil and it’s being cooked rather than vaporised. This causes it to heat up and eventually it’ll spit, much like water when it sits on an exceptionally hot surface.

There are a few things which may be causing vape juice to collect on the coils, but one common explanation is the tank is being filled up too high. 

A spitting vape could also indicate you’re pulling on your vape too hard, resulting in the e-liquid being sucked into the chamber. Other explanations include over priming your coils, using a juice that’s too thin and vaping with the wattage too low.

Regardless of the reason for your spitting vape, with a bit of know-how each one is an easy remedy. So to prevent those annoying, hot droplets of e-liquid spoiling your vaping experience, here’s how to fix it. 

How Can I Stop My Vape Spitting?
So now we’ve established the potential causes of your spitting vape, let’s see what we can do to fix the problem.

·Don’t overfill your tank – If the vape is spitting due to the tank being flooded then there’s a good chance you’ve simply filled up your tank too high. To avoid flooding, be sure to fill it up around halfway (ensuring it covers the coil)

·Turn up the power – If you’re vaping with the wattage too low, the e-liquid might not be being vaporised quick enough. This causes it to collect, which can result in spitting. Turn it up a little and if it stops spitting after a while then you’ve found the reason.

·Stop inhaling so hard – In some cases, it’s possible to pull on your vape with a little too enthusiasm, resulting in the e-juice being sucked into the chamber which gradually accumulates. Tone it down a tad and see if this fixes the problem.

·Increase the airflow – If you’re someone with a naturally strong pull, try opening the air holes a little. This will allow more air to pass through your vape and it’ll reduce the chances of you sucking the e-liquid into the chamber.

·Avoid over-priming your coils – It’s always best practice to prime your coils, but if you’re dripping too much juice onto your coils before use then they may become over-saturated which will result in spitting. Try to strike the right balance.

·Make sure you’re using the right e-liquid – If you’re using 50/50 vape juice then you might want to switch to a thicker liquid. This will mean your juice is less likely to flood your atomiser as can happen with a thinner product.

·Clean your chimney – If your device hasn’t had a good clean for a while then residual e-liquid may be collecting and dripping down into your chamber. Take a cotton bud or some rolled up tissue paper and give it a good clean which should remove any excess e-liquid that’s built-up.

If you came here due to your vape popping and spitting, hopefully you now have a good idea how to fix the issue. 

Although a spitting vape is never anything to worry about, getting a little hot liquid on your lips every now and then can be pretty annoying, but that should now be a thing of the past thanks to this useful guide!

If overfilling your e-liquid seems to be the cause of your problem, take a look at our How to Refill a Vape guide, and you should be topping it up like a pro in next to no time!