Is Vaping Safe? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

Yes, vaping is absolutely safer than smoking. Independent sources have all stated that vaping can be 95% safer than smoking. There have also been some long-term studies done regarding vaping, and most of them are positive.
Source: Pexels (CC0 License)

Long-Term Studies Show Zero Reduction in Lung Function
The long-term health effects that accompany vaping are somewhat subjective. We are very much aware that smoking is bad for you, and many believe that the same dangers apply to vaping. This is not the case at all. Dr. Riccardo Polosa and various researchers at the University of Catania have been able to neutralize a lot of these concerns. They conducted a study over three and a half years, and they have found that there is no evidence that supports health concerns stemming from vaping. This study tracked those who have never smoked before.

Encouraging Results have been Released
The study had various participants who had never smoked but were in fact vapers. Participants needed to guarantee that they had never smoked, but did vape. The baseline figures were monitored very closely, and the tracking was rigorous too. They were able to use accurate equipment and they also used a very good methodology. They tracked everything from lung function to blood pressure, respiratory functions and airway inflammation. Other biomarkers were also taken into account.

The Public Health of England Study
Another report was conducted by the Public Health of England. The study was conducted by Anne McNeil, a professor from King's College in London. The researchers found that those who swapped to vaping from smoking were able to reduce almost every risk that smoking posed to their health. This is a very strong positive for vapers, and some say that it is a gateway theory that could lead to even more studies being done in the future. There’s no evidence that e-cigarettes are harming the falling smoking rate, in fact, evidence has shown that e-cigarettes are another tool that can help people to stop smoking entirely. If you’re a smoker, vaping could be the one tool you need to stop.

The University of London Study
Toxin exposure, nicotine and carcinogen exposure from e-cigarettes and long-term nicotine replacement therapy has also been looked at. Dr Lion Shahab from London University has conducted research based on three different groups of people. One group continued smoking, the other swapped to e-cigarettes and the last continued to smoke in combination with using e-cigarettes. After six months, it was found that the group that switched from smoking to vaping had far less cancer-causing toxins in their body. NNAL is a very toxic chemical and it is strongly associated with lung cancer patients. It was found that this was 97% lower in those who swapped to vaping. Those who continued to smoke while vaping saw no difference.

The levels of NNAL were lower in the group that chose to use e-cigarettes only and the number of volatile compounds was also drastically reduced. Health professionals are very confident in the fact that this proves that vaping is safer than smoking.

The Cancer Research Study
Cancer research have also come out to say that there is strong and growing evidence that shows that vaping is in fact much safer when compared to smoking. The long-term side effects are minimal when compared to smoking and on top of this, more and more research is being done to support it. The studies that have been done are very credible and it just goes to show that there is a huge amount of potential when it comes to using these products. They can easily support smoking cessation. On top of this, they can reduce the risk that smokers are putting themselves in. It’s widely encouraged that if you are a smoker, you should switch to vaping.

It would seem that as time goes on, more and more evidence comes to light and it shows that vaping is 95% safer. Even though some organisations have their concerns about vaping, it is hard to ignore the facts that come from those other credible organisations. On top of this, the science speaks for itself. Those who vape have way less cancer-causing toxins in their body and this is phenomenal to say the least.