Is electronic cigarette suitable for you? 12 Notes A New-comer Must Know About

A survey on an e-cig online forum shows a different understanding from the general public: about 90% smoker who have thrown their cigarette away from traditional cigarettes after using e-cigarettes. Despite the controversies over this high percentage, it also highlights that e-cigarettes might help people quit smoking.

Let's take a look at the 12 notes that a new-comer must know

1.How should I start?
Before trying electronic cigarettes, we recommend to have a detailed understanding and expectation of e-cigarettes and their accessories. You can start from this article. We have met too many rookies complaining about buying the wrong product or being cheated. That’s because they hadn’t learned this area.

2.How to choose my equipment?
A regulated electronic cigarette cannot be wrong. Comparing to mechanics which don’t have any protection or regulation functions, it has the highest safety secure. If you bumped into a bad businessmen, they will not recommend you anything but whose boost their sales. Safety always comes first.

3.How to divide the good damage of electronic cigarette?
Many rookies would ask this question: A is good, B is good, so, A and B which one is real good? There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, and there are many different models. Everyone has there own most suitable type of electronic cigarettes. No one can decide it for you. Watch and learn, and choose from the big manufacturers. Even if it doesn't work for you in the end, it is still a good device, and you may have a chance exchange it with other players.
4.Are electronic cigarettes different from smoking?
Apart from the common “mouth-to-lung” smoking method, “direct-to-lung” is also an option while vaping. “DTL” is too strong for traditional cigarettes because of the high nicotine level, hence vaping can be more flexible than smoking. If you are new to vape, then start with “mouth-to-lung” smoking is a comfortable way to use it.

5.What is mod?
The full name of mod  is modification which derives from the enhance programmer of video games. In vaping, you can see that there are many combinations of electronic cigarettes in materials, such as stainless steel, acrylics, and ceramic bas. Any functional or external change on the device is called mod. This is also a part of the charm of electric cigarettes.
6.How many kinds of electronic cigarettes are there?
Electronic cigarette had experienced threes main stages. The first stage is the pole-type. Because of low calorific and bad ejuices, it has now withdrawn from the mainstream. The second stage is the EGO stage. It is a significant change in this area that ejuices can be stored in the tank. E-cigs finally have the possibility to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes.At present, it is going through the third stage, the coexistence of eGo, RDA, RTA. And various mods are flowering, mechanics, high-tech chips, wicking, and cloud chasing. In this time, electronic cigarettes are transforming from physical needs to spirituals enjoyments, which is wonderful. At the same time, it is also mixed up. We hope to share with you the quality e-cigarettes, not those unpleasant ones.
7.Does e-cigarettes generate second-hand smoke? Is the smoke of e-cigarettes the same as that of a cigarette?
The “smoke” of e-cigarette is completely different from the smoke of cigarettes. The “smoke” of e-cigarette is vaporized liquid, which is similar to the state of steam. The “smoke” of e-cigarette has never caused any trouble to others. But it is indeed not polite to cause interferences to the other. Respect.

8.Does using e-cigarette leave a smell?
There were complains about leaving smells of ejuices, which is caused by incomplete vaporization or improper installation caused leaking. There is no unpleasant taste left on the body after vaping whole day. Remember to choose the good quality liquids.

9.Which is cheaper?
From the perspective of consumers, e-cigarettes equipments are more like a small but continuing investment. If you are a vaper/cloud chaser, you would keep buying equipments; or you only fancy foreign but not local liquids, then e-cigarette might cost more than tobacco cigarettes. However, e-cigs are environmentally friendly to others.
10.How doe e-cigarettes work?
The current from battery goes into the wire, which would cause a short circuit. The wire generates heat then vaporizes the e-liquids and turns it into “smoke” which will be drawn into mouth by us.
11.Can e-cigarette really help quitting?
The withdrawal of tobacco is mainly rely on personal willpower. If you have made up you mind, probably it won’t take any effort. E-cigarette products are more like a substitute for smoking, providing support on your path of quitting. There are people went back to smoking because they haven’t found anything to like on e-cigarettes, but there are also people turning into e-cigarettes for good. For this question, we must reply carefully. If someday you successfully quitted smoking, that's just the result of your efforts, but e-cigarettes.

12.Does the e-cigarette contains nicotine?
Many e-juices contain nicotine. If you are a smoker, if you choose to use nicotine-free products from the beginning, the withdrawal can be very severe. All liquids labeled the contents of nicotine on the instructions. There are also many vapers choose nicotine-free product and they are happy with it. In the early stage of quitting, you should choose the liquids with matched nicotine level to your daily smoking package. Start at 18mg, then slowly lower it to 12mg, to 6mg, finally to 0mg. You can also consult the shop owner with specific situation you are experiencing, professional advices will be given. We will be truly happy for you if cigarette eventually disappear in your life.