Innokin New Year’s Wish 2024 – Winners Revealed

Press Release
At the start of this year, leading vape brand Innokin launched New Year’s Wish 2024, with the goal of spreading positivity within their community and helping a lucky few customers fulfill their wishes, using the Innokin wish fund.

The New Year’s Wish 2024 campaign was designed to encourage discussion among the vaping community about aspirations and goals for the year while reinforcing the positive changes that come with making the switch to vaping.

After more than 10,000 entries, Innokin can now reveal the winners of the New Year’s Wish 2024 campaign, along with the initial results.

UK winner Helen Challand wished for a holiday in Scotland with her children to “make memories, enjoy life and spend time with the family”. Helen Was granted €1300 from the Innokin wish fund and will now be enjoying the holiday of a lifetime with her family later this year.

French winner Jessica Sarlabous wished for assistance with medical expenses, so she and her family could feel more secure in her health. Jessica was granted €1300 from the Innokin wish fund, which will allow her to access the care she needs in a timely manner.

Spanish winner Manuel Fernandez wished for computing equipment, to help his career development. Manuel was granted €1300 from the Innokin wish fund and now has the tools he needs to take the next steps in his career.

Indonesian winner Anom Tri Satriyo wished for seed money to start his own independent business. Anom was granted €650 from the Innokin wish fund and is now making the first steps to starting his business journey.

Philippines winner John Carlo wished to work abroad. John was granted €500 from the Innokin wish fund to help with his visa fees and now has his placement to work abroad, congratulations!

Founded in 2011, Innokin has been committed to social responsibility and environmental stewardship since the start, but the New Year’s Wish campaign has quickly become a popular tradition in the vaping community since it began in 2023.

Innokin hopes that starting the year on a positive note can help people realise that working towards shared goals and looking out for one another brings joy to everyone.

Innokin New Years Wish 2024
New Years Wish 2024 Winners