Innokin Kroma-Nova Review

One of the newest kits to come off the Innokin production line is the Innokin Kroma-Nova Kit and we will be taking a look at this in today’s review!

Innokin are well known as an innovator and are one of the biggest names in the vaping industry.

Innokin cleaned up six accolades in the recent Ecigclick awards. Also they have earned great reviews from us recently for products such as the Innokin Klypse Mecha, Klypse Zip and the Arcfire.

My first ever variable wattage set up was an Innokin SVD paired with an iClear 30. I have been a fan of Innokin products for a long time now, with some of my (very) old favourites being the Zenith and iSub G tanks and the Coolfire and MVP kit ranges. So I’m really excited to see what the Kroma-Nova kit can do!

I’d expect it will be a big leap over my old Innokin MVP 3 and Coolfire IV!

What Can We Expect From The Innokin Kroma-Nova Kit?
The Kroma-Nova is another Innokin kit designed in partnership with well-known vaping personalities Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (aka VapinGreek). Utilising their vast knowledge to come up with new and innovative kits that appeal to all.

It is another addition to the Innokin Platform Series that focuses on providing user-friendly vaping kits.

The Kroma range saw its first release around 2017. Although this current version seems to have taken its design inspiration from the Kroma Z from 2020/21.

Original Kroma Z kit

Innokin’s Kroma-Nova kit is an easy-to-use vaping kit that can offer sub-ohm vaping with a Restricted Direct to Lung (RDL) or tighter Mouth To Lung (MTL) airflow right out of the box. We tell you what these terms mean in our Guide To Vape Styles.

A 3000mAh battery is built into the kit, recharged via USB-C and boasts a variable wattage power output range of 6-60W.

If you don’t fancy adjusting the wattage yourself, a Smart Coil ID system will

automatically detect the resistance of the coil and suggest a recommended power output based on this.

Speaking of the coils, the Innokin Kroma-Nova kit is compatible with Innokin’s new PZP coil range. Coils can be easily changed in the Kroma-Nova pod and resistances of 0.4ohm, 0.6ohm, 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm are available.

PZP coils boast a new mesh coil structure and upgraded wicking design to provide intense flavour and improved coil lifespan.

Filling is made easy with an innovative sliding top fill system.

The Kroma-Nova pod tank offers a choice of two different drip tips to suit your vaping style, with a MTL and RDL drip tip included with the kit.

Airflow can be precisely adjusted with the sliding control valve to further fine-tune your vape.

A colour OLED display and intuitive user interface allows you to easily monitor all settings and make convenient adjustments to your vaping experience. There’s also six different safety protections built into the kit.

Eight different finishes are available. The options being Saddle Brown, Mahogany Brown, Blush Pink, Snowflake White, Vintage Red, Shadow Black, Azure Blue and Tiffany Blue.

Thanks go to Innokin for sending the Kroma-Nova kit in for review, let’s see how it performs!

Kit Contents
·Kroma Nova Device
·Kroma Nova 2ml Pod
·PZP 1.0ohm coil (installed)
·PZP 0.4ohm coil
·RDL mouthpiece
·USB-C charging cable
·Quick Start Guide
·Warning Booklet

Innokin Kroma-Nova Kit specifications
·Size: 116.33×39.15×30.76mm
·2ml capacity (TPD version) / 3ml capacity (non-TPD version)
·Mouth to lung (MTL) and Restricted Direct To Lung (RDL) vaping options
·OLED display with intuitive user interface
·Zinc Alloy and Leather construction
·Sliding top-fill system with Anti-Leak design
·Precision sliding airflow control valve
·Eight different colour options
·3000mAh built-in battery
·Smart Coil ID system and automatic wattage selection
·USB-C charging
·Easy pod removal and plug-and-play coil installation
·Compatible with Innokin PZP coil range
·6-60W power output range
·1-7.5V output voltage
·1.7A charging current
·Six built in safety protections

Design and Build Quality
The Innokin Kroma-Nova sports a sleek and lightweight design. The kit is manufactured from Zinc Alloy and sports a Leather grip on the side with ‘NOVA’ embossed on it.

I was sent the Shadow Black and Snowflake White versions for review (thank you Innokin!) The finish on both has proven to be pretty resilient, being pretty scratch and fingerprint proof.

Included with the kit is the Innokin Kroma-Nova pod tank, which is compatible with the new Innokin PZP coils. It features a plug-and-play coil swapping system and an awesome sliding top-fill.

A mouth-to-lung (MTL) drip tip is present which features a narrower bore than the restricted direct to lung (RDL) drip tip that also comes with the kit and is intended to offer an airier draw. Most 510 threaded drip tips are also compatible if you would prefer to use your own.

A magnetic connection holds the Kroma-Nova pod tank in place securely when connected to the device. I haven’t experienced it accidentally coming away from the device. There’s no wiggle either!

Depending on which region you are purchasing the Kroma-Nova in the capacity will change. This will come with a 2ml tank capacity if purchasing within a TPD regulated area or a 3ml capacity if purchasing outside of a TPD regulated region.

The Kroma-Nova device itself features a colour OLED screen, which displays battery level, selected wattage, coil resistance and a puff timer when vaping. A secondary menu can be accessed to display coil resistance, output voltage and a puff counter.

The screen is bright and clear, easily read in bright light as well as the dark and the power button is built in just above the screen.

An airflow slider present on the device allows you to smoothly adjust the airflow, which can easily be done just using your thumb when the device is in your hand.

Built into the device is a 3000mAh battery, which promises to offer all day battery life and is recharged via the USB-C port found underneath the screen.

I love the design of the Innokin Kroma-Nova. I feel that it looks pretty futuristic and appealing, plus it is very comfortable to use and hold in the hand. Also I think it is great just having to squeeze the screen in order to fire it!

Quick Start Guide

Three quick clicks of the power button turns the Innokin Kroma-Nova device on and three clicks will turn it back off.

Pre-installed in the Kroma-Nova pod tank is the 1.0ohm coil, aimed at mouth to lung vaping and the mouth to lung drip tip is pre-installed on top.

If you prefer a looser draw, swap the drip tip by pulling it off and replacing with the RDL drip tip. Swap the 1.0ohm coil by removing the tank, inverting it, pulling the coil out by the base and sliding in the 0.4ohm coil.

Airflow | Wattage | Lock Power
Airflow is adjusted by using the airflow slider.

To adjust the power hold down either the plus or minus power adjustment buttons until the wattage begins to flash on the screen then use these to adjust the setting. You can adjust power in 0.5W increments up to 20W, then 1W increments up to 60W.

I quite like the fact that you need to hold either of the power adjustment buttons down to change the wattage. This means your selected wattage setting stays locked in place and you are less likely to have accidental adjustments to it, such as when the device is in your pocket or bag for example.

Holding the power and minus button down will lock power adjustment settings completely off, but you’ll still be able to vape the device by pressing the power button.

Menu Selection
A secondary menu can be accessed by holding down the power and plus buttons and this will display coil resistance, output voltage and a puff counter.

A limited menu can be accessed by holding down the plus and minus buttons. Allowing you to adjust the vaping cut off time from 3 to 18 seconds and the screen display time from 5 to 180 seconds.

Press the power button to confirm your selected option.

Six safety protections are built in, with No Load/High Resistance, Low Resistance, Short Circuit, Auto-Shut Off and Overheating protection.

How To Fill The Innokin Kroma-Nova Tank
On top of the Kroma-Nova is a sliding top filling system, which not only looks cool, it functions very well. It makes filling a breeze without even having to remove the tank from the device!

There’s a triangle symbol and you push your thumb up along this to make the top part of the tank slide open.

It is very smooth and this reveals a large filling port that you insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into to fill.

Just be careful not to get too over-zealous when filling as e-liquid will leak out of the top!

Underneath the screen is a USB-C charging port and a USB-C charging cable is included with the kit.

Just plug this into the charging port and into a power source and leave it to charge. The screen will switch off during charging so you will have to push the power button or one of the power adjustment buttons to check charging progress.

The Kroma-Nova kit charges at up to 1.7A, meaning that the 3000mAh battery will charge up pretty quickly!

How Does The Innokin Kroma-Nova Kit Perform?
Included within the kit is the 1.0ohm PZP coil and the 0.4ohm PZP coil.

I started off with the 1.0ohm coil that comes pre-installed in the Kroma-Nova tank, along with the MTL drip tip.

This coil is designed for a tighter, mouth to lung airflow. I have found it great to use with 20mg nicotine salt based e-liquid. There’s intense flavour and a very nice draw.

I also gave the 1.2ohm coil a go, from my Innokin Zyon kit and the results were pretty much the same.

My preference was the 0.4ohm coil. I prefer a RDL airflow and this really hit the spot for me.

With the airflow set to three quarters open, the drip tip swapped for the RDL one and the wattage in the 35-38W range, my e-liquids were tasting absolutely unreal.

I get a warm vape absolutely packed full of flavour, delivering all the flavour notes I would expect (and some I didn’t even know were there!). Plus plenty of clouds of vapour. The flavour really is phenomenal here.

I also gave the 0.6ohm PZP coil a go, which comes with the Innokin Zyon kit. This performed really well in the 20-23W range. I actually preferred using this coil in the Kroma-Nova over the Innokin Zyon.

I found that the flavour was a bit more intense in this device, though the 0.4ohm coil was still my preference due to the slightly warmer vape that I got!

Airflow Settings | Vapour Production
When fully open, the airflow provides quite a loose restricted direct lung hit. I like to set it to around three quarters open for a restricted lung hit with the 0.4ohm coil and under halfway for a mouth to lung hit with the 1.0ohm coil.

Closing the airflow right down makes for a tight, cigarette-styled draw.

Vapour production is plentiful when opening the airflow right up and this kit can definitely hold its own when it comes to delivering big clouds of vapour!

Battery Life | Leaking
The 3000mAh really does last me all day with the 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm PZP coils and even longer than that with the 1.0ohm and 1.2ohm coils. I have had no qualms taking this device out on its own with me all day and it charges up pretty quickly too.

I have noticed that during use I haven’t experienced a single leak and virtually no condensation at the base of the tank save for the very occasional drop or two that I have had to wipe away.

A true leak-free experience!

·Easy to use kit offering big performance
·All-day battery life
·Fantastic flavour
·True RDL and MTL vaping options
·Novel sliding top filling system looks awesome and makes filling a breeze
·Easy to replace coils
·Compatible with PZP coil range
·Excellent coil longevity
·Ergonomic design with great looks
·Virtually leak and condensation free
·Very smooth airflow slider

·Easy to overfill if you aren’t too careful
·Can be difficult to see how much e-liquid is left inside the pod
·Limited menu options

Final Verdict
I’m aware that the year is young and at the time of writing this review we are only two months into 2024, but this is already one of my front-runners for my favourite device of the year! This has absolutely been a daily carry for me ever since I received it!

The main reason being is that I love the simplicity of the Innokin Kroma-Nova, you can get an absolutely cracking vape straight out of the box with next to no fuss.

These days I much prefer using a kit that is straightforward and easy to use and also provides great flavour, which is exactly what I get from the Kroma-Nova kit.

This device offers appeal to a wide spectrum of vapers, from those looking to move up from using disposables/pod systems right through to experienced vapers looking for a new main set up or backup to their existing one.

Finally, I think that this device offers excellent value. You get a lot of device for your money here!


Another fantastic kit from Innokin, the Innokin Kroma-Nova appeals to all types of vapers and offers excellent value for money.