Innokin Go Back to Basics With New Go-Z and GoMax

The Innokin Go-S got off to a great start as soon as it launched. The vape pen appealed to first time vapers, lovers of simple devices and even some experienced vapers. 


First, the sheer ease of use of this vape pen is a big draw. 

Many people don’t want a device that requires you to change coils. 

The Go-S tank comes with a fixed coil. When the coil comes to the end of its life you throw the tank away and replace it with a new one. Filling the tank is a doddle too – a simple push, and the mouthpiece opens up to reveal a filling port. 

Ease of use isn’t everything, but the Go-S also has a decent throat hit and, for a straightforward beginner’s device, good vapour production. 

Finally there’s the design. Light in weight, the Go-S may not be the most elaborate of devices, but it has a pleasingly clean and simple form and some striking colours.

That’s not to say the device is perfect. Some vapers find that the coil doesn’t last very long. That’s very much down to vaping style – the tank has a very decent life when you inhale lightly, but a much shorter life for frenetic puffers. However, even for heavy vapers, it’s still a lot better (and cheaper) than using a disposable device. 

Now Innokin has released two new devices, the Innokin Go-Z  and the Innokin GoMax. 

I am particularly excited by the GoMax. As you’ll soon see, it opens up a new level of vaping for people put off by the complexity of more advanced devices.

Innokin Go-Z

The first difference you’ll notice with the Innokin Go-Z compared to the Go-S is that it comes with a replaceable coil. 

From an eco and cost perspective, that’s great for Go fans, as you can still get the same experience of the Go-S but without having to replace the tank every time the coil needs replacing.

You’ll also find it comes with adjustable airflow, which means you can now choose between a tight, restricted inhale or an airier vape. Other than that, there’s really not much difference between it and the Go-S.

But James, I hear you say, you’ve just been praising the Go-S for its simplicity! It’s true that while changing a coil and adjusting airflow is not difficult, it does add another slight niggle of complexity.

But the Z is not replacing the S. Instead, it’s an addition to the family. As such, I think it will make the perfect step up for users who like the Go-S but would like to reduce costs (both for themselves and the environment) and enjoy a little bit more control over the airiness (or not!) of their vape.

The Innokin GoMax

In comparison to its siblings, the GoMax is a chunky little beast. There’s a good reason for this – it comes with storage capacity of 3000mAh, double that of the Go-S and Go-Z. That’s not bad at all for a vape pen, but don’t forget it will be throwing out more power, and for more power you need more capacity. 

The appearance is altogether glossier than the Go-S, giving it a premium finish. Although not advertised as scratch proof, it proved impervious to my attempts to leave a mark with my nails. 

As with its older sibling, the GoMax tank has a fixed coil pod and fixed airflow. Open the filling port, add e-liquid, wait a few minutes and then vape. 

(Do note that because this is a disposable tank, you can’t manually prime the coil. So allow the e-liquid plenty of time to soak into the coil before use.)

And for the performance?

It has the simplicity of a basic vape pen – and almost that of disposable devices – but this is a true Direct-Lung device. Inhale and you’ll get delightful, silky-soft vapour straight into your lungs. Exhale and a pleasing fog of vapour will billow out from your mouth. 

And that’s actually a big deal, because this is the first device I’ve seen which combines serious ease of use with good vapour production and a really loose, airy vape.

To get more people off smoking we need devices for different people. This device provides a solution for people who want something simple to use, but also want an airy vape and a thick mist of vapour. It also provides an option for the smoker with stiff, bent fingers, who struggles to change a coil, to enjoy the same clouds as the trendy vaping crowd. 

What we don’t like


I really wished these devices came with a USB-C port. 

For me it’s not so much the slower charging speed, as I work most of the day on a laptop by a plug. It’s just the desire for a lack of clutter, which can be aided by using just a single charging cable. 

(I suspect the choice was taken in order to minimise the cost, allowing the devices to be sold at a very reasonable price.)

There’s also the mouthpiece. If there’s one drawback with the filling mechanism, it’s the struggle to see where to push it. Yes, it is marked with an arrow – but the arrow is small, and the colour variation against the tank is slight. 

Which one should I choose?
Want ultimate simplicity and a decent throat hit? Choose the Go-S. 

Ready to inch up your vaping skills (and it’s only an inch) with replaceable coils and adjustable airflow? Choose the Go-Z.

And if you want to combine simplicity with loose airy inhale and large clouds, go for the GoMax.

Wrapping up

I really like Innokin. 

Over the years, they’ve brought out innovations that have improved vaping significantly, both with the performance needed to make vaping a real alternative to smoking and with the ease of use needed to reduce the barriers to switching.  

The Innokin Go series may not have the advanced capabilities of some of their other devices, but arguably it does something more important – making vaping accessible to more people who would otherwise smoke. And it does all of that for less than the cost of two packs of cigarettes.