Innokin Coolfire Z80 Review - the Best Yet in the Coolfire Range?

Over the years Innokin has continued to show why they are one of the big hitters in the vaping industry with a string of impressive pods and mods. Among those is the Coolfire range, including devices like the Coolfire Ultra, the Coolfire Mini and the impressive Innokin Coolfire Z50. Fast forward to 2021 and we now have the latest in that line -  the Innokin Coolfire Z80 with fourth-generation technology and the Zenith 2 Tank.

So, what do we make of this new mod device equipped with the just as exciting new Zenith 2 tank? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? With three different features such as Fourier (FO) mode, Refresh mode and Power mode, like with the Innokin Sensis, plus a wattage range up to 80W, there is plenty to discuss. First of all, let’s check out how it compares to previous Coolfire models such as the Z50.

How the Coolfire Z80 Compares to Previous Coolfire Mods
In the past, we have seen a range of Coolfire mods, from the original Coolfire up to the CoolFire IV TC100 Box Mod, which proved popular with many due to its design and temperature control modes. Then in 2020 Innokin released the game-changing Coolfire Z50 kit with the Zlide Tank. Despite a few drawbacks such as having a mini USB port and not the more modern Type-C charger, the Z50 still stood out for its slick design, outstanding Zlide Tank which has a top fill slide mechanism and safety drip tip feature. With a 2100mAh internal battery and up to 50W of power, this easy-to-use kit is the perfect setup for beginners that gradually want to ramp up the power mouth to lung style. Innokin did a great job in terms of versatility and variety with the compatible Zenith or ‘Z coils’ as they are known, so how could this be surpassed?

Like all vaping giants, Innokin continues to follow a pattern like SMOK, GeekVape and VOOPOO by introducing a long line of products that look and feel similar but with important noticeable upgrades. Despite not being in the Coolfire range, the Innokin Sensis is important to the story of the Coolfire Z80 because of the FO and Refresh mode, which we will discuss in more depth later.

Key Features and Specifications
·Battery: external 18650
·Wattage range: 6 - 80W
·Voltage range: 1 - 7.5V
·F0 Hz range: 20 - 100Hz
·Cut off time: 3 - 18s
·Max output: 28.5A
·Resistance range: 0.1Ω - 3.5Ω
·Thread: 510
·Charging current: 5V/1.7A
·Dimensions (mod): 83mm x 38mm x 27mm
·Dimensions (mod + tank): 131mm x 38mm x 27mm

Two Different Modes - What Do They Do?
According to the Innokin website, the function of FO mode is ‘using alternating current to extend the coil life and boost flavours to produce a waveform that runs through your vape. An electrical output is sent in two different directions to make this possible in a more precise and efficient way’.

Meanwhile, with the refresh mode, this also works in a different process to help you improve the life of your coils. Running at 40% of your set wattage, it draws in more e-liquid to prevent them from overheating or burning out. You can hit the refresh button on the settings or auto-refresh so the device performs the function when it feels like it is needed. Overall, both modes don’t necessarily make a huge difference in terms of flavour when you flick between the two settings but you will notice the  increased longevity of your coils compared to standardised mod systems that do not offer this function. We believe the fourth-generation technology Innokin has introduced will certainly make the other leading manufacturers stand up and take notice of the improvements they’re making as a brand to vaping.

Let’s Talk About the Z Coils
The great thing about the Zenith 2 Tank is it’s compatible with all the coils previously used in the Z50 with the Zlide Tank and original Zenith. So you have a wide range of resistances to vape from mouth to lung or direct to lung. With the Zenith 2 Tank, although it’s got adjustable airflow it’s best vaped at MTL or as a restrictive direct lung hit, with both modes working beautifully. Just adjust to what works for you but keep within the recommended coil wattage on the side of the coil, at least initially. What you can do to keep them at the maximum performance levels is press the refresh mode every once in a while.

Functionality and How to Use the Device
First of all, this is a single 18650 battery device that will need replacing once in a while. At V2 Cigs, we have a  range of batteries that allows your Sub-Ohm mods to function smoothly, which you can find here. With the Coolfire Z80, simply pull the lever at the base of the device, screw the lever once clockwise and pull it to take off the cap, with the positive side of the 18650 down into the device. To set up and use the device, follow the instructions below:

1.Three clicks to turn on the device.
2.On the screen, you will see a puff counter, Ohms reading, Wattage and your Hertz (Hz) level for the FO and Refresh mode.
3.To change the wattage, click the top button until it flashes and then holds to go up in wattage by 0.5 increments up to the max of 80W. After you reach 80W it round robins back to 6W.
4.Press the fire button and up button together to reach a menu where you can clear your puff counter and see your Voltage level.
5.The fire button and down button together locks the screen but still allows you to fire up the device at the set wattage.
6.Next, you can access all the features of the menu including FO, Refresh, Power mode and your settings by pressing the up and down buttons simultaneously.
7.In the FO mode, you can change the Hz by clicking the up and down buttons. Innokin recommends DTL vaping between 20-50Hz while you should MTL vape between 51-100Hz. Fire button to set that and go back to the menu.
Meanwhile, in Refresh mode, you can click the auto mode which runs your Coolfire Z80 at a lower wattage, allowing more e-liquid to pass through to improve the wicking. Innokin states that it ‘powers the coil at 40% of your set wattage’.

Appearance Breakdown
Available in Leather White, Ash grey, Leather Black and Cloud Grey, it’s a slimline stylish design made with a zinc alloy that would look the part wherever you are - whether that’s at work or just relaxing at home. With the Alcantara grip on the back, it’s very comfortable to hold, fitting in the hand nicely and just in keeping with the appearance consistency of previous Coolfire mods. It even bears a close resemblance to the Kroma-R Zlide Kit, based on size and also being another 18650 mod, which is a similar popular device from Innokin outside of the Coolfire range.

Innokin Coolfire Z80 Key Features
·FO mode, which also applies to the previous Innokin Sensis is useful for adjusting the settings to maximise flavour
·Smooth adjustable airflow on the Zenith 2 tank
·Gives a great MTL draw and also decent restrictive DTL
·The nice flavour from an RDL vape, which varies based on the coils
·Refresh mode prolongs the life of the coils, making the e-liquid taste better for longer
·Able to change the glass to clean or replace it
Zenith 2 tank takes all of the Zenith coils which are also compatible with the Zlide Tank and Zenith

Any Disadvantages?
·You might need to remove your drip tip to fill up the tank depending on what drip tip you use and the size of your e-liquid bottle dripper
·Only fits 26-inch diameter tank or lower without overhang which is purely an aesthetic preference for some vapers

To summarise, this is a fantastic mod that would be a great choice for any level of vaping, which is due to the fourth-generation technology. It’s of high build quality and ergonomically designed to make any vaper feel comfortable.  Considering the range of coils at your disposal, you can vape well in MTL or DTL mode, so it suits beginners and advanced vapers who don’t require a super airy direct lung hit. 

With the 0.3 Ohm coil that comes with the kit, you get a smooth restrictive DTL vape while the 0.8 Ohm resistance gives a generous throat hit with the airflow closed on the Zenith 2 Tank. With the FO and Refresh mode, you can manage your coils how you prefer to keep them fresh as long as possible. When you factor in that the Z80 runs on a single 18650 battery which you can charge up and swap when needed, overall you have a device that’s more than up to the task however you vape.