Improve the Flavor of Your Vape in 3 Easy Steps

You’ve probably heard people say before that flavor is everything in vaping. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s actually completely true.

The fact that vaping is more satisfying than other forms of nicotine replacement is the main reason why so many people have been able to quit smoking successfully by switching to vaping.

Once you’ve made that switch, though, vaping needs an element of fun and novelty in order to maintain your interest. Without that element of fun, you’re going to feel tempted to return to smoking. That’s why flavor is the most important element of the vaping experience.

If you’ve ever found vaping less enjoyable than you’d like it to be, flavor quality is the first thing you need to evaluate because there’s a good chance that you’re not experiencing the best flavor vaping has to offer.

Here’s how to improve the flavor of your vape in 3 easy steps.

Keep Your Coils Clean to Stop Tasting Coil Gunk
E-liquid residue – something that the members of the vaping community usually call “coil gunk” – is probably the thing that contributes more than anything else to poor flavor quality when you vape.

These days, almost all of the world’s most popular e-liquids are sweetened with sucralose, the sweetener that makes diet soda taste nearly as good as the real thing.

Sucralose makes it possible to create e-liquids with amazingly sweet and tasty flavor profiles, but it comes with a serious downside: It doesn’t vaporize completely.

When you use a heavily sweetened e-liquid, you only taste a small portion of the sweetener in your vape juice. The rest sticks to your coil and forms a film that gradually becomes thicker and darker.

The more e-liquid you use, the faster sucralose residue will form on your coil – and today’s sub-ohm tanks consume massive volumes of vape juice. If you use the same coil for more than a day or two, you’re barely tasting your e-liquid at all – you’re tasting the sickly-sweet, burnt flavor of coil gunk.

You probably continue using your gunky coils as long as you possibly can, though, because vape coils can become very expensive if you’re using a new one every day.

So, what’s the solution? You need to learn how to clean a vape coil. When a vape coil begins to produce a burned flavor, there’s usually nothing wrong with the coil except the fact that it’s covered with residue.

A good cleaning removes the gunk and restores the coil’s original flavor – and you can get an even better result when you use an automatic vape coil cleaner like ROBO2020.

Since the entire cleaning process can take as little as 30 minutes, there’s no reason why you can’t taste every nuance of your favorite e-liquid every time you vape.

Adjust Your Tank’s Airflow to Concentrate and Improve the Flavor
If you’re a true flavor aficionado, vaping with your tank’s airflow vent completely open is one of the worst things you can do. We’ll explain why.

From the factory, a sub-ohm tank is almost always configured with the airflow collar turned to the widest setting because that’s the way to get the biggest possible vapor clouds.

Big clouds are certainly plenty of fun – but using your vape tank with the airflow collar fully open isn’t conducive to flavor quality because air has no flavor and will dilute your e-liquid.

If you really want to experience the most mind-blowing flavors that your vaping device can offer, you’re going to have to settle for slightly smaller clouds – but if you’re a real flavor lover, you’re going to enjoy the result.

To configure your vaping device for maximum flavor, try moving your tank’s airflow collar to the halfway point and lowering your device’s wattage by about 10 percent.

Once you’ve made those changes to your device’s settings, take a few puffs and determine whether you need to tweak things a little further. If the flavor isn’t quite intense enough for your liking, try closing the airflow collar a little more.

If the vapor is too hot, open the airflow collar or reduce your device’s power level. When you find your ideal combination of airflow and wattage, you’ll enjoy some of the purest and most enjoyable flavors you’ve ever experienced.

Try an E-Liquid with a More Complex Flavor Profile
Earlier in the article, we discussed the incredible popularity that sweetened e-liquids have enjoyed within the mainstream vaping community. Everyone loves sweet flavors, so it’s hardly surprising that sweetened e-liquids have become so popular.

Why would you want your nicotine to taste like cigarette smoke when it could taste like a blue raspberry slush instead? When you think about vaping in those terms, it’s amazing that the world still has any smokers at all.

With that being said, though, it isn’t necessary for every vape juice to taste sweet – and focusing only on sweetened e-liquids isn’t ideal for flavor quality.

Suppose, for instance, that you sat down and ate an entire bag of candy. You would probably notice that, after the first couple of pieces, the flavor of the candy would no longer taste quite as intense. If you overwhelm your mouth with sweetness, you’re eventually going to lose the ability to taste subtle flavors until you give your palate a break.

Eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting probably isn’t something you’d typically do. If the only e-liquids that you use are heavily sweetened, though, you’re essentially doing the same thing to your palate every time you vape. You’re overwhelming your palate with so much sweetness that all of your e-liquids end up tasting the same.

If you love great flavors, you owe it to yourself to try some e-liquids that use more complex flavor profiles instead of relying on the heavy-handed application of sweeteners. To do that, you might need to seek out some of the smaller independent e-liquid makers – the ones who have been around since the industry began and have never used sweeteners in their products.

You’ll find the effort worthwhile, though, because you’ll learn that sucralose tends to mask an e-liquid’s subtler notes and that an e-liquid with no added sweeteners can actually still taste very sweet.