How Well Can a Typical Freebase E-Liquid Vape in a Pod Mod?

If you have not noticed, the world of pod devices is becoming increasingly advanced. Because these devices are so convenient and portable, more big-name hardware brands are launching their own versions of all-in-one (AIO) pod systems that allow every type of vaper to get the satisfaction that they crave. Among the most successful pod-based innovations is the system that can take both freebase and salt-based nicotine e-liquids.

If you’re used to freebase e-liquids and enjoy the smooth, mellow vaping experience that they provide, you might want to consider investing in a pod system that’s compatible with this type of e-liquid. However, before you do, know that your vaping experience will not be the same as the one that you are used to with a heavy-duty, high-wattage sub-ohm setup.

That is why we are going to cover the key differences so that you understand what to expect before starting a vape session.

Using the Right Device
Before we get started, we have to stress that you should only use freebase e-liquid with an open pod system that is specially designed to be compatible with this type of vape juice. While you can technically use freebase e-liquid in any pod system, the results are not going to be great if your device isn’t equipped with the right battery, cartridge, and coils for this kind of nicotine.

Cloud Chasers Beware
Perhaps you love freebase e-liquid because of how compatible it is with Direct-Lung (DL) devices that produce huge clouds of vapor. Well, if that is what you’re after when vaping, you might feel a little bit let down after switching to a pod mod. In order for pod mods to work properly, they must be low-wattage devices. Therefore, you will never really get those enormous clouds that you’re used to when using a freebase e-juice with a pod-based device.

Yes, some of them have improved technological functionalities, however, when compared with a sub-ohm mod, it is still almost night and day.

Watch Out for Leaks
As it turns out, freebase e-liquid is a bit waterier than its salt nic counterpart. For this reason, you might experience a leak here and there when using this kind of e-juice with a pod system. We strongly suggest that you opt for a high-quality pod system made with durable materials coupled with a quality cartridge or now even pod tank, in order to avoid leaks as much as possible.

Pay Attention to the Flavor
One of the things that we love about high-wattage, sub-ohm systems is their ability to make any e-liquid taste bold, rich, and extraordinarily complex. This is because of the combination of a high output level and a low coil resistance level. When using a low-wattage pod mod system, the flavor just is not going to be as strong, although it can still have a great taste. Just know that you are probably not going to detect as wide a variety of flavor notes when vaping freebase e-liquid with a pod system.

Do Not Expect a Strong Throat Hit
That powerful throat hit that we associate with pod-based vaping comes from the nicotine salts in the e-liquid and a balanced VG/PG ratio, not the mod itself. So, if you are chasing a strong throat hit, consider using a salt-based nicotine e-juice with your pod setup rather than a freebase liquid.

Now You Know the Vaping Differences
As you can see, vaping a freebase e-juice with a pod system is not quite the same as vaping it with a sub-ohm setup. No matter how technologically advanced a pod mod gets, it really comes down to power and how well the cart/pod tank along with its coils handles the wattage. You can still get a lot out of using open pod systems, but just know that when it comes to ultimate cloud production, using a sub-ohm mod is still the better choice. However, the convenience of pod systems may make it all worth it.