How To Vape Big Clouds Without Coughing

If you want to vape big clouds without coughing, there is no simple shortcut. Practice and time is the only remedy, as both your lungs and your inhaling and exhaling reflexes need to adapt to your newly gained skill. So for any aspiring cloud chasers out there, please be patient and let practice and time do its work. Let me share some of my own experiences in reducing the need for coughing while vaping.

I still remember my first time vaping. These days, I rarely cough when I vape. However, the very first time, I coughed up a storm! No one wants to cough when they vape, so this is a guide I’ve made to help you vape without coughing. There’s a lot that goes into vaping without coughing. Part of it comes with practice, but harsh vapor can send even the most seasoned vaper into a coughing fit.

Whether your problem lies in the way you’re building your vaporizer or the way you’re inhaling the vapor, there are a few key points in your vaping technique that you can master in order to avoid coughing. There are a lot of tips and tricks that’ll help you vape big clouds without coughing, so without further ado, let’s jump into them.

How To Stop Coughing While Vaping
If you want to stop coughing while vaping, the best solution is to drink some water to avoid a dry throat. Your cough will decrease if you change the speed at which you inhale or exhale vape smoke. Another method to stop coughing while vaping is to add menthol to your vape juice flavor to avoid throat irritation.

If you’ve just started vaping and seem to cough every time, just be patient. Your lungs have to get used to vaping. This goes for smokers and non-smokers alike. If you’re a smoker that just switched, it’ll take some time to adjust. This is especially true if you’re using a sub-ohm vaporizer.

Mods made for sub-ohm vaping tend to pack a lot of power. If you’re a former smoker, you’re inhaling a lot more when you vape than you were when you smoked. Plus, the feeling that you get in your throat when you vape is a lot different than the feeling you get when you smoke. If you want something that feels a little more like a cigarette, consider switching to an e-liquid that uses nicotine salt. Using nicotine salt with a sub-ohm vaporizer isn’t recommended due to the fact that nic salt e-liquids tend to have a lot more nicotine than freebase nicotine e-liquids. If you use a sub-ohm vaporizer and decide switch to nicotine salts, consider purchasing a less powerful vaporizer or using your current vaporizer at a lower wattage.

Why Can’t I Vape Without Coughing?
If you’ve been vaping for a while and can’t seem to stop coughing, it could be the way you’re using your vaporizer. Harsh vapor will make anyone cough. Later, we’ll talk about techniques to make vapor feel smoother. For now let’s talk about how to properly assemble a vape for smooth, tasty clouds. First of all, if you’re using a tank with a replaceable, pre-built atomizer, you should always prime your coils before you start vaping with a new atomizer. If you don’t prime your coils, the wicking material might not properly wick your e-liquid towards the coil. This can cause the coil to get too hot.

Consequently, your coil could burn, and the coil could even burn the wicking material. That first hit will be harsh, but the burnt coil and wick can cause every hit thereafter to be burnt-tasting and harsh. To prime your coils, just drip some e-liquid onto the exposed wick slots on your atomizer, fill your tank, and let it sit for a few minutes before vaping.

If you’re using an RDA, the way you build your coil can affect the flavor and harshness of your vapor. Make sure you’re not stuffing too much wicking material into your coils. If you push the wick up against the coil too much, it can cause it to burn. Plus, a wick that’s too tight may only allow your coil to vaporize the e-liquid that’s closer to the surface. The e-liquid at the center of your wick can just sit there and effectively ruin the flavor of your vapor.

The amount of nicotine in your e-liquid can also affect the harshness of your vapor. E-liquid with more nicotine tends to be harsher than e-liquids with lower nicotine content. If you can’t stop coughing when you vape and you’ve tried everything else, try using an e-liquid with less nicotine.

Stop Coughing On Exhale Using This Trick
If you’re new to vaping and just can’t stop coughing, try using this trick! Instead of pulling vapor directly into your lungs, pull the vapor into your mouth first. This will give the vapor time to cool down. After a second or two, pull the vapor into your lungs and exhale. This is called a “mouth to lung” hit:

1.Pull vapor into your mouth without a full inhale;
2.Let it cool down for a good 2-3 seconds;
3.Pull cooled down vapor into your lungs by inhaling again;
4.You just reduced your cough chance by trying a mouth to lung hit!

If you prefer a “direct to lung” hit, you can try tightening your throat on the inhale to reduce the perceived harshness of the vapor. When you take a hit, just outstretch your neck a little, straighten your back, and try to purse your throat in such a way to make it tighter. It’s easier to do than to explain, so play around with the way your throat is positioned when you vape. Once you get it right, it should help a lot.

How To Vape Bigger Clouds (Without A Cough)
Big clouds are the hardest to master if you’re trying to vape without coughing. If you like to blow big clouds, harsh hits can be especially irritating. When it comes to vaping, if you’re doing everything else right, the best way to get bigger, smoother clouds is to find your ideal number of ohms. The ohm is simply a measure of resistance. When you fire your mod, it sends power to your coils which in turn begin to heat up. Coils are very conductive, but they still resist that current to a certain extent.

That resistance plays a part in how long it takes for your coil to heat up, and it depends both on the material that you’re using and how much of it you’re using. Basically, more resistance will cause your vape to heat up a little slower. Consequently, it’ll take longer for your vapor to get too hot, allowing you to take longer hits. If you’re using a tank with a replaceable atomizer, increasing your number of ohms is as simple as buying an atomizer with a higher ohm count. Some tanks have several coils to choose from, while others can be somewhat limited.

If you’re using an RDA, the number of wraps that you use when building your coil can affect the flavor and harshness of your vapor. If you take be hits that tend to get too hot towards the end, try using more wraps. For instance, if you usually wrap your coil three times, try bumping it up to four. This will cause it to heat up slower, making the temperature of your vapor more manageable. Distributing that heat across more coil can really make a difference when it comes to the smoothness of your vapor.

This next tip also applies to RDA users. Re-wick often! Sometimes, if you vape frequently, your vapor will start feeling harsh in two or three days. A lot of RDA users procrastinate when it comes to changing their wick because they think you need to change out the entire coil. You need to change the coil sometimes, but you usually need to change the wicking material before the coil. I personally use claptop coils, and for me, a coil usually lasts five or six days.

I typically change out my wicking material every two days or so. Other coils might not last as long. It depends on the kind of coil you use, how much you vape, and even the juice you use. There are a lot of variables, so most people just go by the taste of the vapor. Once it starts tasting burnt, either the coil or wicking material needs to be changed. It can vary, but for most people, an RDA coil needs to be changed every three to seven days. If you vape very infrequently, it could potentially last even longer. Wick, on the other hand, should usually be changed every two or three days. When don’t vape a lot, you could potentially stretch your wick’s lifespan a day or two more.

Vaping + Practice ≠ Coughing
If you’re new to vaping and just can’t seem to stop coughing, just be patient! Vapor has a unique feeling when it hits your throat and lungs, and it just takes time to get used to it. However, if you’ve been vaping for a while, and your vapor still seems extremely harsh, you might be doing something wrong. Try altering the position of your throat when you vape to make it less sensitive to the vapor. Alternatively, you could try using an e-liquid with less nicotine. E-liquids with more nicotine tend to be a lot harsher than those with less nicotine. You can even try using a coil with a higher ohm count. This will cause your vaporizer to heat up a little slower, and it’ll allow you to take bigger hits without your vapor getting too harsh.

If you want to vape big clouds but your current vape setup just isn’t cutting it, it might be time for an upgrade. Getting new vape equipment can really change up the entire experience. Conveniently, I’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and reviewing vaporizers, so I know which ones really leave a lasting impression. If you want the best in build quality and overall performance, check out my recommended vape gear. It includes all the best vape gear, so you don’t have to dig through the hundreds of subpar vaporizers to find the one that you’ll really be happy with.