How To Use Smok R-Kiss 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Despite three years passing since the original R-Kiss release, the new R-Kiss 2 still impresses. If you’re a cloud chaser, the Smok R-Kiss range will be right up your street.

Now, let’s talk about the Smok R-Kiss 2 kit in Black – it’s a real looker when fully assembled! The tank boasted a matte finish that paired perfectly with the textured mod. While the textured design might not be entirely new, you might have seen something similar in mods like the Vaporesso Gen series. 

The tank and mod were neatly separated, ensuring a tidy presentation. This packaging approach not only looked clean and sleek but also minimized material waste, which I really appreciate as it’s both efficient and eco-friendly.

However, this design isn’t just for show; it’s incredibly practical. So, hats off to Smok R-KISS 2 for its sleek and powerful upgrade to its predecessor. If you’re having a hard time how to choose the right vape, get Smok R-KISS 2 on your list.

What’s In The Box of SMOK R-KISS 2
Inside your kit, you’ll discover the Smok R-Kiss 2 Kit, available in either black or blue.

You’ll also find some important paperwork: a quality pass certificate and a warranty card to verify authenticity and get warranty coverage.

There’s a battery safety card stressing the importance of using good batteries to avoid problems. Don’t forget the user manual, which gives you all the specs and details about both the mod and tank. 

Here what’s inside each box and features: 

R-KISS 2 Mod
·IQ-S Chipset
·Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries – Not Included
·Wattage Output Range: 5-200W
·Voltage Output Range: 1.0-8.2V
·Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm
·Power Mode
·Bypass Mode
·Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
·Intuitive Firing Button
·1.3″ TFT Color Screen
·Two Adjustment Buttons
·Bottom Hinged Battery Door
·8s Vaping Cut Off Protection
·Over-Heating Protection
·Short-Circuit Protection
·Low Battery Warning
·Battery Over Discharge Protection
·Reverse Battery Connection Protection
·Type-C USB Port

TFV18 Mini Tank
·Compact dimensions of 25 x 54 mm, constructed with stainless steel.
·Kidney-shaped fill hole accessible by pressing a button for childproofing.
·Large fill hole for easy refilling, accommodating various e-liquid bottle tips and glass droppers.
·Custom Delrin drip tip designed specifically for this tank; standard 810 tips won’t fit.
·Adjustable bottom airflow with 3 cyclops slots and hard stops.
·510 threaded connection.

Remember that your kit comes with useful extras like spare O-rings and gaskets for the tank to keep things leak-free.

There’s a Type-C charging cable included for convenience. While it’s best to charge your external batteries externally, this cable can work as a backup.
You also get a spare bubble glass for the tank, and both glasses hold 6.5ml of e-liquid.

You’ll find a spare coil in the package. The kit includes two types of coils, and we’ll talk about them soon.

How to Prepare SMOK R-KISS 2 Kit
First off, pick the coil you’d like to use from your Smok R-Kiss2 kit. 

Before you put it in, give the coil a little pre-soak by adding a few drops of your e-liquid to it. Then, screw the coil into the base of your Smok R-Kiss 2.

Now, it’s time to reassemble the tank. Simply screw the coil and base into place.

Next, fill up the tank with your favorite e-liquid. Wait patiently for about 2 to 3 minutes to let the cotton in the coil soak up that delicious liquid.

And there you have it, you’re all set to enjoy your vaping experience! 

Tank Setup
·Unscrew the tank from the mod.
·Unscrew the old coil from the base of the tank.
·Replace it with a new coil by screwing it into the base.
·Reassemble the tank by screwing the two parts together, ensuring they are snug but not overly tightened.

Filling the Tank
1.Open the tank’s top fill lid by following the directional arrow on the lid.
2.Insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the filling port.
3.Squeeze the bottle to fill the tank with e-liquid. Use high VG e-liquid.
4.Close the lid by rotating it in the direction indicated until it clicks into place.

Coil Maintenance

Changing Coils
·Unscrew the tank from the mod.
·Unscrew the old coil from the base of the tank.
·Replace it with a new coil by screwing it into the base.
·Reassemble the tank by screwing the two parts together, ensuring they are snug but not overly tightened.

How to Install the Coil and Prim  
·Before using a new coil, it’s essential to prime it to prevent dry hits:
·With the device turned off, take a few draws (inhales) from the drip tip without pressing the fire button. This helps draw e-liquid into the coil.
·Allow the device to sit for approximately 10 minutes to ensure the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid.

When you put in a new coil, make sure it’s threaded correctly to prevent leaks.

Insert the coil into the base of the tank and twist it until it clicks into place.

Prime the coil by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton and the coil’s tip.

Fill the tank, ensuring the e-liquid doesn’t go below the cotton openings for proper saturation and to prevent dry hits.

Adjusting Airflow
The tank has adjustable airflow. Turn the airflow control ring on the base of the tank clockwise to open it for more airflow or counterclockwise to reduce airflow for a tighter draw.

Cleaning the Tank
·Regularly clean the tank to ensure a clean and flavorful vaping experience.
·Disassemble the tank, including removing the coil.
·Rinse all tank components (except the coil) under warm running water.
·Allow the components to air dry thoroughly before reassembling.

The TFV18 Mini tank is a flavor and vapor beast. It consistently delivers fantastic flavor, and the generous 6.5ml e-liquid capacity ensures that I don’t have to refill too often during extended vaping sessions. The included coils, a single mesh and a dual mesh, let me fine-tune my vaping style to perfection.

Device Control Made Easy
Press the fire button five times rapidly (5 clicks) to turn on the Smok R-Kiss 2 mod. The screen should light up, indicating that it’s powered on. 

A quick press of the fire bar, the options shown are…

·5 x Fire = Turns device On/Off
·3 x Fire = Enters the farty menu
·Press Fire & Down = Clear puff counter Y/N
·Press Fire & Up = Cycles color schemes
·Press and hold Up & Down key = Locks adjustments

Mode Selection
Press the fire button three times rapidly (3 clicks) to access the mode selection menu. Choose from the available modes, including:

·Watt mode: Allows you to adjust the wattage to your preferred level.
·Bypass mode: Sets the wattage to a maximum of 200 watts.
·Power Lock mode: Locks the wattage settings to prevent accidental adjustments. 

To reset the puff counter, hold down the fire button and down button simultaneously. Confirm whether you want to clear the puff counter (yes or no). 

Changing Screen Color
You can customize the color of the screen display. Hold the fire button and up buttons simultaneously to cycle through available screen color options. 

In order for you to reset the puff counter, hold down the fire button and down button simultaneously. Confirm whether you want to clear the puff counter (yes or no).

Adjusting and Locking/Unlocking Wattage
Remember that you can adjust wattage from 5 to 200 watts. It’s easy with the fast-scrolling feature.

·To lock the wattage, press both the “+” and “-” buttons together to prevent accidental changes while still allowing you to fire the device.
·To unlock, do the same button combo.
·There’s also a power lock feature. Press the fire button three times to choose between watt mode, bypass mode, and power lock.
·Be cautious with bypass mode; it fires at max wattage (200W), which might not suit all atomizers.
·To unlock from power lock, press the fire button three times again.

Battery Maintenance

Battery Installation
·Locate the battery door on the bottom of the Smok R-Kiss 2 mod.
·Slide or push the door to open it.
·Insert two 18650 batteries, ensuring that you follow the correct polarity markings (positive and negative).
·Close the battery door securely by pushing it back into place.

Charging Batteries
·Use the provided USB Type-C cable to charge the 18650 batteries inside the mod.
·It’s recommended to unplug the cable once the batteries are fully charged, which usually takes around 2 hours, to avoid overcharging.
·Plug the Type-C cable into the front port, and the screen will show the charging status.
·Use a reputable charger and keep an eye on the process for battery safety. It’ll say “Charge Completed” when fully charged.

Safety Considerations
·Always handle batteries with care and use high-quality, undamaged batteries.
·Avoid overcharging, over-discharging, or exposing batteries to extreme temperatures.
·Inspect your batteries regularly for any signs of damage or wear and replace them if necessary.

The Smok R-Kiss 2 Kit is all about power and versatility. With a 230W mod at its core, it packs a punch. Whether I’m looking for a smooth, low-wattage vape or a cloud-chucking high-wattage experience, this kit delivers. The range of wattage settings and the fast-scrolling feature make it a breeze to set to my preferred intensity.

I can’t stress enough how important battery safety is when dealing with dual-18650 mods like this one. It’s crucial to use high-quality batteries and a dedicated charger for a worry-free experience. Safety should always be the top priority.