How to Take Care of Your Vaping Kit - Maintenance & Care for Years of Vaping Pleasure

Easy Vape Kit Maintenance & Care
Topping 3 million for the first time, more people are choosing to vape with the popularity of vaping isn’t slowing just yet. With research so far indicating that vaping is far less damaging to health than smoking, it is worthwhile making the change from cigarettes to a vape. But once you’ve done this, you have a vaping kit to take care of. Varying in price, no matter what vaping kit you choose, you want it to not only stay looking good but function well too. Just how do you take care of your vaping kit?

Understanding the vaping kit components
Every piece of vaping kit, from the box mod to the slimline e-cigarette, work in a similar way. E-juice (or a similar substance) is heated by a coil which draws energy from a battery. When you inhale (or draw), your vape will release a certain amount of e-juice that you inhale for taste and then exhale as a fluffy cloud.
Simple it may be, but the satisfaction you get is beyond measure. Until that is, your tank starts to leak, leaving an embarrassing wet patch all over your pocket or your battery malfunctions, failing to heat the juice as it always has done.
Understanding the different components parts to your kit means you have a better idea of how to keep it working perfectly and looking great. Let’s start with the battery because without power, no vaping is going to happen…

Maintaining Your Vaping Battery
All vaping kits have some kind of battery, although the type, size and shape will vary. But they all do the same thing – they provide the energy to heat the coil which heats the vaping juice in your tank. Without power, vaping is nothing and so it makes sense that your priority will be to keep your battery in tip-top condition.
Having said that, the battery doesn’t have a finite life. It will, at some point, become less efficient at discharging and charging the energy it stores. But the good news is, this is a long way off yet IF you look after it.
The main enemy of any battery, your vaping battery included, is temperature. Batteries hate the cold – the colder they are, the less efficiently they discharge their stored charge – and they hate heat too. Excessive heat can lead to an unpleasant surprise in the shape of a ‘pocket explosion’, with a few instances reported on vaping battery fires.
Getting the maximum life from your vape battery and vaping safely will see you…
·Not allowing your battery to become too cold or hot – when not in use, keep your vape out of the sun and when storing batteries, a cool spot in a cupboard will do the trick.
·Only use the correct replacement vaping battery – always replace with the same type of battery, with the same voltage and preferably, the maker’s recommended battery.
·Not continue vaping whilst your kit is on charge – especially important of the kit is not designed to do this. Some vaping kits you can use whilst on charge but always check before you do so.

The tank
Why do vaping tanks leak? Good question and the answer is usually down to user error (not that we’re trying to apportion blame here!). Simple in design, the answer to this question lies in…

·Making sure the tank is filled correctly – you pour your chosen vape juice into the tank but you’ll note a small, vertical tube which is called the chimney. Get e-juice in here by overfilling the tank and you’ll find your pocket or bag will end up with a small, e-juice patch.
·A damaged O-ring – this acts as a washer does in a tap by forming an effective seal between one component in the tank and another. Eventually, this will perish and so if you notice an occasional, unexplained leak that becomes an increasingly regular feature of your vaping kit, the O ring needs attention. Order a replacement O ring, take your tank apart (super-simple to do), pop in the new ring, connect it all back together and the problem is solved.
·Keeping your vaping tank upright – like all liquid, e-juice wants to find its way out of the confines of the vaping tank which is easier to do when it finds a crack or seal and has gravity behind it to help push it out. Keeping your vape upright in your pocket or bag – or better still, upright in a travel case – and you’ll avoid an embarrassing spill.
·Keeping your vape clean and well-maintained – when you clean something and take it apart, you’ll spot problems like a crusty coil or a coil that no longer fits well and so e-juice leaks from the tank. Coils can be replaced too, giving your vaping kit a new lease of life!

The vaping coil
The coil, as we know, is an important component. With a faulty or crusty coil, you won’t be getting the vaping experience that you want. A faulty coil that isn't heating your chosen vaping juice properly will leave you with an unintentional sour taste in your mouth, as will a crusty coil. If you are experiencing an unpleasant after taste that is slightly burnt, then this will be down to the coil too.
Looking after your coil is a case of keeping your eye on it, something that you will do with regular cleaning habits (see below). A coil can’t be cleaned because with water on it or any other substance, the first time you switch it on post clean, it’ll burn out.
When you clean your tank and kit, keep an eye on the coil – it should remain looking good without deposits or residue for some time. Vaping kit that is knocked around and handled roughly won't perform as well as one that isn't. A coil that is damaged or is knocked from its seat will not heat the vaping liquid as well.

How often should you clean your vaping kit?
The answer to this depends on numerous factors including;
·How frequently you vape – if you vape on a frequent basis, your kit will be working hard. Cleaning it every few weeks wouldn’t go amiss. If you notice your not getting the flavour hit you normally do or your vape is ‘sluggish’ and slow to heat, your tank needs a clean.
·How frequently you change your vaping juice flavour – if you enjoy chopping and changing your vaping juice (and why not? Vaping all about the experience and the taste), then you'll certainly need to clean the tank on a regular basis. You wouldn't want the tang of aniseed spoiling the sweet notes of strawberry cheesecake…

Are vaping kits robust and durable?
Yes, they are and it's not uncommon to find people who turned to vaping some years ago still enjoying a great vaping experience with their original vape purchase. And that’s because being mindful of how you use, travel with and clean your vaping kit will keep your vaping experience where you want it to be.