How to Switch From Disposables To Reusable Vapes

If you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you’re a disposable vaper and are looking to change to a refillable or reusable vape!

In this post you’ll find out what the different options are (and how to use them) as well as tips for making the switch. 

There’s a lot here, so please do use the contents section below to jump to the one most relevant to you.

What is a disposable vape, and why they are so popular?

Disposable vapes are single-use vape devices. Like regular devices, they deliver a vapour that resembles smoke and usually (but not always) contains nicotine. However, unlike regular devices, they are thrown away after they have been used once. 

They are also incredibly popular, seemingly coming from nowhere. In 2022, it was reported that 15.2% of adult vapers in England used disposables, compared with just 2.2% in 2021. It’s hard to put a finger on why they are so popular, but I think the following contribute: 

1. They are convenient and easy to use.
2. They don’t require any commitment. When you buy a vape device, you are essentially saying you are a vaper. But when you buy a single-use device, you are simply committing to a day’s use.
3. They offer strong, sweet flavours. 

However, as we shall see: 

1. Some vape devices, especially prefilled pod systems, are also easy and convenient to use.
2. The advent of ‘bar salts’ e-liquids that replicate the taste of disposables now means that disposable vapers don’t need to sacrifice flavour when switching to reusable devices.  

Why switch to refillable vape devices?

The biggest personal reason for switching from disposable devices is the reduction in cost. 

Costing anywhere from £4.00 to £6.00, disposables may not seem that expensive on the face of things. However, if you look at it from the perspective of e-liquid, you can rapidly see the price mount up. 

There are just 2ml of e-liquid in a disposable device. That means you are paying between £2.00 and £3.00 per ml.

However, a high-quality bottle of 10ml e-liquid typically costs less than 40p per ml. That’s less than a fifth of the cost of even cheaper disposable devices. 

Of course, you do have the initial cost of buying a device. However, once you have bought that, the savings rapidly start to mount up.

To help set these out, we’ve compared some of the costs below. 


If cost isn’t enough to think about, consider the environment. 

Every year, we buy and use three billion disposable vape devices. Each one contains a lithium-ion battery which could be re-used many times. In total, we throw away enough batteries to power 1,200 electric cars. Yet after a single use, they are thrown away. 

Most current devices are also difficult and expensive to recycle. That’s because they are designed as a single unit, and it is difficult to separate the battery from the device. 

In contrast, a refillable device can last for months before needing to be replaced. 

Possibility of a ban on disposable devices
Disposable vapes have been banned in some countries. Scotland is considering a ban, and as I write a private members’ bill is being presented to parliament calling for a ban on disposable devices. 

While I don’t think a ban will happen, it is a possibility, and it makes sense to experiment with alternatives before you are suddenly left without your vape device. 

Greater range of flavours
Typically, many disposable ranges offer a limited number of flavours. 

And while it’s true that there are quite a few disposable ranges, let’s face it – they do tend to use the same set of flavours!

However, if you switch to a refillable device, you have access to literally thousands of different flavours. 

Options for switching 

Pre-filled pod systems

As we mentioned previously, one of the main advantages of disposables is how easy they are to use – with no need for refilling or switching coils. Pre-filled pod systems are the perfect next step as they are almost as easy to use, at less expense and with less environmental impact. 

Kits such as the Elf Bar Elfa and Hexa Pro use sealed, pre-filled pods that come with a fixed coil. This means you simply attach the pod and replace it when the vape juice inside runs out. 

Like disposables, most of these kits require no button pressing or settings – you just inhale on the mouthpiece and start vaping. The only thing you’ll need to remember is to recharge the battery when it runs low.

Once you are used to these devices, you might then want to consider moving to a refillable device for further cost savings. 

·Super easy to use 
·More cost-effective & environmentally friendly than disposables
·Provide disposable-style flavour (Elf Bar Elfa) 

·Battery needs to be recharged and pods changed
·Limited flavours compared to refillable devices 

Best option: Elf Bar Elfa 

The Elfa pod device, in particular, is a great option for disposable users as the pods are filled with popular Elf Bar disposable flavours. 

This makes it perfect for transitioning users as there’s no sacrifice on flavour. 

Refillable/rechargeable disposables
While less common than regular disposables, there are disposable vape devices out there that can be refilled and even recharged.

Still super easy to use with no buttons or settings, these devices come with a fixed coil so will still need to be disposed of when this coil runs out. 

However, a rechargeable battery and refillable pod mean they last a lot longer than regular disposables.

To use, you simply fill the pod with vape juice, wait a few minutes and inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. You just need to refill the pod and recharge the battery when needed. 

You’ll know it’s time to dispose of the device when it stops producing vapour, the flavour starts to dull or you get a burnt taste when you inhale.  

This design not only saves cost and reduces waste, but the refillable pod means this kind of device also provides a lot more options in terms of flavour. 

Unlike disposables, which have a more limited number of flavour choices, users can use choose any flavour of vape juice they like.

·Longer-lasting than regular disposables 
·Easy to use – no buttons or settings
·More choice of flavours than disposables or pre-filled pod kits 

·Still need to be disposed of after a certain amount of uses 

Best option: Aspire R1 

The Aspire R1 is our favourite device of this kind. Lasting much longer than regular disposables, the pod can be refilled up to 8-10 times before it needs to be disposed of. 

It’s also incredibly budget-friendly, with the kit costing less than the price of 2 regular disposables. 

Refillable vape pods/pen systems

Refillable vape pods and pen systems need to be filled with vape juice before use. They then need to be refilled after the e-liquid is finished. 

They include a wide range of device types, with many different designs and varying levels of difficulty. The level of difficulty using these devices varies depending on which you choose. 

For fixed-coil pod devices with inhaling firing, it’s as simple as filling and attaching the pod, waiting a few minutes and inhaling on the mouthpiece. 

With replaceable coil devices, you need to soak the coil in e-liquid before using it for the first time. You also need to change the coil from time to time. 

Choose a fixed coil pod for maximum convenience, or a replaceable coil device to maximise cost savings.