How To Switch E Juice Flavors Effectively — Changing Vape Juice Guide

Although you may be familiar with what a full vape tank looks like or how to change a prefilled vape cartridge and replaceable pod, some users can feel intimidated by all the separate parts and maintenance regarding priming and filling. Understanding how to switch e juice and the best way to effectively change flavors quickly can be the difference between enjoying vaping and committing to being smoke free, or regretfully returning to tobacco.

In detail, there are a couple of primary vape tank designs to be aware of from square one. Firstly, is the sub ohm tank, which is one of the most common configurations for pieced together mods and vape starter kits. Typically, it has a glass outer tank which allows users to see how much juice is inside and either a top-fill port or bottom feeding juice well which is becoming less common outside of RDAs. While most of the original tanks were filled by unscrewing the entire system and pouring ejuice into the tank directly, a great deal of the vape tank models being sold presently are top filling via a sliding, locking or unscrewable cap on the top which the drip tip, or mouthpiece feeds into.

Drip tanks or RDA vape tanks require users to continuously fill the inner juice well and dripping juice directly onto their atomizer coils. Although most drippers have sizeable juice wells inside the drip deck chamber, they are prone to spills and leaking which limits how much eliquid users can add at a time. However, rebuildable drippers are considered one of the easiest vape tanks to refill mostly because the chamber is exposed.

By far, the simplest to use and maintain are pod mods which use interchangeable cartridges that are either refillable or pre-filled with vape juice and utilize internally built vape coils that are often single use. Though they are affordable initially, the constant need to purchase replacement vape pods can add up quickly depending on how often you vape. Now that we have an idea of what the most popular vape tanks are, let’s look further into how the e-juice is changed.

Priming a New Coil — Break in Without Burning Out

For new users it’s important to know that there is a danger of immediately burning out a new coil if it isn’t primed with vape juice properly. Your local vape shop may tell you this, but what they don’t relate is that buying replacement coils can get expensive quickly when you are constantly burning them without breaking them in correctly so they perform longer before replacements. In fact, even the best rebuildable tanks for vaping may not be as intuitive as simply swapping out new coil heads and letting them soak. Knowing the answer to how do I get the best flavor out of my vape, an important thing to remember is that in order for every coil to function properly without burning the cotton, it must be effectively soaked with e liquid prior to its first fire.

In fact, most manufacturers recommend that you fill the juice chamber fully and let it soak for a full ten minutes for pre-made vape coils to ensure that they are completely saturated and there are no dry spots that may burn when they heat up suddenly. Additionally, when using higher wattage devices, we advise users to start at a lower wattage than they normally vape and gradually work their way up to their desired power setting to allow the coil to break in slowly and efficiently rather than bringing it to intense heat right off the bat. On top of that, it will give the cotton time to become part of the juice feeding process and the flavor from the fabric will disappear quicker as it breaks in.

With dripper tanks and RTAs or rebuildable tank atomizers, this process is far more immediate and visible as the cotton is exposed and you are able to see how soaked it is before firing it. However, with readymade atomizer heads for the most popular vape tanks, you are frequently only able to see the top of the coil cotton and the sides through juice vents and feeders on the sides. Until every visible section of the cotton is saturated, there should be no electricity run through those coils.

It’s true that letting the coil soak in e juice for ten minutes will help the process along but priming it correctly and thoroughly beforehand will ensure that every part of the cotton has an idea of where vape juice should be flowing so that they don’t overheat or have hot spots. Effectively priming atomizer coils before using them will almost guarantee a longer life, fuller vaping and better performance.

eLiquid Replacement — How do I get vape juice out of my tank

Assuming you aren’t starting with a new device, pod or fresh vape coil, you will need to either make sure the vape juice inside is cleared or has been vaped to the minimum without burning out the coil or cooking the cotton. Bear in mind, most pod vape systems are only good for a certain number of refills before requiring replacement and a burning taste or foul flavor may accompany the expiring of the coil inside. That said, when refilling a vape tank or pod, there should still be residual e-liquid inside, once the coil has been vaped dry, or you receive a “dry hit”, you risk burning it out.

Many users are worried about the combinations of flavors, nicotine levels or ratios and want to know, “can I mix vape juice?” Short answer, yes, since most ejuices are made with the same ingredients hey will generally be okay when mixed, but you may not like the resulting flavor. Although there have been reports of users cleaning out a used coil and reusing it, we don’t recommend this as a method for how to switch vape juice effectively. But if you must, make sure it is sufficiently dry before vaping on it and there is ZERO water or outside contaminants soaked into it before attempting to vape on it.

Being able to gauge how long does a coil last in vape depends largely on personal usage, routine and frequency. It can be as simple as duration if you’re using the same e liquid at a steady temperature and vaping it at regular intervals or as complicated as wear of individual manufacturers depending on the build quality. Essentially, they should last anywhere between two to three weeks, but can burn out faster or slower related to all those factors.

Just know that if you’re willing to let left over vape juice go to waste, you can simply pull your tank apart and properly dispose of the excess (please don’t just dump it down the sink). It’s best if you don’t try to reuse liquid that has already been poured from the bottle, especially if you’re dripping onto an exposed coil. That said, if cost is a factor you may be inclined to settle for a cheap off brands or attempt to make your own eliquid which can be more trouble than it’s worth in the end. As a result, reputable juice brands such as Hot Juice price their products affordably to help take the bite out of switching to vaping.

Filler Up — How to Put Juice In A Vape

As stated, most refillable tanks have a port built into the top retaining section of the design and older configurations are filled by removing the bottom section and feeding directly into the tank area. However, the technique for how to put juice in a vape pen or replaceable vape pod can require a bit more discipline and focus to get it right without wasting juice. Since they are traditionally small devices, when you add juice to a vape pen, keep in mind they have much more compact fill ports and most come with built in gaskets or rubber retainer plugs that seal the juice into the chamber. Just remember, when filling any vape device to wipe off the excess if you spill, leak or drip onto the mechanical or electronic parts to avoid unwanted connectivity or a short circuit.

When you fill juice in a vape device, it’s important to do so slowly, methodically and at a pace which the device is able to accommodate to prevent any mess. While it may seem natural to refill a vape tank all at once while the chamber is exposed, it’s adviseable to use the fill port so that the juice doesn’t leak out when fitting the pieces together. There are many ways to maintain and extend the performance of a device so that you fully grasp how to change vape juice efficiently while getting the full benefits. Hopefully, this gives everyone a better idea of how to accurately apply proven methods and experience everything that vaping has to offer.