How To Stealth Vape-Learn more about stealth vaping and other ways to discreetly vape!

Unfortunately, vaping is seen by many as another form of smoking. Although vaping is much safer than smoking, many vapers don’t want to draw any unwanted attention from vape clouds in public. Stealth vaping is a more discreet way to use your e-cigarette, taking smaller draws to produce less vapour. Here is a quick guide on how to stealth vape.

How Do You Stealth Vape?
Firstly, you’ll need to pick the right stealth kit for you. The ideal kits for this would be either a disposable vape like the GeekVape Geek Bar or a disposable pod kit like the RELX Essential Battery. Both devices are compact and can be vaped inconspicuously while producing minimal vapour.

If you prefer to use your own vape juice, an open device designed for MTL vaping could still work as a stealth vape. However, it is important to use an e-liquid that doesn’t have a high VG content as this will create larger clouds. TECC Titan e-liquid has a low 30% VG content resulting in minimal vapour production while still offering great flavour and throat hit.

Next, you’ll need to work out a technique that both offers enough of a nicotine hit but doesn’t produce too much vapour. The best method is to take short draws as this will reduce the amount of vapour produced. When exhaling the vapour, make sure you tighten your lips like you would do when whistling and blow downward to avoid a large cloud of vaper forming. Although this doesn’t completely hide the vapour it is a more inconspicuous method.

Remember most vape kits will have a screen or a small light to indicate when the device is on. So, if you want to be as discreet as possible remember to conceal the light to avoid any attention.

What Is Zero Vaping?
Zero vaping takes a lot more practice than stealth vaping. This technique allows you to vape without exhaling any vapour. This method should only be attempted with smaller pod devices. Using a more powerful device designed for more vapour production just won’t work and will leave you in a coughing fit.

There are a couple of ways to zero vape. The first involves taking smaller draws, then before exhaling, quickly inhale and continue as long as comfortable. Then hold your breath for a few seconds before exhaling. When you exhale there should be little to no vapour.

The other method is aimed at direct lung vapers and requires on deep draw of vapour. Then hold the vaper in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling slowly. You may have to adjust how long the initial draw is if it is still producing vapour.

Even though it is hidden, remember to not vape in areas where it is prohibited.