So, you’ve decided to enter the wide world of open-system vaping by buying a new vape kit with a tank. Whether you’re completely new to vaping or have some prior experience with pre-filled vaping systems, upgrading to a new tank-based mod is going to be a major change for you. In this article, we’re going to walk you through that change by explaining what you can expect from your new vaping device. Are you looking for a walkthrough of how to set up a new vape mod or tank, or are you simply looking for some information about what it’s like to use an advanced vaping device? Either way, you’ll get the answers you need right here.

There are two types of open-system vaping devices: those that have built-in batteries and those that have removable batteries. If you buy a removable-battery device, you’ll most likely need to buy a pair of 18650 batteries to complete your kit.

When you open everything up, you’ll find the following:

·The vaping device
·The tank, usually with the first coil installed
·A USB charging cable

Many vape kits also include spare coils. You may also find spare parts – such as a replacement glass enclosure and some extra silicone gaskets – for the tank. If you purchased the batteries separately, you’ll also want to remove them from the package at this time.

While you prepare your new vape tank for its first use, you’ll want to begin charging the device. If your vape mod has a built-in battery, you can simply charge it by connecting it to any computer using the included USB cable. If the mod uses removable batteries, you’ll need to install the batteries. In most cases, the mod will have a removable cover on the back or a swinging battery door on the bottom. Insert the batteries, paying attention to the “+” and “-“ symbols to ensure correct orientation. Once the batteries are installed, you can start charging the device via a USB port.

If the device has a display, you’ll see the current charging status on the screen. If you’re using a single-button vape pen, the button itself usually has a light to indicate the charging status. When the light turns off or changes colour, the charge cycle is complete.

TIP: Is nothing happening when you connect the mod to the charging cable? Doublecheck the batteries to confirm that you’ve installed them with the correct orientation.

While your device charges, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the operation of your tank. In most cases, you can access a tank’s atomizer coil by unscrewing the tank’s bottom hardware. You’ll want to do that to prepare the tank for filling. Your tank’s atomizer coil has a cotton wick that can burn easily if you use the tank before the wick is completely wet with e-liquid. If you simply fill the tank, it may be several minutes before the wick is fully saturated. You can reduce the wait by priming the wick.

Remove the tank’s bottom hardware and place a few drops of e-liquid on each of the coil’s exposed wick openings. Before you reassemble the tank, look at the markings on the side of the coil. You’ll see a wattage range – such as “30-60W” – etched into the side of the coil. Make a note of the wattage range. Replace the bottom hardware and fill the tank. Within a few minutes, the wick should be completely saturated with e-liquid.

Depending on the initial charge level of your batteries, it may take anywhere from one to two hours to charge the batteries fully. When the charge cycle is complete, disconnect the mod from the charging cable and connect the tank to the threading at the top of the mod if you haven’t already. By the time your device is fully charged, your tank’s wick should be completely wet and ready to go.

If your mod has adjustment buttons, use the buttons to set your mod to the low end of the wattage range noted on the coil. You’ll want to puff on the tank a few times at the lower wattage setting to break in the coil and get the e-liquid flowing before you consider increasing the wattage. If you have a single-button vape pen, there’s no need to worry about making wattage adjustments. Your device should include atomizer coils that work perfectly within your device’s power range.

TIP: Is nothing happening when you press the buttons on your vaping device? It’s probably locked or turned off. Press the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on.

Your first few puffs on your new mod will serve to break in the new coil and pop any small air bubbles that might otherwise prevent e-liquid from flowing through the wick. To use your device, inhale while holding the fire button. Press the button, take a short puff and release the button. You may see a few small air bubbles rising from your coil’s wick openings. Wait until you see no more bubbles before taking a second puff. Work slowly up to your desired puff duration. Once you reach that point, your coil should be fully broken in. You can then vape normally and start tinkering with higher wattage settings.

Aside from charging the battery, you’ll need to perform two routine maintenance tasks as you use your new vape mod. The first of those is refilling the tank.

Don’t try to use the tank until all of the e-liquid is gone. To prevent the wick from drying out, refill the tank as soon as the e-liquid no longer covers the coil’s wick openings. The second maintenance task that you’ll need to perform is replacing the atomizer coil. To know when it’s time to do that, let your palate be your guide. If you notice a burned taste when vaping, it’s time to change the coil.