How To Reduce Your Nicotine Strength

Most people start vaping in order to quit smoking. There are several reasons why smoking is such a hard habit to quit but the most significant of these is nicotine addiction. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but it isn’t carcinogenic and it boasts a similar chemical structure to caffeine. Nonetheless, it makes sense to reduce your reliance on nicotine and here’s our guide to doing just that.

Why should you reduce the nicotine strength of your eliquids?
Nicotine is unlikely to negatively impact your health but being addicted to anything is far from ideal. You can get the nicotine fix you need through vaping. But there will times when you cannot vape, and these will leave you suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The less reliant you are on nicotine, the more freedom you will have. You won’t have to worry about being stuck in the office or dread taking long haul flights. Neither will you be deterred from travelling to destinations where vaping is frowned upon or even banned.

Where do you start?
Smoking is a habit, so is vaping and so is ordering your juice!. Once you have settled into your vaping experience, you can stick with your favourite flavours but choose a lower nicotine strength. When you are ready to move on, don’t simply reorder, choose your juice in a lower nicotine strength.

What if the lower nicotine strength available is a step too far?
Most eliquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths. You shouldn’t experience too many problems switching from 18mg to 12mg or from 12mg to 6mg. If you find that you are craving more nicotine, you can simply take a few extra puffs. However, if the switch to the lower strength feels like too much of change, order your preferred juice both with your existing nicotine strength and a lower strength. Fill your tank with a mix of the two and you can lower your nicotine strength at a more gradual rate.

Would it help to switch to sub ohm vaping?
Lower resistance coils deliver a greater amount of vapour with every inhale and therefore more nicotine. If you switch to sub ohm vaping, you will get the hit you need from a lower nicotine strength. However, it is important to remember that this is because you are getting more nicotine from every puff and so the amount of nicotine you absorb may not be reduced. But sub ohm vaping does give you a broader choice of flavours which is always a good thing and you can take advantage of short fills.

How could short fills help?
Short fills are nicotine-free eliquids which are supplied in bottles which provide room to add nicotine shots. This gives you the ability to perfectly tailor your juice to your needs. If your usual eliquids are not available in your ideal nicotine strength, switch to short fills, do the maths and create your perfect juice. You will find nicotine shots in a variety of strengths and you don’t have to add the entire shot to your short fill. Better still, both freebase and salt nicotine shots are available. An online eliquid calculator will help you to identify which strength of nicotine shot you need and how much to add to your juice.

Why should you be aware of your triggers?
You should seek a nicotine hit only when you need one. As with smoking, there will be certain triggers that see you reaching for your e cig. If you are aware of your triggers, you can use a lower nicotine strength most of the time and switch to a higher strength at times when you know your cravings will be stronger.

Why might you be better off vaping high PG eliquids?
The throat hit you enjoy when you smoke is one of the reasons that cigarettes are so addictive. It isn’t only the nicotine which keeps you coming back for more! Eliquids which are high in PG deliver a stronger throat hit and so could enable you to get away with a lower nicotine strength. 

Why should you reduce your nicotine strength gradually?
As with most things in life, sudden or dramatic changes to your vaping habits could make you feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, the prospect of getting less nicotine can seem scary. If you try to reduce your strength too quickly, the resulting cravings will quickly see you struggling. It’s much better to reduce your strength in small steps and over several weeks or months. When you make smaller changes, you are less likely to notice the difference and you will still get to where you want to be.