How To Quit Vaping: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are very few people asking how to quit vaping but there are those few out there, and this article is for them. If you are wanting to quit vaping, we’ve constructed a step-by-step guide to help you quit vaping successfully.

There Isn’t A Rulebook To Vaping
Although we as bloggers, influencers, reviewers, and store owners are always looking for another way to push smokers towards vaping, and keep existing vapers… vaping, there is no rulebook that says once you start vaping, you have to keep doing it forever. In fact, there is a study being conducted, which is trying another method in the form of text messaging to help users quit vaping. There is certainly interest in it, and unfortunately, it may take more than a text message.
There are many people that feel as if they owe their life to vaping since it did save them from god only knows. However, just because it did save your life doesn’t mean you are bound to it. It is a great gesture, however, to be bound to its cause, which involves helping others transition to vaping or something as simple as sharing your personal success story from using vapor products.
Vaping was invented to allow you to continue using nicotine, just in a less harmful way than smoking traditional cigarettes. The truth is, vaping can be used merely as a stepping stone to achieving your final goal of quitting nicotine altogether. Many people have done it, and there are certainly many that will continue to do it.

How To Quit Vaping
Use this step-by-step guide to quit vaping. It has been proven time and time again to help wean people from nicotine and eventually help them quit vaping entirely. This isn’t a timed guide on quitting vaping. You should do this at your own pace, yet continue to follow each step so that you are successful.

1. Lower Your Nicotine Strength
The first rule of thumb to quit vaping is to start by weaning yourself from nicotine, the main part that keeps you doing it. You should lower your nicotine in a very small amount. For instance, if you are vaping 18mg in regular e-liquid, the next bottle of e-liquid you buy should be 12mg. If you are vaping salt nicotine e-liquid at 50mg, the next bottle of salt nicotine e-liquid you should buy should be 35mg. The idea is to drop your nicotine strength to the next level. You will vape at this strength for as long as you would like or at least until you get used to the milligram level.

2. Vape Less Than You Normally Would
When you become comfortable with the new nicotine level, before you lower the nicotine strength again, try vaping less often. You don’t have to be in a rush to do this, and the more you wean yourself from both the nicotine, the pure act of vaping, and your device, the more successful you will be. Just vape a little less than you normally would, that is all.

3. Lower Your Nicotine Strength Again
After you’ve lowered your nicotine strength, gotten used to that nicotine level, and aren’t vaping as much as what you once did, it is time to lower your nicotine strength again. You should do this only when you are ready. Doing this should never feel forced.

4. Leave Your Device Behind More Often
As you transition to yet another new lower nicotine strength, you may want to start gradually leaving your device behind more often. We as vapers tend to keep our devices with us at all times. If you go outside to cut the lawn, you take your device, to check the mail, you bring your device — it seems like our vaping devices have become our safety net. We are not only addicted to nicotine, but we are also addicted to carrying around our devices, using them, holding them, so that in the time of need, they are always there.

5. Lower Your Nicotine Strength More
If possible, lower your nicotine strength even more. The more you lower your nicotine strength and then take time to get used to it, doing this all in stages, the easier it will be to finally stop vaping. Doing this, you are weaning yourself off of nicotine where your body no longer feels as if it needs it.

6. Vape Even Less Than You Have Been
Stick to the new lowered nicotine level for a bit and get comfortable with it. Then, you should try vaping even less than you have been. Sometimes we’re so used to just vaping, that we aren’t even doing it because we’re craving nicotine. It’s just a habit to pick the device up, take a pull, and set it back down only to pick it back up minutes later.

7. Continue Leaving Your Device Behind
You are certainly attached to your device. It has to go everywhere with you still but you will want to continue leaving your device behind as much as you can or feel comfortable with. When you have your device with you, it’s just an open invitation to use it.

8. Start Vaping Nicotine-Free E-Liquid
This is the part where you buy nicotine-free e-liquid. Could you ever imagine yourself vaping without nicotine? As odd as it may sound, it is still comforting to many people. As shared in this guide, we all become attached to vaping and to the devices we use to do it. Going nicotine-free is just the next step in the process, and this is simply how to quit vaping the best way.

9. Take A Day For Yourself Without Vaping
Once you’ve gotten used to nicotine-free vaping, when you are ready, try taking a day for yourself without vaping. Try it once for a day, then another time try it for 2 days. Keep doing this until you are ready to stop vaping entirely.

10. Quit Vaping Entirely
You have finally gotten comfortable with no nicotine, leaving your device behind, not vaping as much, and even not vaping for multiple days at a time. If you are ready to quit vaping, now is the time. There is nothing else holding you to it, you aren’t bound, and the only thing left is simply you letting it go.

There is nothing saying that you have to continue vaping or quit vaping. You make your own choices for you and what makes you happy. If you’ve managed to quit vaping, congratulations. If you are still vaping and need more time, take the time you need. If you’ve found this guide helpful or if it has at least given you an idea of how you want to quit vaping, then we’re glad we could help.