How To Properly Wick Your Coil For Squonking

It’s very important to wick your coil properly, but it’s especially important when you’re squonking. When you’re squonking, your e-liquid enters through the bottom of the RDA. If your coil isn’t properly wicked, that e-liquid might never make it to your coil, resulting in wasted juice and a dry, burnt-tasting hit. Wicking your coil correctly is pretty straightforward, so let’s briefly go over the process.

Vapers practice and strive for the ability to build the perfect coil. It’s a great skill for a vaper to have, but the ability to properly wick a coil is equally important. A poorly-wicked coil will quickly ruin any vape session, even if the coil’s construction is flawless. An excess of wicking material will cause your vapor to taste burnt. On the other hand, a coil that’s been wicked too loosely will result in poor vapor production and hits that feel too warm.

Luckily, wicking your coils is an easy, straight-forward process that can be broken down into just a few easy steps. Let’s take a look at them to see how you can perfectly wick your coils with ease.

How To Wick Your Coils For Squonking
·Step 1: Take a strip of cotton from its packaging.
·Step 2: Cut the cotton so that it’s the correct length. It should be just long enough to go through your coil with each end resting firmly in its well. Just make sure it isn’t so long that it bunches up. Simultaneously, make sure it isn’t too short to reach your e-liquid well. Otherwise, it won’t effectively wick your e-liquid. Remember that, for now, it’s better to have a strip of cotton that’s too long. You can always trim the ends to make it shorter later.
·Step 3: Once you’ve gotten your cotton to the correct length, you should tear your strip of cotton vertically. When you do this, try to pull off a piece that looks thin enough to fit snuggly inside your coil. You don’t want it to be too thin, as this will cause your vapor to be too harsh. Cotton that’s wicked too thick will do the same thing. You have to get it just right, and practice is the only way to master this fine detail. After you’ve done it a few times, it’s easy. Soon, you’ll be able to pull the right amount of cotton off on your first try.
·Step 4: Before installing your wick, you’ll want to sterilize your coil by burning off any residue. Following this step will increase your vapor quality early on. Skipping it will cause your first several hits to be unpleasantly harsh. Set your mod to around 80 watts and hold the fire button. Do this until your coils reach a bright glow and then release the fire button immediately. Do this a couple of times to get rid of any residue that could be resting on the surface of your coils.  Don’t fire your coils too long, or they’ll become burnt far too early. If you make the mistake of firing your coils too long, every hit starting with the first will be burnt-tasting, and the coil’s lifespan will have been shortened as a result.
·Step 5: Now, it’s time to install your wick. Twist one end of your cotton strip until it comes to a point, and guide its point through the center of your coil. Once it clears the other side, you can grab the tip and pull it through. If it does so without too much resistance, the thickness of your wick is just right.
·Step 6: Grab your wick on both sides and give it a couple of tugs in either direction to allow it to decompress a little and fill in.
·Step 7: Brush out the excess cotton. This is especially important for squonking. Removing the extra cotton will allow the cotton to wick more effectively. Don’t brush too much out, otherwise, your wick might get too thin.
·Step 8: Now that your wick is partly installed, it’s a good time to give the length of your wicking material a close look. Again, you want your wick to be just long enough for the ends to rest in the e-liquid well. However, you don’t want your wick to be so long that the ends bunch up.
·Step 9: Tuck the ends of your cotton into the e-liquid wells located on either side of the RDA. This step can vary due to all the different RDA designs. Basically, you just want the ends of your wick to rest near the squonk pin where your e-liquid enters the RDA. This way, your vape can properly wick the e-liquid to your coils.
·Step 10: Prime your coils. Use your preferred e-liquid to soak your new coil and its wicking material. Be sure to thoroughly soak your wicking material.
·Step 11: It’s recommended that you let your newly-wicked coils sit for ten minutes to half an hour before using them in order to let the e-liquid soak all the way in.

What Are The Best Coils For Squonking?
If there’s a coil type that you like to use, that kind of coil should be fine to use with a squonk RDA. Like all RDAs, squonk RDAs do best with coils that utilize a large surface area. A large surface area maximizes the amount of contact between your wick and your coils. In this case, more contact means better vapor production.

With this pre-requisite in mind, I have a couple of coil recommendations for you. Some RDA users prefer to save cash by building their own coils, while others prefer to save time by buying pre-built coils. Sometimes, pre-built coils have extremely complex designs that the average DIY coil-builder would have trouble replicating.

Sadly, this means that some of the best coil designs are less accessible to those that prefer to build their own coils. However, RDA users that prefer to build their own coils are still left with some great options. Whether you prefer convenient, pre-built coils or spools of wire that leave the building up to the vaper, I have a recommendation for you.

Alien Coils offer the best vapor production of any pre-built vape coils. They do this by utilizing a flattened wire and a signature surface texture. Both of these attributes increase your coil’s overall surface area, and the masterful combination of the two makes the Alien Coil a real force to be reckoned with.

The alien coil’s popularity isn’t very surprising. It’s simply the best pre-built coil on the market, and the performance that it offers will be hard to beat.

Clapton Wire will better suit the vapers that prefer to build their own coils. While Alien coils come pre-built, this Clapton wire comes rolled up in a spool, ready to be crafted into the ideal vape coil. Many vape wires come in spools like this, so what makes Clapton wire the best? Well, Clapton wire consists of a central wire and a second wire wrapped tightly around it. Clapton wire has the most surface area of any wire used for coil-building, making it the best vape wire to use in terms of both vapor production and vapor quality. Plus, this design makes

Clapton wire pliable and easy to build with. If you prefer to build your own coils, Clapton wire is easily one of the best wires to use.

What Is The Best Wick Brand For Squonking?
There are a lot of great wick brands out there, but there are a few that vapers trust more than the rest. Stick to tried and true wick brands as they usually offer consistent quality and performance. If you’re new to building coils or just want to try a new wicking material with your next coil build, I have a couple of wick suggestions for you to consider.

Cotton Bacon is one of the most-trusted wick brands in the world of vaping. More RDA users trust Cotton Bacon than any other wick brand on the market, and there’s a good reason for this. It’s simply a high-quality wicking material that couldn’t be easier to use. Cotton Bacon is purified in a state of the art facility to make it totally flavorless. This way, your wicking material won’t hold your e-liquid’s flavor back. Cotton Bacon even comes in convenient strips that make wicking as easy as possible. It’s probably the most-used wicking material out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option.

Native Wick’s Platinum Blend offers the same consistent quality that Cotton Bacon is loved for. It just doesn’t have the same level of name recognition.

However, this wick brand is becoming more and more popular, so it could rival Cotton Bacon as a household name sooner than you might think. Like Cotton Bacon, Native Wick uses a state of the art facility to purify and test its cotton, so it’ll effortlessly wick your e-liquid without impacting the quality of its flavor. The Platinum Blend is a fan favorite that uses an advanced blend of various cotton fibers. This is a blend that you just can’t go wrong with.

Properly Wicking Your Coils For Squonking
The wicking process for squonking is very similar to the wicking process that you’d use for any coil. However, when you’re squonking, a few of the wicking steps become especially important. For instance, brushing out the excess wicking material is usually considered an optional step, but it’s a very important step to remember if you’re squonking.

That excess wick can sometimes retain e-liquid instead of wicking it towards the coil. Removing that excess wicking material will naturally increase your wick’s effectiveness. Additionally, it’s vital for your wick to be the correct length. In order for your coil to wick properly, it needs a wick that’s long enough to reach the e-liquid well, where your squonk mod supplies the coil with e-liquid. If your wick is the correct length and properly installed, it should effortlessly absorb the e-liquid rising from the RDA’s base, and it should wick the e-liquid towards your coil without a problem.