How to Optimise Your Vaping Setup for Better Flavour

When you first began vaping, you most likely did so for the same reason as just about every other vaper: You wanted to quit smoking. In the beginning, vaping was all about the nicotine for you; it was about replacing the satisfaction of smoking. Over time, though, it’s extremely common for vapers to reduce the nicotine strength of their e-liquid and to upgrade to higher-performance hardware. Although it was the nicotine that brought you to vaping in the first place, it’s the flavour that has kept you coming back.

The thing about high-performance vaping hardware, though, is that it isn’t always optimised to deliver the best possible flavour. It’s optimised to deliver the biggest possible vapour clouds, and that’s not the same thing.

This article is an introduction to the principles of flavour chasing. Reading it, you’re going to learn about the factors that influence flavour in vaping. You’re also going to learn how to optimise your existing vaping setup to deliver the richest, boldest flavours you’ve ever experienced.

Use Mesh Coils for the Best Possible Flavour
The first thing you need to know about optimising your vaping setup for flavour is that mesh coils are undoubtedly the wave of the future in vaping. Mesh coils offer so many benefits that covering them all would require a separate article. In short, though, thin metal mesh provides the ideal heating surface for vaping because it provides a high amount of surface area with little mass. Mesh coils typically require less power than traditional wound vaping coils. They heat up instantly and produce enormous clouds without popping or spitting. They’re simply better than traditional vape coils in every way, and if your vape tank has a mesh coil available, you should be using it. If your tank doesn’t have a mesh coil available, it’s time for a new tank.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of E-Liquid in Flavour Chasing
It probably goes without saying that e-liquid is of the utmost importance in flavour chasing. What you may not have considered, though, is that trying to optimise your vaping setup for flavour will be a lost cause if you don’t already love the flavour of the e-liquid you’re using. You should love your e-liquid so much that you want to taste even more of it. If you don’t, then you should be thinking about changing your e-liquid rather than your vaping hardware.

When you’re shopping for the perfect vape juice, the flavour profile of the e-liquid isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are also two additional aspects of an e-liquid’s composition that can have a profound impact on flavour.

·Many e-liquids use sucralose as an added sweetener. Sucralose can greatly enhance an e-liquid with a sweet flavour profile, but the sweetness will also tend to overwhelm and cover the more subtle flavour notes in your vape juice. If you want to experience the most carefully blended and refined flavours that the vaping industry has to offer, you should consider trying an unsweetened e-liquid.

·An e-liquid’s VG/PG ratio can also affect flavour because glycerine has a sweet flavour of its own. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, has almost no flavour. A VG/PG ratio around 50/50 represents the best possible balance of vapour production and flavour quality.

Optimise Your Vaping Setup for Better Flavour
Once you’ve got an e-liquid that you love and a tank with a mesh coil, it’s time to optimise your vaping setup to deliver the best possible flavour. When it comes to flavour chasing, air is your enemy. Most modern vape tanks are optimised for cloud production rather than flavour. Cloud chasing is something that many vapers enjoy. When people see a tank producing enormous clouds on YouTube and elsewhere, it also helps to build hype surrounding that tank – and to create those enormous clouds, a tank needs to have enormous airflow vents.

The problem with allowing so much air to flow through a vape tank is that air has no flavour – the flavour is in the e-liquid. A tank that’s optimised for maximum cloud production, therefore, isn’t delivering the best flavour it can because the air that promotes the formation of those huge clouds also dilutes the flavour.

With that in mind, you should close your tank’s airflow collar slightly to increase the intensity of the flavour. Note that reducing the tank’s airflow will also cause the coil to operate at a higher temperature, so you’ll need to reduce your device’s wattage as well to keep the heat under control. Once you’ve found the ideal balance of warmth and airflow for your needs, you’ll find yourself enjoying some of the most vivid flavours you’ve ever experienced as a vaper.

Consider Replacing Your Tank’s Drip Tip
Have you ever considered the effect that your tank’s drip tip has on your perception of flavour? Most modern vape tanks include very wide drip tips because that’s what facilitates wide-open airflow and huge vapour production. Using a wide drip tip allows so much air through your tank, though, that much of the vapour passes through your mouth before you can really taste it. Consider using a narrow drip tip instead. A narrow drip tip slows the flow of vapour slightly, giving you an opportunity to taste a bit more of it before it passes through to the throat and lungs.

Keep Your Palate Clean and Moist for the Best Flavour When Vaping
When you optimise your vaping setup for better flavour, you should never forget that the flavour production of your vaping hardware can only be as good as your ability to taste that flavour. It’s important, then, to keep your palate in tip-top shape for vaping. If you suddenly find the subtle nuances of your e-liquid difficult to taste, it could simply be that your palate is experiencing a sensation of overload. Try using a palate cleanser like lemon wedges or plain black tea from time to time. Most importantly, you should always remain hydrated when vaping. Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are the two most plentiful ingredients in e-liquid, and both of those ingredients absorb and retain moisture. It’s wise to always drink extra water when vaping.