How to mix vape juice?

Vapers spend a lot of bucks on buying the best vaping kit and accessories. The expenses are not limited to just vaping kit, they spend huge money on e-liquids in the long run. On top, the quality of vape juice is not guaranteed with the low-cost e-liquids.

Likewise, even the best low budget e-liquids don’t offer enough choice of flavors to choose among. Having said that, mixing your own vape juice can save you a lot of money while you get to enjoy the high-quality e-liquids.
Preparing a vape juice is very easy given the list of ingredients in it. Let me brief on how to mix vape juice.

Custom Blend
You could have seen top brands offering you custom blends. Seller websites let you choose the flavors, VG level, and nicotine level. You can mix a few different flavors to create a custom blend. However, you may not be able to taste it or test it before you receive it to your mailing address.

Not only that, custom blends from seller websites costs way higher than that of doing it yourself. When you do it yourself, you can get high-quality blends that can deliver intense pleasure in terms of taste and cloud production.

To mix your custom e-juice, you need to purchase the ingredients separately. Also, you should purchase all the ingredients from the same manufacturer to ensure the best results.

All you need is some unflavored vape juice and flavors. You can choose to add nicotine to the unflavored vape juice as per your needs. Mtbakervapor offers you a handful of flavor shots and high-quality unflavored vape juice. 

How to mix your own vape juice?
Get ready with the below-mentioned things to mix your own vape juice.

·Empty Bottles
·Wet Wipes
·Unflavored vape juice from Mt Baker Vapor
·Flavor shots from Mt Baker Vapor
·Stirring sticks

Preparation method

·Wash the containers and syringes before adding the ingredients to mix
·Let the containers dry up for awhile
·List Add 10ml of unflavored vape juice into the empty bottle using the syringe
·Measure 1.8ml of your favorite flavor shot and add it to the 10ml unflavored vape juice
·Stir it well before use
·Clean any spills using the wet wipes before the stain dries up

Mix Ratio
Add 1.8ml of flavor shot to every 10ml of unflavored vape juice. You can buy multiple flavor shots to prepare multiple e-liquids of your choice. However, don’t forget to add nicotine(if you need) while you purchase the unflavored vape juice. It is always better not to handle nicotine separately. If you never smoked or used nicotine, it is better to avoid adding nicotine in your e-liquids.

Just imagine, a sub-ohm tank user would spend about 10ml of vape juice with intermittent vaping sessions. A chain vaper would need at least 20 to 30ml of e-juice per day. When you know how to mix vape juice, you will stop spending on expensive custom blends.

Buy some unflavored vape juice and your favorite flavor shots. All it takes is just a few minutes to mix, and you can enjoy the best flavors and thick clouds at your convenience.