For most modern vapers, it's easy to get into a flavor rut. It doesn't take long to discover a mix that tastes good and makes you happy to vape. But after a few weeks or months of the same flavor (or three), you develop something known as 'vaper's tongue'. This is a combination of dry mouth and malaise with the flavor you've been continuously vaping. Even vapers who change up their flavors can fall into a rut vaping from the same few bottles on the commute, during lunch break, or on the porch after work because those are what's available.

But really, the best way to enjoy vape is to savor each puff and maintain your ability to appreciate the depth and complexity of each flavor. And we're not just saying that as e-liquid artisans. Vaping is a hobby of the senses. You smell as much as taste it. It's best enjoyed when you're inhaling deeply which promotes healthy breathing and clears the sinuses. And the flavors are there to be appreciated. You can get an exquisite and relaxing (or energizing!) experience out of each puff, so why not?

Today, we're here to share a few ways on how to get the greatest possible enjoyment from each flavor and puff you vape.

First and foremost, don't vape one flavor exclusively. That's the fastest way to beckon vaper's tongue and a lowered appreciation for the flavor. Instead, have about 2 to 5 different flavors that you alternate between during the day, or between days if you can't switch out tanks easily on the job. This will ensure that your tongue and sinuses are always tasting something new and don't become bored with the same flavor for too long. There are many ways to change up your vape in a daily routine that we'll talk about later.

Vaping the same flavor or collection for too long will cause you to grow tired of it all. Part of maintaining your enjoyment is changing your flavors up on a fairly regular basis. The best way to do this is to indulge in a little vape discovery. Keep your eyes open for new flavors you might want to try and don't be afraid to order a small bottle of anything that looks tempting. You never know which flavor blend will become your new all-time favorite. 

You can also broaden your horizons by sharing vape with friends. Try out your vaping friends' favorite vape flavors (watch out for nicotine content) and lend your bottles around to see if someone discovers their new favorite from you.

Another common challenge for vapers is remembering to change out your flavors in your tank. Or, if you have multiple tanks, remembering to switch those out. It's all too easy to keep vaping the same tank and refilling the same flavor over and over again. But this is also the fastest way to 'vaper's tongue' and starting to miss all the delicious notes and subtle hints of your every-day flavor.

One great way to shake this up is to vape a different flavor based on the time of day. For example, you might try a bright fruity or minty flavor in the morning to help you wake up. A favorite dessert flavor on your lunch break to round out your sandwich and chips. Or a vape that reminds you of warm hot cocoa to send yourself to sleep in the evening. If you make switching out tanks part of your routine, it will be easy to do.

If you're a food aficionado or a kitchen witch, you can make vape variety a part of your artisan meal planning. Whether you cook or just know how to appreciate food, that same awareness of your palate can help you enjoy your vape. In fact, vape pairs amazingly with meals, snacks, and gourmet desserts. 

You might enjoy a rich coffee-flavored vape with your coffee cake at the end of the day, or a light fruity vape paired with a meal of fish and roast vegetables. Or perhaps use a puff of minty menthol vape to clear your palate between the courses of an exquisitely prepared meal. You may even find that your finely tuned palate is perfect for determining exactly the right e-liquid to bring the best flavor out of both your clouds and your meal. Flavor pairing is an art form and is not limited just to wine and other drinks. Vape flavor pairing is a wonderful way for chefs and foodies to get the most possible enjoyment from both meals and clouds.

You can also enjoy your vape the same way you enjoy your favorite holiday treats, as seasonal flavors that you can't burn out on by the time the season is over. Every season has its own unique collection of flavors and treats that we usually only enjoy around that time of year. The pumpkin spice and warm cider of fall, the candy canes and gingerbread of winter, the easter egg themed special treats of spring and the fresh fruit tarts and cupcake platters of summer. The pie your grandmother only makes for Thanksgiving, your favorite flavor of birthday cake that you enjoy every year on that special day.

You can celebrate your favorite seasons and holiday treats with vape flavors as well! When winter rolls around, switch to warm wintery favorite flavors. And when the weather warms up, change up your treat-flavor to something warm and sunny. Seasonal flavors are a great way to make sure your collection stays lively and you get the full enjoyment from those favorites every year when the right season or holiday rolls around.

Finally, there is the single best way to introduce yourself to new flavors no matter what time of day or time of year it may be: Swap with friends. In a single group of friends who vape, there are going to be more than two dozen different flavor bottles in active use. Some with nicotine, some without. Some minty, some chocolatey, some fruity, and some flavors you've never heard of but really want to try.

Want to find out what flavors all your friends are vaping (and try them)? Throw a potluck vape party! Invite all your friends over to bring their vapes and a bottle each of their favorite flavors. This gives everyone an opportunity to swap flavors, try each other's flavors, and ultimately help each other discover new favorite flavors without scouring the internet first.

Getting the most possible enjoyment from your e-liquid isn't just a matter of staying hydrated and switching between flavors during the day. You also need to keep up your flavor discovery and change out what you vape throughout the year! The more variety you vape, the more you will be able to appreciate the subtle undertones and light overtones of flavor woven into each mix. We know you'll have daily favorites. Just remember to keep your list of favorites lively so your tongue can appreciate the truly great flavor experience it is really getting.