How To Make Your Vape Juice More Flavourful

The flavorful e-liquid is probably one of the main reasons vaping has become more attractive, especially for those who switch from smoking cigarettes. Some ex-smokers still like throat hits, while others have fun making huge vapor clouds. But definitely, the flavor is the pleasure that both vapers groups are seeking.

When you search online or visit stores for vaping products, you will notice that most available vape devices guarantee full flavor satisfaction. And probably it is the case with all respectful brands as long as you use the device properly. But then you ask yourself what you should do and take care of to get the maximum e-juice flavor.

Understanding how to make your vape juice more flavourful can be overwhelming and even looks like you have to learn for the exam. But don’t worry, below you will find recommendations and tips you need. Some of them are so obvious, while the new ones will help you get the maximum of your kit and e-juice and give you satisfaction to the fullest.

Flavourful Tip 1 – Choose your E-juice Carefully
Several e-juices characteristics will impact your flavor experience, so look deeper at what is essential for the flavor.

Nicotine has its taste, and a higher nicotine level will affect the final flavor you get. If you want more flavor from your e-juice, reduce the nicotine level to come to the desired sweet spot that is unique for each e-juice.

VG is the e-juice ingredient that gives additional sweetness. Basically, if you use e-juice with less than % of VG from a standard PG: VG ratio of 50:50, you will get more of the flavor. Yet, be careful; a higher level of PG (70% or more) can result in a harsher throat hill. 

Store your e-juices in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent ingredients from degradation. Check expiry date occasionally, and shake a few seconds before use.

Flavourful Tip 2 – Select the Right Equipment for Better Flavor
Various vape models on the market are made of different materials that provide vapers with the desired experience. Science and technology are behind the improved performance of the latest brands, made by producers devoted to customer satisfaction and safety.
Although it is not that easy to give straightforward advice, still you’ll find here some simple tips to maximize the flavor when it comes to the device, so use:

·Bottom-coil atomizer, 
·High-quality cotton, or ceramic wicks,
·A device with a narrower bore drip tip,
·Coil made of non-reactive metal like nickel,
·Tank made of glass instead of plastic to avoid flavor modification.

The next thing you should consider is changing your traditional clearomizer with sub-ohm vape tanks to increase the intensity of the flavor. Or, move to a double-coil setup for more flavor. 

There are endless solutions to boost the flavor, however, be careful not to start jumping from one to another and spend un-essentially a lot of money.

Adjust Wattage, Temperature, and Airflow
Every kit has features and works the best in its range of settings and recommendations. You need to learn how it works and adjust accordingly to get the best of it. 

In addition to GP: VG ratio and its role in flavor, wattage, temperature, and airflow will impact/leverage the final flavor too. Each e-juice has its own, so cold, sweet spot”, and you can hit it only if you play simultaneously with specific juice and all the settings. 

You will have a better flavor when using juices with 50:50 ratios and a lower power device (anything over 20 watts). Higher power is not the best for flavor. With high wattage and e-juice containing >50% VG, you will improve vapor production at the cost of the flavor.

You can maximize your flavor if you reduce airflow; understandably, this will negatively impact if you are a cloud-chaser.

The best solution is to buy a device with variable wattage/voltage and airflow to adjust to juice and your taste. Start from a lower setting to a way up and experiment until you make your vape more flavourful, precisely as you want.

Flavourful Tip 3 – Keep your Kit Clean
It is self-explanatory that your device should always be clean, no doubt about that. But you should know that keeping the whole system clean is a precondition for your e-juice taste the best. Similar to the food, you eat chocolate cake from a different plate than the burger.

Before changing the vape juice, disassemble your kit (at least weekly), rinse the wick, coil, and tank in warm water, and dry sufficiently. Keeping clean regularly will save money from using a new coil after every flavor change. 

Keep the battery connection clean with a dry towel or cotton bud to maximize vapor production. Make sure to let it air dry before you put it back! 

Beware of Vaper’s Tongue
If you vape the same e-juice for prolonged periods, your tongue could be overexposed to the liquid, resulting in a feeling of having a coat on it. This phenomenon is known as vaper’s tongue or vaper’s fatigue. If so, you can struggle to enjoy the current and new flavors. 

You can overcome tongue fatigue if you:

·Drink water,
·Suck lemon,
·Smell fresh coffee beans,
·Reduce drinking coffee and tea;
·Scrape your tongue.

This will recover your palate and make you refreshed for flavors again. If you need to vape more, try to raise the nicotine strength and reduce vaping frequency. Keep in mind that there are some brands that create some flavours that, no matter how much you vape, you won’t experience papers tongue.

In the end, if you are not satisfied, you can always buy a new flavor, or a kit, new tank, or make an upgrade to the one you have. Make sure you apply all the general advice above and practice it before you move on to spending money. Don’t become devastated; instead, enjoy and have fun!