How To Make Vape Juice Last Longer

Vaping is a flourishing business all over the world, attracting not only younger but elderly former smokers or even first-timers as well. The e-cigarettes and vaping industry around the globe is expected to become a whopping 47.11 billion dollars industry by the year 2025. If you are a habitual vaper, chances are you are constantly buying vape juice and adding your part to this huge business! It never hurts anyone to simply save money without compromising on the quality of the experience. Here are a few tips and tricks to make vape juice last longer.

Premium juices save the day!
The first thing is to invest in premium quality juices instead of making repeated buys. The thing about mediocre quality juices is that you need to puff more in order to enjoy the true taste. With low-quality juice, you need to inhale more vapour which ultimately uses more vape juice, and gets consumed in a shorter time.
Also, the premium juices contain only natural ingredients and flavors which translate into an authentic and stronger flavour experience. This would also make you puff less because the taste is strong enough and it lasts longer.
The variety of natural flavours is also unmatched ranging from watermelon to candy, which is not to be missed. So choose premium quality vape juices for more satisfying flavour experience while saving up on money.

Don’t Raise the Money, Raise your Ohms Instead
It is a known fact that sub-ohm vaping is the best option to go for as nothing else gives better flavour and vapour. But all good things come at a price-more juice consumption in this case. The reason is obvious, that more vapour uses more e-liquid. So if you enjoy this form of vaping and are not ready to compromise on this, you can still make your vape juice last longer by mixing up juices or switching up styles. It isn’t much you can do about it because larger fog will require more juice and that is pretty much it.
If you can be flexible, however, raising the ohms will make the juice last longer. But increasing ohms will give thinner and cooler clouds which are not as satisfying as thicker, stronger clouds.
Another trick is to use different “daytime” and a “night time” device. Try to get a higher ohm device (above 1 ohm at least) during the day as you vape multiple times during a day without using up liquid, while using a sub-ohm device for night time for a more satisfying vaping session before sleeping.

Lowering the Wattage
Lowering wattage is another way to make the vape e-liquid last longer. It technically runs on the same principle as raising these ohms for similar reasons. Lower wattage means less heat produced from the coil.  Lesser heat means lower vapour and juice consumption. If you think sub-ohming is better, and are not ready to compromise on that then lowering wattage is what you need to do. This will also help in conserving the life of vape battery all the while lowering the juice consumption as well if a perfect balance is achieved. It is always a good idea to play with the settings a bit and find the perfect balance which suits you. It is obviously not necessary to use these settings at all times. Treat yourself every once in a while too and vape thick, strong, flavourful clouds whenever you want!

Stronger E-liquids FTW
This option is the best if you are adamant on not giving up the experience of dense clouds. Using stronger e-liquid means you will continue to vape less. Stronger e-liquid means higher nicotine levels or higher VG ratios. These juices have a harsh effect on throat particularly if you’re sub-ohming with stronger juices.
So using less juice is again a compromise in one way or the other but it sure will help make the vape juice stay longer without compromising much on the quality of experience.
And then there is always the option of making your own customized mix to match your needs as well as to suit your pocket!

Storing the E-liquids to make them last longer
Another way of making the vape juices last longer is the proper way to store them in order to preserve the taste and quality. Here are a few things to ensure proper storage:
tore in a Cool and Dry Place!
The most basic thing about storing e-liquids is keeping them in a cool and dark place that keeps them away from direct sunlight and also from pets and children!
If you are into mixing your own liquids and possess ingredients for your mixes, it is important to know that base liquid (VG/PG) without any flavour last up to two years, if kept in a cool and dry place. An introduction of flavour, however, reduces the life of the base liquid. typically, this does not really bother the vapers as they do not mix flavour to set aside and it is usually consumed in two weeks or even less. So the chances for it to go bad are quite thin, but storing at a cool and dry place is very important to make the vape liquids last longer.
The Magic of Propylene Glycol
 It can’t be stressed enough that e-liquids should be stored away from heat and light.  The pantry or refrigerators are excellent options for the purpose.
Understanding the composition of the liquid is also important. Most e-liquids have propylene glycol as the major ingredient, and this ingredient makes the liquid last longer. The reason for this is it is a natural bacteria and virus killer. This implies that these liquids with PG will not undergo degradation because of bacteria and viruses and will last longer.  
Knowing your Vegetable Glycerin
The e-liquids are usually either PG or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and both need to be dealt with differently. Vegetable Glycerin is used for thicker clouds and it lasts longer than PG but it is important to store it in a proper way. While PG is degradation resistant naturally, VG is prone to destruction by microorganisms. This too, however, happens only when the liquid is not stored properly. Also, the constant factor-nicotine-can always go bad if exposed to heat and light, so irrespective of PG or VG e-liquids, proper storage is the most important factor in making the e-liquids last longer.
Give your E-juice extra life!
For increasing the life of your e-liquids, putting them in refrigeration is the key. If you do not want to use your e-juices immediately, it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator to increase their life
Also, e-juices usually come in plastic bottles as they are intended for immediate use, it is better to transfer them to glass bottles for long term storage. It is important to note that e-liquids usually come in plastic bottles and most companies use plastic bottles certified for non-leaching properties, converting the liquid to glass bottles can make the liquid last more than 2 years.
Using these simple tips and tricks can make your vape juices last longer and fresh for longer periods of time.  You can also enjoy a pocket-friendly vaping experience that is satisfying by all means!