How to Make the Smok Rigel Have Bigger Clouds?

If you’re going to vape, you should be able to show off a little. Even the simplest Google search will show a wealth of tricks to help you create everything from retro ‘Os’ to iridescent vapour bubbles. But for most advanced vapers, it’s all about simply getting bigger clouds.

How Do You Get Bigger Clouds?
SMOK Rigel users are already well ahead of the curve when it comes to making mighty clouds. High powered and compact, the device uses a modern TFV9 beast tank – a container that combines capacity and efficiency to outperform the competition. Despite being small, the top-filling container is fully leak proof and durable – resisting even the most careless user and giving you peace of mind no matter where you use the device.

But to create the biggest clouds, we have to get a bit more technical.

One of the key factors governing your cloud size is raw heat. As your E-Liquid is passed over the device’s coils, it is heated and forms the flavoured vapour that you inhale. Simply put: the hotter it gets, the bigger the clouds you’re dealing with. This increased heat comes from increased wattage and the SMOK Rigel safely runs up to 230w – guaranteeing that the device’s TFV9 mesh coils can do all the hard, cloud-creating work for you.

Of course, this raw power should never come at the expense of control. The SMOK Rigel’s digital menu gives a full readout of your device stats through a crystal-clear OLED screen, including your battery levels, wattage, and the number of puffs you’ve taken. Even if you decide to run the device at the highest possible capacity, these reports (and a heavy-duty up to 3000mAh battery) will help keep you chasing clouds at peak performance for longer.

How Do You Make Changes?
While the SMOK is manufactured with high-heat and cloud control in mind, there are a few simple options available for users to bring down the biggest clouds. These include-

Changing up your E-Liquid: The type of liquid you choose can not only affect your taste and strength, but the size of your clouds. For this, there’s no substitute for pure E-Liquids that are custom made to produce dense clouds in high volume. Brands like Shisha2Go XEO provide masses of vape with a great taste, while anything from the VSAVI range contains premium quality ingredients for high VG or PG vaping. Alternatively, you can easily order up an E-Liquid taster menu so you can sample a range of different brands for yourself, until you find a cloud that you love.

Looking at your airflow: Managing your airflow is a quick and simple way to increase your cloud size without breaking the bank. If you’re using a SMOK Rigel brand device, the system boasts an adjustable airflow option that lets you add to the volume of your vape cloud without sacrificing taste. Making a simple adjustment to the set’s airflow options can quickly increase the amount of oxygen you inhale with each puff, making full use of your lung capacity and producing bigger clouds, fast.

Managing your breathing technique: When it comes to making the most of your clouds possible, changing your vaping method can quickly pay off. Conventional mouth-to-lung vaping may be familiar to former smokers or new vapers, but direct lung vaping – inhaling the vapour straight into your lungs – produces much bigger clouds. While this can be difficult to pull off, there are a number of tutorials available online to help walk you through it. Though it’s obviously not the best choice when you’re in public places, it’s a definite bonus if cloud chasing is your thing.