How To Know When Your Vape Cartridge Is Empty?

Knowing when a vape cartridge is empty will save you a lot of e-juice over time. Why waste the good stuff when you can use it all? Not a good thought, because as you will learn soon enough this will leave you with a dry hit. So we have to check the cartridge and refill it. Just so you know: There’s a real difference between a THC cartridge and a regular vape pen too!

Former smokers (and current smokers) that vape will tell you that vaping feels far smoother than smoking. This is almost always true, but if you aren’t careful, hitting a vape can be extremely unpleasant. Never hit a vape with an empty cartridge or tank. Hitting an empty vape will result in what is called a “dry hit.” Dry hits are hot, harsh, and awful-tasting. Luckily, they’re also avoidable.

How To Tell When Your Disposable Vape Pen Is Done
Telling whether or not your disposable vape pen is done depends on which e-cigarettes you’re using. Some disposable e-cigs utilize transparent materials that allow you to see the cartridge’s e-liquid capacity. Other disposable vape pens feature a light that activates when you pull from the device.

Often, when your device has run out of e-liquid, this light will either change to a different color, or it’ll stop emitting light completely. Another sign of an empty or dwindling disposable vape pen is a sudden drop in vapor production. This can sometimes be due to a low battery, but if your fully-charged vape pen is producing clouds that are only half their usual size, there’s a good chance that your vape pen’s supply is near the end.

Why Choose a Disposable Vape Pen?
Before answering this, let’s talk about all the reasons not to choose a disposable vape pen. There’s nothing wrong with disposable vape pens, but there are simply more reasons to avoid them than to buy them.

They’re the least cost-effective way to vape. Why? Because you’re purchasing a new unit every time you throw your disposable away. When it comes to cartridge-based e-cigs, you’re only replacing the cartridge when it runs out of e-liquid. When it comes to a mod and tank setup, you’re only replacing the coils and wick. Disposable vape pens aren’t terribly expensive, but over time, you’ll end up spending more on them than you would a box mod.

They’re made to be cheap. It wouldn’t make sense to invest a lot of money into something that you’re just going to throw away. That’s why disposable e-cigs are low-quality devices. If you want a premium vaping experience or at least a mediocre one, disposables aren’t the way to go. In terms of quality, they’re the bottom of the food chain.

They’re very limited. Disposable vape pens only come with one of a few different e-liquid flavors. The disposable e-cig will have around four e-liquid options if you’re lucky, and after you pick the one you want, you’re stuck with it until it’s used up. So what exactly is the advantage to having a disposable e-cig?

They’re convenient. Nothing beats the disposable vape pen’s ease of use, and that’s its biggest advantage. Once the disposable vape pen is outside its packaging, it’s ready to be used, and you use it until it’s dead. Then you throw it away. There’s no charging, no replacing coils, and no refilling e-liquid. It might not be the best vaping experience, but it’s certainly the easiest.

What Is A Cartridge-Based Vape Pen?
A cartridge-based vape pen is a device that vaporizes either THC or e-liquid by means of a cartridge. Usually, the cartridge contains the e-liquid as well as the coil (the heat source that causes vaporization.)

The bottoms of vape cartridges will often have connection points where they attach to the main vape pen. The vape pen is also a battery, and it supplies energy to that same coil so that it can produce vapor. It’s portable like a disposable vape pen, but it’s far more cost-effective, versatile, and practical.

Why Choose A Cartridge-Based Vape Pen?
In terms of cost-effectiveness, build quality, versatility, and performance, cartridge-based vape pens are the middle of the road. They’re not the best option if those factors are your only criteria, but they’re definitely not the worst. However, they bring their own unique advantages.

Cartridge-based pens are more cost-effective and often more powerful than disposable vape pens. However, they’re not as powerful or cost-effective as mod setups.

Cartridge-based vape pens are certainly more versatile than disposable e-cigs. They’re just not as versatile as box mods. On the positive side, you can charge them, and some units even allow you to use your own e-liquid. On the other hand, you’ll almost never see variable wattage or replaceable batteries in a cartridge-based vaporizer.

Cartridge-based vape pens are usually very portable. They’re often more portable than disposable e-cigs. Portability is the cartridge-based vape pen’s biggest strength.

The build quality of the cartridge-based vape pen varies wildly. Some of these devices are extremely cheap while others are built extremely well. Cartridge-based vape pens are almost always of higher build quality than disposable vape pens, and they approach the build quality of box mods on a regular basis.

If you want a well-rounded device with a small form factor, the cartridge-based vape pen was made for you. However, if you want a top performer, the cartridge-based vape pen isn’t it. That’s where you go for a regular tank. My personal recommendation(s) can be found right here on this page.

How To Get The Last Out Of Your THC Cartridge
·Vaping the very last of a cartridge will leave you with an empty cartridge. That last hit isn’t technically a “dry hit,” but it’s certainly similar. It’s harsh and not at all fun.
·If you absolutely have to empty your cartridge, most cartridges can be disassembled. Simply disassemble it and pour the remainder into a bowl.
·If your vape pen’s remaining supply isn’t liquified enough to be easily poured, you can use a hair dryer to liquify it. Simply put your open cartridge in a heat-resistant container,  set your hair dryer to hot, and go over the cartridge several times with the hairdryer. Do this until the contents liquify. This is only one method. Any heat source will do the trick. However, you should practice caution, and you should never use an open flame.
·Now that your cartridge is empty, the contents of your cartridge should be in a container of some kind. At this point, it’s time to repurpose it, and you can do so in any way you prefer.

How To Get The Last Out Of Your Vape Pen Cartridge
E-liquid evaporates at such a low temperature that you’ll never really have to worry about this. If your e-liquid is in a tank or a cartridge, it’s going to be close enough to the heat source to vaporize.

Once your tank or cartridge is truly empty, you might see a few drops left on the side of the glass. That’s it. That amount of e-liquid isn’t even enough to muster up a small cloud. With e-liquid, once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s best to just replace your cartridge or refill your tank.

How To Refill An Empty Vape Pen
·First, you need to locate the tank (or atomizer). It’s typically near the mouthpiece.
·Open the tank. Some vape pens require you to disassemble part of the tank in order to refill it. Others just require you to remove the mouthpiece.
·Carefully use a dripper to fill your tank to the desired capacity.
·Reassemble the tank and/or replace the mouthpiece.

How To Load A Dab Pen
·Find and remove the piece that’s covering the coils. It’s typically the mouthpiece. If it isn’t, it’s located directly under the mouthpiece.
·Once the wax chamber is visible, get your THC concentrate.
·Get a loading tool of some kind. A scraping tool or a packing tool should work just fine.
·Use the tool to break off the amount of wax you want to use.
·Once your wax is separated, press down on it with your loading tool until it sticks. When you lift your loading tool, the concentrate should come with it.
·Most dab pens have either one or two rods wrapped in the coil inside the wax chamber. Ideally, your glob of concentrate should fall right on these coils. You can accomplish this by scraping the concentrate against the wall of the wax chamber, or you can just use your finger to nudge it off.
·If the concentrate is resting on top of the coils, the next step is to set the dab pen to its lowest temperature.
·Depending on your lowest temperature setting, you’ll either pulse the fire button or hold it down. The point is to make the wax melt around the coils without completely vaporizing it.
·Once you’re there, you’re done! You just got your dab pen set up for an optimal hit. If we’d skipped the last several steps and just dropped the concentrate in, the hit would be far more harsh and far less flavorful. This is the best way to load your dab pen.

How To Store E-liquid Cartridges
Another important aspect of cartridges is how to store them properly. We need to avoid leaks, expiration and we want to stop the e-liquid from going bad. These are the rules you need to follow in order to achieve that:

·Store your e-liquid cartridges in a cool place. Heat can degrade the quality of your e-liquid.
·Store your e-liquid cartridges in a dark place. The light doesn’t have an instantaneous noticeable effect on e-liquids, but if you’re putting them away for a while, you’ll want to make sure there’s no light or heat.
·Make sure that every cartridge is properly sealed, as over-exposure to air can degrade the quality of the e-liquid and can even reduce the nicotine content.

How To Store THC Concentrate Cartridges
THC concentrate works a tiny bit different from the regular vape pens. These are the steps you need to follow in order to properly store the THC cartridges in a safe and protected way:

·Store your THC cartridges in a cool place to prevent leaking. 70 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature.
·Store your vape cartridges in the dark. Sunlight can degrade the quality.
·If possible, store the cartridge upright as opposed to on its side. This is just another measure to prevent leaking.

Fixing An Empty Vape Cartridge
Most vape cartridges aren’t intended to be refilled. If you’re tired of buying cartridges, you should consider upgrading.