How to Improve Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is becoming a popular habit for many. What makes vaping popular is that it is somehow “healthier” than smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, vapers can have personalised experience in various ways. Do you want to improve your vaping experience? Here are some tips to help you:

Get Quality E-Juices
One of the things that make vaping enjoyable is that there are a lot of flavours to choose from. However, a low-quality e-juice will not improve the vaping experience. To enjoy a great vaping experience, invest in quality e-juice. Even if the cost is a bit higher, you’ll be able to make the most out of it.  

Always Clean the Coil and Tank 
When you use different flavours, it could cause a strange taste. To avoid this, clean the coil and the tank of your vape device every time you switch flavours. Doing so will remove old flavours that could still be lingering in the device. 

Try Different Flavours
One of the best ways to improve your vaping experience is to immerse yourself in the world of e-juice flavours out there. There’s no shortage of e-juice flavours available today, and it seems like a lot of vaping enthusiasts are regularly concocting new flavours to release in the market. 

Manage Your E-Juice Well
For every vaping session, shake your e-juice a little to ensure that everything’s mixed up before you refill your tank. It can make all the difference in your vaping experience. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid leaving the bottle of your e-juice open. When you leave the e-juice exposed to air, it could compromise its flavour.

Don’t Use Plastic Vape Tanks
Some vapers who want to save money tend to purchase a cheap vape. The cheap ones in the market today often carry a plastic tank, as well the vape starter kits. The thing is, a plastic vape tank may not be solid enough to resist damage caused by acidic flavours. So, if you enjoy menthol or citrus flavours, avoid using plastic vape tanks. 

Change Your Coils
Coils deteriorate over time, and when it does, it can make you experience a burnt taste. Don’t let a damaged coil ruin the vaping experience for you. Change your coils when it starts to look crusty or burnt.

Know Your PG/VG Ratio
VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin and PG stands for Propylene Glycol. These are odourless liquids that are combined with flavour and nicotine to make an e-juice. 

E-juice with high VG content is best for vapers that want to produce thick clouds of smoke. A higher VG is considered safer. 

Always Check the Battery
If you want to enjoy your vaping experience, you need to ensure that the battery life of your vape is in good condition. Vaping for a short period because the device died on you is a surefire way to kill the vibe. Don’t let that happen to you. Always check the battery for e-juice gunk.