How to Have the Best Experience with a Mini Vape

Mini vapes are undoubtedly some of the trendiest and most fashionable vaping devices on the market today. People love the fact that today’s small vaping devices can be as satisfying as tobacco cigarettes, and they particularly enjoy the fact that it’s no longer necessary for a great vaping device to feel like a brick in your pocket when you travel with it. When you buy a mini vape like a Geek Bar, you can always expect to be completely happy with your experience.

Even though today’s small vaping devices are ready to deliver maximum satisfaction out of the box, there are still steps that you can take to help guarantee that your experience will be as good as it can be. In this article, we’re going to discuss those steps in a way that’s simple and completely easy to understand even if you have no previous vaping experience. 

Here’s how to have the best experience with a mini vape.

Understand The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Pre-Filled Vs. Refillable Vapes
Before you buy your first mini vape, it’s important to understand the differences between pre-filled and refillable devices because the type of device you choose will have a profound impact on your vaping experience.

The most obvious difference is that using a refillable device means you’ll buy your e-liquid by the bottle. With pre-filled devices, on the other hand, you’re either buying pre-filled pods or cartridges, or you’re buying entirely new devices – as is the case with disposable vapes – when you run out of vape juice. 

Buying bottled e-liquid means that you have a much wider variety of different flavors available. However, using a refillable device is slightly less convenient because you’re responsible for refilling your own device and for replacing the pod or atomizer coil when the flavor quality begins to decline.

Pre-filled devices are more convenient and easier to use, but they also cost more over time because pre-filled pods and cartridges always cost more than bottled e-liquid for the amount of vape juice you get.

With The Smallest Mini Vapes, Start With The Highest Nicotine Strength Available
Regardless of the type of mini vape you ultimately decide to buy, it’s almost always a good idea to start with the highest available nicotine strength in your region. That’s especially true if you live in Europe or the United Kingdom because the highest available strength in your region is just 20 mg/ml.
The highest nicotine strength in other regions such as the United States and Canada, on the other hand, is usually 50 mg/ml.

Either way, it’s best to start with a high-strength e-liquid because that’s what always works best with the vaping devices that produce the smallest clouds. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you’ll have the highest chance of success with an e-liquid that gets you as close as possible to the nicotine delivery of a tobacco cigarette.

Vary The Flavor And Throat Hit By Experimenting With Different E-Liquids
With any type of mini vape, one of the most important things to remember is that you may not love the flavor of the first e-liquid you try. With hundreds of different vape juice flavors on the market today, though, there’s an enormous level of variety to suit a virtually infinite range of tastes. If you don’t love your first e-liquid, you shouldn’t worry; there’s definitely something out there that will work for you.

We also suggest experimenting with both sweetened and unsweetened e-liquids.  You’ll find that many of the vape juices on the market today use sucralose as a sweetener – and while sweetened e-liquids definitely taste great, they also leave a sticky residue behind that shortens a coil’s life.

Using an unsweetened e-liquid, on the other hand, will help your coils last longer. Unsweetened vape juice also tends to produce a stronger throat hit, which you may find helpful when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Always Inhale Gently When Using A Mini Vape
Small vaping devices are always designed to have tight airflow characteristics. Tight airflow helps a vaping device mimic the sensation of smoking, which is obviously important for those who are trying to wean themselves off of cigarettes.

The drawback of having a vaping device with tight airflow, though, is that you might be tempted to puff more firmly when you want to get a bigger vapor cloud. That’s what you do with a cigarette – you puff harder when you want to get more smoke.

That, however, doesn’t work with a mini vape because the vapor production doesn’t depend on the strength of your puffs; it depends on the design and power output of the hardware. If you puff on a mini vape with the same air pressure that you’d use when smoking a cigarette, you’ll get e-liquid in your mouth.

If you’re unhappy with the vapor production of your mini vape, try vaping with very slow, deep puffs to get bigger clouds. If you’re still unhappy with your device’s cloud production, you should consider upgrading to a larger and more powerful device.

Keep Your Battery Topped Up For The Best Vapor Production
In addition to their modest vapor production compared to larger devices, another defining characteristic of mini vapes is that they often have smaller batteries.

Most small vaping devices deliver power on a direct-voltage basis, which means that the battery always outputs its full available power to the atomizer coil. When a vaping device uses direct-voltage output, it produces the biggest possible vapor clouds when the battery is fully charged. 

With most mini vapes, you’ll notice that the vapor production decreases as the battery’s charge is depleted. When the battery is approximately half depleted, the vapor production will drop markedly. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to keep your battery topped up if you want to experience the best possible vapor production every time you use your mini vape. It might even be a good idea to buy two vaping devices. That way, you can keep one device on the charger while using the other.