How to Get Used to a New Drip Tip When Vaping

When you’re switching either your atomizer or your drip tip specifically, there is a bit of an adjustment period. You may notice that when you pull a cloud of vapor into your mouth, something just feels, well, different.

What are the Different Kinds of Drip Tips?
First, let’s cover the ways in which drip tips can differ from one another, since each variation can alter how you experience your vapes.

Shape and Size
There are different drip tip sizes. With drip tips that are compatible with sub-ohm tanks, there are two standard sizes: 510 and 810. 510 drip tips are long and skinny, and are more associated with MTL vaping, as this shape and design offers stronger flavor that’s easier to suck into the mouth before breathing it into the lungs. 810 drip tips, known as wide bore drip tips, are far more common, since sub-ohm tanks are usually compatible with higher wattage levels at which the vaper operates their device. This higher wattage range is conducive to direct-lung (DL) vaping, in which the vapor is sucked straight into the lungs. The wider, shorter style of an 810 drip tip helps facilitate this process and offer fluffier clouds.

Secondly, drip tips vary in material. The most common drip tip materials are metal (titanium or Stainless steel), resin and acrylic, all of which can handle the constant flow of warm vapor easily. There are also wooden drip tips, ceramic drip tips and other materials that are not as popular.

Pod Drip Tips vs Tank Drip Tips
Drip tips refer more to the removable, replaceable mouthpieces used with sub-ohm vape tanks. Pods that are sold with pod mod systems have mouthpieces also, and while they’re not technically drip tips, you may find yourself confused as some people do refer to them as such. The mouthpieces that come with pods tend to be tapered, to better condense the vapor being drawn out of such a low-wattage device.

However, some of the newer pod systems use more traditional tank styles that do come with drip tips – essentially the same drip tips that you’d find with any sub-ohm tank. But, because the mods operate at lower wattage levels, a 510 drip tip is more likely to be found on a pod tank, since pod systems are typically meant for MTL vaping rather than DL vaping.

Adjusting to a New Drip Tip: What to Know
When the time does come to move onto a new drip tip, it’s important to keep a few things in mind during the adjustment process.

#1: Your Pulls May Need Adjusting
The drip tip affects your pulls more than you may realize. Take 510 and 810 drip tips, which can alter the thickness and abundance of vapor that you inhale. Switching from one to the other means that how hard you pull may need to change, as the amount and density of vapor you’re taking in will be different.

#2: The Material May Feel Different
If you’re switching to a new drip tip material, you may need to get used to the sensation of the new material against your lips. For instance, if you’ve been using a metal drip tip, it may feel warm as you press your lips against it. Switching to acrylic would mean a cooler-feeling sensation.

#3: Flavor and Vapor Temperature May Be New
The drip tip can even affect both the flavor of your e-liquid and the warmth of the vapor. Wide bore drip tips tend to produce warmer vapor, but slightly less impactful flavor than 510 drip tips.

Is it Time for You to Grab a New Drip Tip?
As you can see, the drip tip that you end up purchasing can alter your vaping experience quite a bit. But, the changes shouldn’t be so drastic that your ability to enjoy your vapes is sabotaged. It just takes some adjustment, so allow yourself a little bit of time to get used to the new drip tip in your possession before deciding whether or not it’s right for your vaping needs.