How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Cigarette Batteries

There are certain battery-preserving measures you can take in order to keep your e-cigarette device running to the very best of its ability and to the full extent of its lifespan.
Read on to learn about the simple yet effective steps to healthier, safer and overall longer-lasting batteries.

Do Not Overcharge The Battery
Many vapers share the common misunderstanding that leaving your battery to charge for hours and hours will allow you to use your device for longer. In fact, overcharging in this manner can be detrimental to the performance and longevity of the battery, so in order to avoid this you should only charge your device until the light on the charging unit indicates that full charge has been reached. When you notice this indication, your battery has reached its maximum voltage charge and does not require further charging.

Avoid Letting Your Batteries Discharge Completely

We recommend that you avoid letting your batteries discharge (drain) completely. However, if this does happen then we advise recharging them as quickly as possible.
When batteries are left fully discharged for extended periods of time their longevity (and sometimes safety) can be compromised.

Regularly Check Your Battery For Damage
Regularly checking your batteries for any signs of damage, age or wear and tear is an important habit to practise for maintaining battery safety. If you notice any imperfections on your battery, we recommend discontinuing use and replacing it as soon as possible.
However, correct storage and care should reduce the chances of damage and lengthen the overall lifespan of your battery.

Turn Your E-Cigarette Device Off After Each Use
Unless your e-cigarette is turned off fully, a certain amount of power will be continuously drained from the battery - even when you are not actively using your e-cigarette. With time, this depletes the battery and reduces its overall lifespan, so make sure that whenever you’re not vaping you power off your e-cigarette device in order to get the best performance from your batteries.

Use Your E-Cigarette Device Regularly
If you do not use your e-cigarette device regularly, your batteries will quickly lose power from under-use in much the same way as any other electrical product. To avoid this, it is important to use your e-cigarette regularly in order to keep it functioning to the best of its ability – even if its only for a short period of time each day.