How to Get the Best Throat Hit From Your Vape

While many vapers especially enjoy taking hits full of flavour to produce highly satisfying puffy white clouds of vapour, even more strive to find the best e-liquids to produce a great throat hit. 

What exactly is a throat hit? Let us explain. A throat hit is the ideal sensation that you can feel when the vapour hits the back of your throat during inhalation. These throat hits are also something that many former smokers crave since it compares to the same feeling you get when smoking a cigarette. When vaping, the throat hit can provide a more satisfying experience overall. 

Several things can affect the power of your throat hit, which can sometimes be elusive to some users. With the knowledge on how to create that sensation and a reliable vape shop, you can enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest based on your preferred setup. 

Here are some of the factors to consider so you can achieve a throat hit for a quality vaping experience every single time:

The Type of Nicotine
There are two different types of nicotine that you can use in your vape: salt-based nicotine and freebase. The latter is chemically modified and usually vaped in low concentrations because it’s too harsh when used at higher levels.

This makes it less likely for you to achieve that wanted throat hit. 
Getting a great throat hit is much easier with salt-based nicotine, which comes straight from the tobacco plant. When used together with benzoic acid, you can enjoy e-juices at higher concentrations, giving you a better throat hit—without the irritation! 

E-Juice Flavour and Menthol
Flavour is another thing that can help you get a stronger throat hit. Try to veer away from layered, bolder, and deeper flavours containing more extracts to produce a stronger taste as these can get in the way of other ingredients in your e-juice that promote stronger hits.

One easy way to achieve a better throat hit is to choose flavours with menthol. While not a flavour itself, this cooling compound can create a more intense sensation, especially at the back of your throat. 

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol Ratio
Taking note of the VG and PG amounts in your e-juice will help you choose one that can produce a stronger throat hit during vaping. Higher VG content will typically produce weaker throat hits while PG, a liquid-like substance that’s heated, feels like something is hitting the back of your throat. 

Your Vape Device
Different devices can affect the strength of your throat hit since some will vaporise e-liquid at higher strengths than others. Pod mods and high-power box mods will likely produce strong throat hits while low-wattage e-cigarettes like Juuls and their corresponding Juul pods are less likely to cause a throat hit since they just aren’t powerful enough to. 

Vape Coils
There are many different types of coils on the market, such as I-joy dm mesh coils, Freemax mesh pro coils, and Cleito 120 mesh coils to name a few. Depending on the coil your device has, your vaping experience may vary widely in terms of heating time, cloud production, and how well the vapour will hit the back of your throat. 

Achieving the desired throat hit to make your vaping experience the best can be done in several ways. By knowing how your device, its parts, and the nicotine e-juices you choose can affect different aspects of vaping, you can tinker around with a combination of these factors to produce that throat hit. Part of the fun of vaping is experimenting with different e-juices and vaping devices to find the sweet spot for your vaping experience!