How to Get More Flavorful Draws Using Your SMOK Nord Starter Kit

If you’re using the SMOK Nord Starter Kit, you’re probably still marveling at its incredible features, stellar design and superb reliability.  This is one of the top-selling pod systems of all time, which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’re already a user.
Even though the SMOK Nord is exceptional in just about every way, there are still ways to customize your vapes to ensure that you’re more satisfied when it comes to flavor.  Below, you’ll pick up some tips on how to take your flavor to the next level while using your SMOK Nord.

#1: Stay on Top of Your Battery
First, you must know that when it comes to pod mods, your battery’s life has a lot to do with the flavor that you get.  Once your battery begins to get into the yellow, your flavor just isn’t going to be as strong.  That’s why staying on top of the life of your battery has a lot to do with whether or not you get a full flavor when you vape.  Always bring a spare charger with you when you leave your home.

#2: Know When to Switch Out Your Cartridge Coil
The SMOK Nord coils last for quite a while, but they still need to be replaced fairly regularly.  This means that you have to know when it’s time to switch out that coil.  Your flavor will begin to become less complex and more muddied when the coil is on its way out, so this is a good sign that it’s time to change it.

#3: Don’t Let Your Cartridge Get Too Low
Because of the location and design of the coil, you have to make sure that your cartridge is always at least half filled with vape juice.  Otherwise, not enough e-liquid will get absorbed into the wick of the coil, which means weaker flavor.

#4: Clean Your Cartridge Between Refilling Sessions
Lastly, if you can, give your cartridge a quick rinse between refills.  This will get rid of any residue that can negatively alter the taste of your vape juice.

Keep Experiencing that Amazing Vape Flavor!
The SMOK Nord Starter Kit is a truly amazing pod system that can give you unparalleled satisfaction.  However, there’s always room for improvement and customization.  Follow this guide if you want to enjoy more flavorful draws while using this kit.