How To Get More Flavorful Draws Using Your Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Kit

Anyone who owns the Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Kit is aware that it’s a truly stellar vaping system that takes the concept of pod-vaping to a whole new level.  This powerful, dynamic and advanced pod system satisfies those salt nic needs like few other devices out there.
However, when it comes to vaping, there are certain responsibilities that fall on the user when it comes to experiencing as much satisfaction as possible.  If flavor is what you chase, these tips are for you.

Tip #1: Always Prime Your Coils
With the coils that are built into each pod cartridge, priming is key for a smooth and tasty flavor.  When you fill your pod cartridge, you have to let it sit for about five minutes.  This gives the e-liquid enough time to completely saturate the wick of the coil.  Therefore, each hit will give you a bolder flavor.  If you forego this step, you might end up with dry hits and a weak taste.

Tip #2: Keep That Mouthpiece Clean
The mouthpiece that comes with the Gusto Mini requires regular cleaning if you want your flavor to remain delicious.  That mouthpiece can get clogged due to trace amounts of juice that escape through the holes.  This can eventually coat your mouthpiece in a layer of gunk that negatively affects your flavor experience.  Clean the mouthpiece once every couple of weeks with a cotton swab to keep it nice and debris-free.

Tip #3: Know When It’s Time to Charge That Battery
With pod mod batteries, once that LED light is in the yellow, you’re going to get a weaker flavor.  Always stay on top of keeping your battery charged to its fullest if you want to keep tasting that sweet salt nic e-liquid.

Tip #4: Stay on Top of Switching Out Cartridges
Remember that most pod cartridges are good for a couple of refills.  After that, it’s time to replace them.  Doing so will ensure that your salt-based e-juice always tastes fresh and flavorful.

Keep These Tips Handy
The Aspire Gusto Mini Pod Kit is a dreamy pod system for vapers who crave power, versatility and consistency.  By following these tips, you’ll be able to savor the best flavor possible.  In no time, each and every puff will be deliciously satisfying.