How to Get Big and Dense Vape Clouds

Cloud chasing: What is it?
Yeah, I know that some vapers only care about nicotine but, let’s be honest, many vapers are interested in big and dense clouds production as well! Big and dense vape clouds is a popular topic in the vaping community.

Cloud chasing is simply the act of producing big and dense vaping clouds. For that, cloud chasers are interested in finding new ways to blow the biggest clouds with a vaping device. In addition, cloud chasing is fun and challenging!

Some vapers will recommend RDA atomizers for big cloud production. However, if you’re not interested in messing around with an RDA atomizer, sub-ohm vaping devices are the best option for you.

There are a few important factors to cover to get bigger and dense clouds. So, stay tuned and let’s dive in! And welcome to the cloud chasing world!

Pick the Write Atomizer and Coils
If you want to produce big vape clouds, then you should go for RDA atomizers. At least, this is what you will hear from many vapers.

However, not all vapers want to tamper with coils… And let’s be honest, it could be a bit messy and time-consuming.

If that’s your case, don’t worry, as there are options for you in the market.

Sub-Ohm Atomizers
If you don’t want to install your own coils and wicking materials, sub-ohm tanks are your choice for big and dense vaping clouds.

A low sub-ohm resistance is necessary to blow big and dense vaping clouds. For example, you can choose devices such as the Aspire Vrod Kit that can fire up to 200 W.

Aspire Vrod Kit

The Vrod Kit is a powerful mod capable of firing up to 200 W. It’s an excellent device for cloud and flavor chasers. The Vrod mode has output wattage and voltage modes as well as bypass mode. In addition, you can select TC and TCR mode and CPS (C1, C2 and C3).

Moreover, the Vrod Kit allows you to adjust its temperature range from 100 to 315º C (200-600º F). Furthermore, the Vrod Kit supports a resistance range of 0.1 to 3.5 Ω and it has a continuous firing time of 10 s.

A kit like th Vrod Kit is perfect for cloud chasers. Just choose the write e-liquid with a higher VG:PG ratio and then you are ready to chunk big clouds!

What’s Sub-Ohm?

The Aspire Deco Kit is also an excellent choice for cloud chasing.

When the resistance of the coil that your atomizer uses is under 1 Ohm (Ω) then we call it sub-ohm. For example, the Deco kit is equipped with a 0.3 Ω Mesh coil preinstalled and an extra 0.18 Ω Mesh coil.

What does it mean?
Generally, the lower the resistance of your coil, the more power you’re able to pump through it. In conclusion, the result of having sub-ohm atomizers are bigger and dense vaping cloud.

Aspire, by the way, was a pioneer in the development of sub-ohm coils when we introduced to the market the Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank (0.5 Ω).

A classic Aspire Nautilus sub-ohm tank

In addition, sub-ohm tanks normally require vape mods with a wattage range from 40 to 100 W. However, some vape mods can reach 200 W or even more! A good example of a super powerful mod is the Aspire Dynamo kit.

To sum up, the combination of low resistant coils and a powerful battery are both essential elements for big vapor production.

Adjust the airflow!
You need to find the balance to get the perfect airflow for blowing big clouds. For instance, a small airflow will overheat your vaping device.

In addition, you should try to keep a low temperature in the coil. Otherwise, you risk burning the wicking material due to excessive power or poor airflow.

Furthermore, more airflow is necessary for more vapor production. In other words, mostly all sub-ohm vaping devices come with adjustable airflow and you should keep it wide open for massive cloud production.

Best e-juices for big clouds
The best e-liquids for cloud chasers have a higher VG ratio. For tons of vapor production, you better go for a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. In other words, vegetable glycerin, which is a sweet and thick liquid, enhances the production of big vaping clouds. Therefore, cloud chasers prefer e-liquids with a high VG ratio that will allow them to produce bigger clouds.

What about Nicotine?
You can also blow big vaping clouds with nicotine e-liquids. Nevertheless, as I mentioned above, you should find nicotine e-liquids that contains a higher VG ratio. That is to say, the same as in non-nicotine e-liquids.

Inhaling Style
Inhaling and exhaling. If you want to produce massive clouds, then you need to exhale the vapor slowly. To clarify, if you exhale too fast, then the vaping cloud will not achieve the massiveness and grandiosity that you’re looking for!

Great Vaping Device for Bigger & Dense Vaping Clouds
Any sub-ohm vaping device will be able to produce massive vaping clouds. However, remember that the wattage is also important (mods that deliver at least 40W).

Aspire has many great sub-ohm devices, such as the aforementioned Vrod, Deco or Dynamo kits or the Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tanks.

If you’re not into RDA atomizers, you can choose a sub-ohm vaping device with mods of at least 40 W.  Remember, that sub-ohm coils are essential for blowing big clouds as the lower the resistance, the more power you can pump through your atomizer.

Pay attention to how you inhale and exhale as well. In conclusion, for massive cloud production remember to exhale slowly.

Finally, choose an e-juice with a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin as it enhances cloud production.