How to Fix Your Vape Pen Battery in 3 Easy Steps

Some vape pen batteries can suddenly stop working. To understand why, you must first know that Vape pen batteries have what is called a "510 Thread".

What is a 510 Thread?
A 510 thread is the metal contact where the battery connects with the tank. It has a little round metal pin which is where the electricity flows powering the tank.

Why is the battery dead?
There could be several reasons:
1.It could be that your battery is old and has reached the limit of its useful life.
2.Very often, the problem is the connector pin being pushed down too much by over-tightening the tank to the battery. With 510 threaded batteries, it is always wise to screw the tank just enough to allow contact between the coil base and the battery head and avoid over-tightening.
3.You are pushing in the pin too hard when cleaning the 510 thread from the usual drop of liquid that these batteries can collect.

What type of 510 Thread does my battery have?
Some 510 threaded vape batteries have a spring-loaded pin, which is an excellent feature to avoid this problem. Others, don't have a spring-loaded pin, and sometimes if you over tighten it, the small round pin inside the 510 connectors will sink deep down not allowing contact with the 510 thread of your tank or your charger. That being the case, you will think you have a dead battery or a defective charger when in reality, all you need to do (if possible) is fix the internal pin.
If you want to know if your battery has a spring-loaded pin, take a pen or a toothpick and gently try to push down the connector pin. If it moves down and comes back up it has a spring under the pin, if it does not move down, do not force it, it simply does not have a spring under the pin.

Quickly fix your vape pen battery:
No power and no charge? Maybe it is just the pin, and if that is the case, there is a chance you could bring your battery back to life.
What you must do is very simple but must be done very gently.

Step 1
- With a toothpick or preferably a pair of thin tweezers, or something of similar shape and gently pull up the center pin of the battery a little bit (and I mean just a little bit). Introduce the toothpick between the pin and the thread wall and slightly pull the pin on different sides of it. What you are looking for might be to pull it out, no more or even less than 1mm, just a tad.
Step 2
- Do this on one side of the pin gently and go around the pin repeating the little pull on the other side until you lift that internal contact just a little bit. Connect your battery and see if it works.
Step 3
- If the still has no power or does not charge, try raising the pin a little more. Be careful not to pull too much or the pin could detach entirely from the battery (in which case you would ruin the battery).

Often, this simple operation brings your vape pen battery back to life. So before disposing of your battery, you might want to give it a try, make sure you do it gently.
Afterward, be careful not to overtighten the tank into the battery. Sometimes the thread of the tank is too long, and if you tighten it all the way in, it will push the pin back inside to the point of it losing the contact. So try to screw the tank just enough to make contact and power up instead of screwing the thread all the way, until it stops.
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