How To Fix SMOK RPM Series No Atomizer Warning

The SMOK RPM series of devices have been awesome. The brand we all have come to know and love has yet again created one of the best products on the market, and continue to do so with each release in this wonderful series of pod-based vaping devices. However, like any electronic device, sometimes there are issues and the SMOK RPM series just happens to be known for connection problems. With that said, if you are experiencing the ‘no atomizer’ warning or ‘pod detached’ warning, this article will tell you how to fix it.

What The “No Atomizer” Warning Means
Throughout your time of using the SMOK RPM, you may run into a warning that displays on your screen with the words “No Atomizer”. There is a built-in microchip that has been programmed to detect when your coil or pod is attached to the device. If your pod and coil are attached to the device and there is a connection issue, this warning will display. When this happens you will not be able to use the device. For the device to function properly, it must make a solid connection to the coil.

What Causes The Connection Issue?
A connection issue can be caused by a variety of reasons. You could have accidentally dropped your device, one of the two pins inside the connection area can be stuck due to dirt or grime, or you could have a coil that isn’t functioning properly. Often times with the RPM devices, the connection issue is from a combination of dirt and grime being built up around pins, and a simple, accidental drop can lodge the pin into its lowest position. All cases are different and you should inspect the device to figure out your specific cause for the connection issue.

How To Fix The RPM Series No Atomizer Warning
Before throwing out your coil, follow these few steps and put them into action. The connection issue you are having could be a simple fix that won’t cost you anything out of pocket. Remember, anytime you have the “no atomizer” warning or “pod detached” warning, it is likely a connection issue that you will need to diagnose and fix.

Step 1: Start by removing the pod from the device.

Step 2: Clean the connection area (where you place the pod on the device) thoroughly. You can use toilet paper, a paper towel, and a q-tip works well also.

Step 3: Examine the two pins (prongs/nipples) that poke up. The pins are the part that makes the connection to the coil. These pins are spring-loaded, meaning you can press them down and when you un-press them they should pop back up so that they are fully extended. If one or both aren’t fully extended, take your q-tip or something small enough to press them in. Sometimes when you press them in a bit more and let go, they will pop back out and fully extend.

Step 4: Attach the coil and pod to see if the connection issue persists. If it does, try replacing the coil. All of the coils aren’t made perfectly, and the leads can get broken or dislodged from their specific location.

The SMOK RPM (Real Pod Mod) series is a list of awesome devices that perform exceptionally well. If you maintain the device properly, you can have it for a long time to come. It is good to note that mishaps happen with any device, such as drops or things just simply not working as they should. Just diagnose and repair.