How To Fix A Gurgling Vape?

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years, allowing people to enjoy and experience the freedom of smoking without the health risks.

However, sometimes things go wrong and you could find yourself dealing with a gurgling vape – an annoying problem that can ruin your vaping experience.

This article will provide an overview of what causes a vape tank to gurgle, as well as four ways to fix it.

In no time, you’ll be able to get back on track with your vaping journey and start enjoying it once again!

Key Takeaways
·Replace faulty coil
·Adjust wattage setting
·Regularly check e-liquid level
·Remove excess e-liquid from chimney

What Causes a Vape Tank to Gurgle?
Gurgling in vape tanks is commonly caused by excess e-liquid pooling in the air path or chimney, resulting in blocked airflow and bubbling during vaping. This can occur when eliquid blocks the coil from getting enough air, causing it to flood with too much eliquid.

Pooled e-liquid can create a suction effect that causes gurgling, as well as making it difficult for vapor to be pulled through the device. Additionally, improper use of starter kits or using poor quality vape juice may lead to a gurgling vape tank. Therefore, troubleshooting is necessary to determine the specific issue causing the gurgling so that it can be fixed easily.

Transitioning from a traditional mouth draw or wispy mouth draw to a more restricted lung hit might also cause this issue over time if not done carefully.

4 Ways To Fix A Gurgling Vape Tank
Vape tanks often gurgle due to a faulty coil, incorrect wattage setting, low e-liquid level or excess e-liquid. Understanding the factors that cause a gurgling vape tank are essential to finding an adequate solution.

This discussion will analyze four key points: faulty coil, wattage setting, checking e-liquid level and excess e-liquid in order to determine effective ways to fix a gurgling vape tank.

1. Faulty Coil
If the coil is faulty, it can cause flooding and gurgling in the vape tank. To fix this issue, it is recommended to replace the old or faulty coil with a new one.

Additionally, if the coil has already been flooded, then blowing air through it and drying excess e-liquid with a paper towel is recommended.

It is also important to pay attention to other factors such as the coil assembly, heating of the coil, and low resistance coils when replacing or choosing a new one.

Popular mesh coil tanks are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide more surface area for heat transfer and increased vapor production. Subohm coils have become quite popular for those who want bigger clouds but they must be used responsibly as they require higher wattage settings than regular coils.

It is important to make sure that you don’t overprime your coils before using them as this can lead to issues like flooding and decreased life span of your coils.

Taking all these factors into account will allow you find suitable replacement coils that can help restore your vaping experience back to its original state.

With careful consideration for all aspects of selecting an appropriate coil, you should be able to enjoy smooth vaping sessions without any gurgling issues in future.

2. Wattage Setting
The wattage setting of a vape device should be adjusted in accordance with the resistance of the coil to ensure an optimal vaping experience. As the resistance decreases, the wattage increases and vice versa.

If the wattage is set too low, it can result in flooding or gurgling from eliquid being pulled into the mouthpiece due to incorrect pressure.

Vapers must choose devices that are able to adjust their wattage settings depending on their preferred coils and pod sizes. There are also techniques that involve adjusting both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin levels for more specific results when modifying this setting.

It’s important to understand how different vapors respond differently to various combinations of wattage settings depending on their device, coils, and e-liquid level used.

Transitioning into checking e-liquid levels without using ‘step’, vapers should always keep an eye on their tanks to make sure they have enough liquid for a smooth vaping experience.

3. Check E-Liquid Level
Observing the e-liquid level of one’s tank is a crucial step for ensuring an optimal vaping experience with no room for error.

To do this, vapers should take time to check their eliquid levels regularly, and add extra eliquid if necessary.

This can be done by gently tilting the tank, while checking to ensure there is enough eliquid to cover the wicking holes of the atomizer coil.

Overfilling can lead to eliquid pooling or drops which can cause gurgling sounds when heated, so it is best to use a paper towel if extra eliquid needs to be added.

HighPG eliquids are more prone to causing gurgling noises due to their thin consistency, so it is important that vapers pay close attention when vaping these types of eliquids.

4. Excess E-Liquid
Excess e-liquid can result in a build-up of liquid around the atomizer coil, leading to undesired sounds when heated.

This is especially common with eliquids that have high levels of propylene glycol (PG) or low resistance coils.

If too much vape juice is added to the tank, there will be an increase in the gurgling noise as extra air pressure and vacuum pressure are created within it.

In some cases, an improper vaping technique can also cause this issue.

To resolve it, one must remove any excess e-liquid from the tank’s chimney by using a paper towel to absorb pooled e-liquid.

The paper towel should be rolled up and inserted into the mouthpiece until it reaches the top of the atomizer coil.

Doing so will help eliminate gurgling and allow for a better vaping experience with fewer drops of vape juice than what standard vape pens or tanks typically require.

Remove Excess E-Liquid From Tank’s Chimney
Rolling up a paper towel, one can push it through the tank’s mouthpiece and down the chimney to soak up pooled e-liquid and temporarily eliminate gurgling.

Chinese eliquid makers, likeminded vapers, and occasionally vapers should be aware of this easy bit of vape maintenance as a way to prevent lost eliquid when issues arise from thicker eliquid or bad coil.

By using a damp paper towel instead of a dry paper towel, concern vapers can ensure that their modern vaping device will perform correctly even after trying different types of vapes.

In addition to removing excess e-liquid from the chimney, users must also remember to use the correct inhalation technique in order for their tanks to operate at its best.

Upgrade To A Modern Tank
Many vapers have found upgrading to a modern tank with a mesh coil can be beneficial for their vaping experience, as it produces smaller droplets and reduced condensation compared to traditional tanks.

For example, after switching to the Uwell Valyrian II tank, one user reported improved flavor and less spitting from the tank.

Taking care when using subohm devices is key in order to get the best results. Leveling your device with care can help ensure that you don’t overheat or damage your electronic device.

It is also important to remember that this is still an electronic device that requires maintenance and regular cleaning in order to keep it functioning properly over time.

Moreover, using less air pressure when vaping will result in much fuller mouth hits without the sort of noise associated with gurgling tanks. This will also reduce any problems due to liquid being pushed through at too high of a rate.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy all of your favorite flavors while taking shorter breaks between sessions so you can spend more time enjoying your new modern vape device instead of troubleshooting it!

Use Less Air Pressure When You Vape
Reducing air pressure when vaping can result in a more satisfying experience with fewer interruptions.

When using a pod system, taking long, slow puffs instead of short, hard ones will enable the proper uptake of e-liquid by the coil without disrupting airflow. This will help to prevent excess e-liquid from entering the coil and causing gurgling.

Moreover, even though you may not get as much vapor production with this method compared to taking hard puffs, you will still be able to create large clouds that are smooth and enjoyable.

Taking long, slow puffs also helps extend the life of your coils since they won’t be exposed to excessive heat or dry burning.

With less air pressure when vaping, users can enjoy an uninterrupted vape session with improved flavor and bigger clouds.

Clean Vape Pod Between Refills
When refilling a pod system, it is important to clean the pod in order to maximize performance and prevent excess e-liquid from entering the coil.

To do this, first remove the pod from the device and cover the bottom with a paper towel.

Then blow through the mouthpiece of the pod to force any remaining e-liquid out of its intake vents onto the paper towel.

This method helps ensure that no excess liquid enters into the coil, which can cause gurgling issues if left unchecked.

Furthermore, cleaning your vape pods between refills will extend their lifespan and help keep them free of clogs due to built up residue.

As such, cleaning your vape pods regularly should be part of your regular vaping maintenance routine for optimal performance.

Clean Tank Between Refills
Routinely cleaning your tank between refills can help prevent potential issues with performance.

Proper maintenance of a vape pod or tank is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

The first step in maintaining the device is to rinse the tank in the sink using cold water to remove any excess e-liquid from the chimney and air vents.

After rinsing, use a paper towel to dry off the tank completely before reassembling it.

Installing and priming a new coil also helps reduce gurgling issues associated with refilling.

This routine process, along with other tips such as proper filling techniques, helps ensure that users will have an enjoyable vaping experience free from gurgling and other unwanted noises.

Vaping can be an enjoyable experience when done correctly. Unfortunately, it is possible for a vape tank to start gurgling and produce unpleasant flavors. To avoid this, it is important to understand the common causes of gurgling and take the necessary steps to prevent or fix it.

By removing excess e-liquid from the chimney, upgrading to a modern tank, using less air pressure when vaping, cleaning the vape pod between refills, and cleaning the tank between refills, users can reduce or eliminate gurgling altogether.

Taking these simple yet effective precautions can help ensure that each vaping session is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.