How To Find The Perfect Vape

Some vapers want a sweet vaping device that can blow the big clouds, while others want one that will fit covertly in a pocket or purse. The is no single best device for everyone, but there are mods out there that are more popular than others. On top of that, there are several different categories of vape mods, further helping you narrow down the perfect device.
The best way to find the right mod is to first understand how each of the styles work. That will help you choose a subcategory. The most common subcategories are: Box Mods, Tube Mods, and the more recently popular Mini Mods and Pod Mods. Each of these device styles can be considered in the vape mod category.
They all have advantages and disadvantages inherit with their body style and functions. Box mods for example are best for blending power, battery life, and features, yet lack the ultra-portability of a Mini Mod or pod mod. These tiny mods are best for traveling and discreet vaping, but are lacking in power output and battery life.

Things To Consider Before Buying
With all the option available it can be frustrating to find the perfect vaping devices that fulfills all of of the items on your wish list . The three main features vapers are interested in and consider when buying a new device are: power, battery life, and portability.
Below are the details regarding these qualities in regards to the 3 vape device styles that can be regarded as mods: Box Mods, Tube Mods, and Mini Mods.


This is actually probably one of the lowest priorities for many users. Power is important only if you are not satisfied with the vapor clouds and throat-hit of your current device. If you are happy with the amount of power you currently have, why increase it?
Most vapers find that the best power range for a mod is between 40 watts and 80 watts. There are people on both sides of those two fences, but most models are within these ranges for a reason.
If you desire less power, make sure the device you are looking at is adjustable. Just about all the current devices are adjustable so don't worry about buying a mod with more power than you need. You can always turn down the power.
Box Mods- have the most power options. This body style usually holds two 18650 batteries. On top of this, their design also allows for a large LCD screen to provide a user interface (UI). The advantage of having a large UI is that you can make more detailed adjustments to the internal circuitry to customize the power. Most all of these styles can run sub ohm tanks without issues.
Tube Mods- Tube mods are also very powerful as they usually pack two 18650 batteries as well. However the tube shape reduces the LCD screen size and limits the UI to more basic controls.
Mini Vapes- Mini mods are the least powerful in most cases. There are exceptions, but most smaller mods are not going to pump out anything more than 80 watts. They are best for vapers who don't require huge clouds. If you want to use sub ohm tanks on these, make sure you check to see if the device you are looking at is capable of sub ohm vaping.

Battery Life
Think of battery life like a gas tank. The bigger the capacity, the longer you can go between charges. It does no good to get a power-hungry mod that dies every two hours of use. For that reason, you should carefully consider the battery life of your next mod.
Box Mods and Tube Mods– Again, box mods are on top of this hill as well. These mods are able to last heavy vapers all day and then some in many cases. Another great benefit to these mods is that they usually have removable batteries. You simply take the old batteries out and replace them with fresh ones. That process requires a separate battery charger, but is cheaper than buying two mods to accomplish the same thing.
Mini Mods– can last all day if you vape at lower wattages. The higher the wattage, the quicker the battery dies. Lucky these tini mods are not all that powerful and can last all day if used sparingly. While some of the best mini vape mods have removable batteries, most do not. Without removable batteries, you should consider getting two small mods if you are a heavy vaper.


Box Mods- Their name might not sound like it will be the best fit in a pocket or purse, but they are quite comfortable to carry. They are shorter than tube mods, but wider. Not a true box shape, but rectangular in shape. I guess the term rectangular mod doesn't sound right. They are flatter on two sides, making them a good fit in a tight spot.
Tube Mods- Tube mods are losing the popularity war with box mods and mini mods. They are bulky and long making them uncomfortable in a pocket or purse. If you have ever had one of these in you tight jeans and bent over, you know what I mean. These mods are recommended more for at home use or in another fashion that doesn't involve lots of traveling
Mini Mods- These are the best option for portability and tight spots. That is why they are so popular. While they are not designed specifically for women, many ladies like the small form factor and discreteness these little vapes offer.

Buying Quality
Besides power, battery life, and size, there are some often overlooked qualities that you should also consider when shopping for the perfect vaping device. These items usually involve the company that makes your device, as well as the online vape vendors who sell them. These variables are not related to the device, but to the consumer channels that distribute vaping gear. These factors can change, even of the end product doesn't and are one of the reasons you should pay attention to where you buy your device.

Reputation of the Vendor
The vaporizer industry has been booming for quite some time. As a result, new manufacturers are entering the market at an unprecedented rate. With so many options available, it is important for consumers to place their trust in the right brand. Always go for vendors that have a solid reputation for selling high-quality vape mods. Most vendors have a reputation to uphold, so go for a know vendor that has a good customer support staff.
Many online vendors will have social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. They are constantly exposed to praise as well as criticism and take great pride in their brand reputation. A few bad experiences from customers can do a lot of damage to their image in just a few clicks. For this reason, the top vape vendors are easy to spot. They have the biggest online presence and you can find their website, social sites, and reviews just by typing in their company name.

Online Reviews
Reading online reviews by users or experts is the key to finding the right product. These reviews provide in-depth information about each device and gives you an insight on how it has helped change the vaping experience for users. Learning from other people's mistakes is the best way to save your money and time. Vape reviews can sometimes tend to be too technical for average users, so if reviews overwhelm you, look for recommendations to keep it simple. Some of the best online vape shops have review sections that allow you to compare different devices so you can research and explore the features of each one.

If it is your first purchase, you may want to buy a mid-range product with the perfect specifications for you. Cheap products will mostly disappoint you while the high-end mods might be a little too much for you to handle in the early days. Low-end mods are between $20-40, mid-range is around $40-$70, and high-end mods cost $70+. Usually, the more features and options you want, the higher the price goes. This is great news for anyone who just wants a basic vaping device!
For a general ballpark, plan on spending under $100 for all your vaping gear. If you find yourself spending more, see our review page, where we compare prices from all the most trusted vendors. You will be surprised on the differences in price for the same vape kit!
After you buy a good vape mod, you will also need some vape juice. This is probably the most expensive part of vaping due to the fact that juice is consumable, and vaping gear is not. But not to worry, vape juice is still cheaper than smoking! For some good recommendations, visit our vape juice page and find yourself a flavor.