How to Extend Your E-Cigarettes Lifetime

If you know many avid vapers, then you know it’s not at all uncommon for them to have half a dozen or more old e-cigarettes that they don’t use lying around. These are partially made up of older e-cigarette models that have lost their appeal, but almost always include at least one or two vapes that broke down before their time.
Damaged, worn-out, and malfunctioning e-cigarettes are a common problem among vapers, especially new vapers who aren’t very familiar with the technology. It’s easy to damage an e-cigarette or wear it out too fast if you are not extremely cautious.
Many e-cigarettes are fragile, complex, and require special maintenance and care to continue working well over long periods of time. Even just dropping your e-cigarette, neglecting regular cleaning, or forgetting to check and replace parts can cause minor or major malfunctions.
Finding the perfect e-cigarette can be tough, but making it last can be even tougher. In this post, we’re going to show how to keep your e-cigarette in prime condition so it stays running for as long as possible.

Most People Discard E-cigarettes Too Soon

First of all, it’s important to note that a large number of e-cigarettes that get discarded are thrown away needlessly because the owner didn’t know how to fix what was wrong. Many of the e-cigarettes discarded in junk drawers and landfills could be perfectly fine with a little bit of attention and elbow grease.
Other vapers burn through e-cigarettes one after another because they don’t give them the basic care they need. When their newest vape gives out after just a couple months, they simply go out and get a new one, never really understanding what it is that they’re doing wrong.
That’s why it’s so important to take the time to actually learn how to care for your e-cigarette.
Proper e-cigarette maintenance and care will not only keep it in good working condition, but it will make your vaping experience more pleasant and consistent. It’s amazing how much some basic knowledge and effort can prevent all sorts of minor quirks and malfunctions that make many people throw out their vapes prematurely.
Unfortunately, many people just don’t know how many common problems and annoyances with e-cigarettes are within their own control. Many, if not most, problems can be fixed or avoided if you know what to do.
In these next sections we’re going to look at some of the most common reasons that people throw out their e-cigarettes and how to avoid them. We’ll also show you how to diagnose and treat some of the most common minor issues and malfunctions that many vapers experience.
We want every vaper to know how to keep their e-cigarette working smoothly and be able to avoid the frustration of avoidable problems that result from lack of knowledge or neglect. By using the following tips and tricks as a guide, you can keep your e-cigarette running smoothly for longer than you ever could before.

How to Make Your E-cigarette Last

Protect Your E-cigarette from Damage

Handling your e-cigarette with care is the first step to keeping it in good condition for as long as possible. After all, all it takes is one unlucky fall for your e-cigarette to get damaged or ruined forever.
E-cigarettes are relatively fragile, and it’s important to protect them from fluids, heat, and hard impacts. That means you shouldn’t leave your e-cigarette for too long in a hot car or put it anywhere where it might get wet.
It’s a good idea to get a separate bag or case to keep your e-cigarette and the rest of your vaping gear in. That way, you can easily keep all your supplies in one place, and your e-cigarette will be padded and protected when you transport it.
It’s especially important to be careful with your e-cigarette’s battery, which can be damaged by heat, moisture, contact with metal, and any kind of scrape or puncture. You should always practice proper battery safety and check your batteries regularly for any signs of wear.
It’s dangerous to put loose batteries in your pocket or bag where they could get damaged or contact metal in the form of loose change, keys, or other common objects. You should always store any extra batteries or batteries that have been removed from your e-cigarette in a plastic case to keep them safe.
It can be easy to get careless with your e-cigarette over time, especially if you use it often and take it everywhere you go. But it’s important to remember that your e-cigarette is a special and fragile piece of technology that requires careful handling to stay in good working order.
It’s worth taking the time to store your e-cigarette somewhere safe when you don’t use it and exercise caution when you have it out. If you really want your cigarette to last, you have to do your best every single day to handle it with care.

Don’t Neglect Your Atomizer

If you use an e-cigarette with a rebuildable atomizer or replaceable coils, then you need to perform regular maintenance to keep it working well. Atomizer coils and wicks get clogged up with e-liquid over time and have to be cleaned and replaced.
How do you know when it’s time to replace your coil? Usually when you start to notice a “burnt” taste when you vape or when there’s visible build-up or corrosion on the coil.
If you don’t continually clean and replace the parts of your atomizer, you won’t get a consistent flavor. Unfortunately, some people simply give up on their e-cigarette when this happens, assuming that it is faulty and not realizing that their atomizer just needs some attention.
Sometimes, rinsing off your coil and wicks in warm water can revitalize them and keep them going for a little bit longer, however most vapers recommend simply replacing them instead. However, you should take the time to clean the contact where your e-liquid tank connects to your atomizer often to prevent gunky e-liquid build-up.
If you’re not sure how to take care of your atomizer, check out our previous post here for some easy-to-understand instructions. However, every device is different, and you should consult your e-cigarette user manual for any special tips or considerations.

Clean Off Build-Up

E-liquid gets sticky and gunky when it dries and collects all sort of dust, dirt, and grime. If you use your e-cigarette often, then this gunk can build up on the outside and inside of your vape fast.
You should take apart your e-cigarette and check for dirt and gunk at least once a week, or more often with heavy use. You can rinse out your tank with warm water and soap and wipe off the other parts of your e-cigarette with warm, damp paper towels or cotton swabs.
If you don’t, the build-up will clog up your e-cigarette, affecting is taste and function. Eventually, it could cause permanent damage, overheating or other malfunctions.

Remember to Prime Your Coils

As we mentioned above, burnt-tasting vapor and inconsistent flavor is one of the major reasons that people give up on and replace their e-cigarettes. This often happens when inexperienced vapers forget to replace their coils (or install them incorrectly), but it can even happen with a brand new set of coils if you don’t prime them properly first.
Priming the coils simply refers to dripping a few drops of e-liquid on to the coils and wicks in your atomizer until they are saturated with fluid. You may be able to drip the liquid directly on the coils, or you may need to drip it through the holes on the atomizer head.
By moistening the coils ahead of time, you ensure that you won’t get a gross, burnt taste when the coils first heat up. It can also help your coils last longer and prevent overheating.
You should prime all new coils you install before you begin vaping, and it can help with the flavor to prime them again before each new vaping session. Often, just giving your e-cigarette a shake before you vape is enough to get the coils wet.

Don’t Drain the Battery All the Way

One thing that can end many e-cigarettes’ lives prematurely is if the batteries stop charging correctly. This is less of a concern for e-cigarettes that use a standard size of removeable batteries, but it could be devastating for devices with custom or built-in batteries.
One of the best ways to keep your batteries fresh for as long as possible is to make sure you never allow them to run out completely in-between charges. Instead, plug in your e-cigarette whenever the batteries start to get low instead of waiting for them to drain completely.
Nearly all cigarettes use lithium ion batteries for power, which means you should also be careful not to let them sit unused for long periods of time. Lithium ion batteries work better and hold more charge with regular use, but if they sit dormant too long it will shorten their life and they will begin to lose their ability to charge up all the way.

Don’t Overheat Your E-cigarette

If you press the button that heats up your e-cigarette for too long, it can cause it to overheat. Because of this, you should try to take shorter drags on your e-cigarette instead of long ones, especially during longer vaping sessions.
The same goes for e-cigarettes that turn on automatically when you take a drag. Although they pose less of an overheating risk than those you heat up with a button, your e-cigarette could still overheat if you take too many long drags close together.
You should also be careful to wait a little bit in between drags so your e-cigarette has a chance to cool down before you fire up the heat again. During heavy use, you should wait at least thirty seconds in between puffs.
The most important thing is to pay attention to the temperature of your e-cigarette while you vape and be careful not fire the heat for too long. By taking these precautions to prevent your vape from getting too hot, you can increase the lifespan of your e-cigarette and even reduce how often you need to change the coils.

Ask for Help
If you ever have any questions about how to use, clean, or maintain your e-cigarette, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Even if you are confused or stumped by a problem, there’s a great chance that a more seasoned vaper will know exactly what to do.
If you don’t have any experienced vaper friends to talk to, you can always ask for help at your local vape shop or in a vaping forum online. People in the vaping community tend to be extremely friendly and enthusiastic about helping newcomers and offering advice.

Vapers who don’t how to treat their e-cigarette right often end up causing problems or doing permanent damage to their device. On top of that, many vapers also get frustrated easily and give up on their e-cigarette too soon, throwing it away when basic maintenance or repair is all that is really needed.
Because of this, every responsible e-cigarette owner should know how to take care of their vape and solve common minor problems that come up. If you use the tips and techniques in this article, then you should be much better equipped to keep your device in good shape.
Many e-cigarettes can be durable and long-lasting as long as you treat them with the care and respect they deserve. This will not only keep you and your e-cigarette safe, but will save you a good chunk of money on new supplies in the long run.