How to Extend the Life of Your Vape Coil

Every vaper knows their hit is only as good as their coil, and that’s why effective coil care is so important. We know what it takes to help your coil go the distance. Don’t suffer through burnt hits and sink extra money into frequent replacements—continue reading below for our top seven tips to extend the life of your vape coil.

1. Steer clear of dry burning
Dry hits taste terrible, not to mention they risk damaging the coil, so preventing them is a win-win. Check your vape tank regularly and top up before it runs low. Additionally, some vapers dry burn their coils to clean them. Dry burning may be a temptingly effective way to clear build-up, but it tends to shorten the coil’s lifespan.

2. Always prime your coil
No matter how much care you give your coils, they won’t last forever. Replacing your coil is a vaping ritual, and a careful installation can lead to a longer lifespan. Anytime you replace your vape coil, take the time to saturate the wick before use. Also remember, your first few hits should be shorter than usual and set to a lower wattage.

3. Avoid sweeter vape juices
The individual ingredients in your vape juice burn differently. Some evaporate almost entirely, while others leave behind residue. Sweeter vape juices tend toward the latter. Artificial sweeteners in e-liquids tend to leave behind a gunky residue that builds up on the coil, which can cause it to burn out faster. Consider a different flavour if this is an issue for you. Fruit, menthol, and tobacco flavoured e-liquids tend to contain fewer artificial sweeteners.

4. Chill with the Chain Vaping
Chain vaping can strain your vape coil because it doesn’t have time to cool down, and the wick can’t absorb e-liquid fast enough. This could even lead to a dry hit. Pace yourself when vaping. Give your coil a break of at least a few seconds between hits. This will ensure each hit is full and flavourful, and that your coil doesn’t endure unnecessary strain.

5. Consider a lower wattage
Another way to reduce the strain on your coil is to reduce the wattage. This may result in a small cloud and a hit that’s less intense however, so you should decide if a milder vaping experience is worth a longer life for your coil. Many vapers find that a compromise between a lower wattage and a heavier hit works well for them, particularly if they’re sinking too much money into replacement coils. With some time and tinkering, you too can find your personal sweet spot.

6. Clean Your Coils Regularly
When refilling your tank, take the opportunity to examine your coil and clean it if necessary. When possible, a simple rinse with warm water can remove a lot of residue. Again, a careful dry burn can also break apart some of the build-up, but at the risk of frying the coil. Proceed with caution if a warm rinse isn’t removing enough of the grime.

7. Buy the right coil
As with every other tool in your vaping arsenal, quality counts. Kit your vaping device with a coil that can go the distance.