When you think of vape tricks, the first thing people go for is the classic O-ring. But did you know that there are over 5 popular vape tricks that you can try out to broaden your horizons? That’s right. Lot of people can blow O-rings, though it takes a real vape connoisseur to be able to do more than that with a puff of vapor.

Sure, O-rings look cool, though everyone and their grandma can do them nowadays! Still, getting a perfect O-ring takes practice and skill, and not everyone can pull off the perfect O-ring. This will be a foundation in order to master the rest.

While not as hard as you might think, doing tricks with vapor will take a bit of time and patience. You cannot expect to go out and hang with the vape vets unless you do a little practice. Fortunately, with this guide you can be well on your way to being the coolest vaper in your circle. Here we will list only the most popular vape tricks for the modern vape user.

Otherwise known as a donut, the O-ring is the most basic of all the vape tricks. Still, it will require a bit of knack on your part to master. Most of those reading this will be beginners and those looking to expand on their trick bag.

To start, take a puff of vapor and hold it in your throat for a bit. Rest your tongue on the floor of your mouth as you push the back of your tongue to the back of your throat. Tighten your lips around your teeth in the shape of an O. Push the vapor out of your throat in a pulsating motion as if you were slightly coughing.

This will take a bit of practice, though the good news is that you will be vaping and likely taking more hits to do so. Not a bad deal considering it is just practice. Now imagine taking your SteamCloud Box Mod and blowing out a monster cloud of donut rings as you stroll on by!

While much easier to do than the O-ring, the Ghost Inhale is one of the coolest looking vape tricks. Unlike the knack you need to get other tricks down perfectly, the Ghost Inhale is much more lenient in its outward appearance, making it perfect for newbies.

Simply start out by taking a big puff from your AGO or other high quality vape and just keep the vapor in your mouth. Slowly open your mouth with all the vapor inside and let the cloud naturally come out without forcing it.

It should be shaped like a big ball, at which point you inhale the cloud back in your mouth and take the hit. This trick looks especially cool when done with a vape that utilizes either e-juice or oil concentrates like the SteamCloud EVOD, since vapor from these types are much thicker and more pronounced.

Now we are getting to the much more advanced stuff. This one will take some practice, though master this one, and you will like a real pro! If you have successfully perfected the O-ring, you can begin to try your hand at the Triangle. Like the name suggests, instead of circles, you blow out triangles!

Start out by blowing out an O-ring. This one is all about timing, so once you blow out an O-ring, quickly tap it on one side a few times. Be very careful not to overdo it otherwise you will dissipate the vapor prematurely.

Through trial and error, you will have to know how and when to tap on the O-ring for it to make the shape you want. This is in no way a simple trick, despite knowing how to blow a perfect donut. With enough practice, you can learn how to do this one to stand out from the O crowd.

Another fine trick that requires mastery of the O-ring, the Bull Ring is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking tricks you could ever hope to master. While this one will sound simple, it is anything but!

Blow out an enlarged O-ring. With your nostrils, inhale the top portion of the O-ring. The resulting vapor cloud should form the classic ring shape found in the nostrils of bulls. Like the triangle, timing will be important with this one.

Inhale too fast, and you will not have the right shape. Inhale too soon, and your Bull Ring will not look right. Take your time and really practice this one so that you can get it down just right. It looks really cool when perfected!

A sexy inhale that will really make you stand out, the Frenchie or French Inhale is a lot like the Ghost Inhale, except you will be using your nostrils instead of your mouth to take a hit. Of all the inhaling methods, this one looks the sleekest.

Start out by taking a big hit from a strong vape like the Yocan Uni Box Mod or other vape capable of utilizing e-juice or oil concentrates. Keep the vapor in your mouth and do not inhale it. Slowly open your mouth and let the vapor cloud gently push out without opening your throat.

As the vapor comes out, slowly inhale it with your nostrils. This can only be done with your throat closed. It should resemble a reverse waterfall of sorts and look incredibly chic! Done right, this one can be a real attractive conversation starter.

One of the cooler tricks that looks incredibly fierce, the Dragon Puff will require moderate practice to master. You will be blowing vapor through 4 different areas: your nostrils, and the corners of your mouth. Remember, the thicker and bigger your clouds, the cooler the tricks will look.

Therefore, we recommend using box mods and 3-in-1 vapes. The trick with this hit is not inhaling the vapor, but instead holding it in your mouth and letting it come out your nostrils. Easier said than done, but it is not too hard once you get the hang of it.

Once you take a big enough hit, force it out through your nostrils and the corners of your mouth. Practice this without taking a hit first so that you know what to expect. Always remember, no matter what tricks you have under your belt, it is important to realize that nothing can replace the skill of knowing yourself, your limits, and your vaporizer.