How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes UK

Our Guide On How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes UK
Are you an eco-conscious vaper concerned about the toll your disposable vapes are taking on the environment? If so, you might find yourself wondering how to dispose of disposable vapes properly. 

Disposable vapes have become all the rage over the past couple of years, with many beginners and even some experienced vapers now turning to these super-convenient throw-away devices. But considering they’re made from robust plastics and heavy metals, there are some concerns they aren’t the most environmentally-friendly option out there.

So if you’re looking to do your bit for the planet by recycling your used devices then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be telling you how to dispose of disposable vapes in this informative post!

Disposable Vape Materials 
Disposable vapes are pretty straight-forward devices with only a few components. Most of them have just a plastic exterior, a battery, a small tank where the liquid is stored, a cotton wick and a coil.

The one bad thing about disposable vapes is although they offer great convenience, they aren’t exactly made with the environment in mind. The reason we say this is the components are built-in, meaning they can’t be replaced, and the materials used to build the devices are also quite difficult to recycle.

But eco-warriors fear not because, with a bit of effort on your part, you can ensure your vapes aren’t an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen! So to help minimise the impact your vaping is having on the planet, here’s how to dispose of disposable vapes UK (we say UK because guidance might be different if you’re located elsewhere!)

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes UK
If you’re short on time then one way to ensure your disposable vapes are being disposed of safely is to store them somewhere safe until you’ve saved up a good few. Once you’ve built up a decent collection of used vapes, take them to your local recycling centre where they’ll be happy to dispose of them for you. 

If you have a bit more time on your hands and you really want to do your bit then it is possible to remove the materials and recycle them yourself. To do this, you’ll need to dismantle the device and separate the basic materials, which can then be recycled individually. 

Before you begin, remember that battery removal can be dangerous if you’re not careful, so take extra care when handling the battery and make sure you wear gloves.

Start by opening up the device. The way to go about this will depend on the device you’re dismantling but there should be a piece that pops off somewhere which allows you to get to internal components. Once you’re inside, take out the battery, as well as the cotton, and remove the plastic e-liquid tank and hey presto, they’re all ready for recycling!

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes Materials
Now you’ve separated the vape’s materials, the question is what should you do with them?

Well, most of us know not to throw old batteries into the bin. Dispose of your batteries in the wrong way and they could very easily end up in landfill which can be disastrous for our natural surroundings as they can pollute water supplies and damage ecological systems. 

So, once you’ve removed the battery, take it to a local recycling centre or supermarket to be disposed of properly.

For the other materials, just pop the plastic and cotton into the relevant recycling and hopefully they’ll be recycled into something new which saves them ending up in a landfill where they’ll take 1,000 years to decompose!

Environmental Impact Compared to Smoking
Although it’s clear disposables aren’t the most eco-friendly choice when it comes to vaping, it’s important to remember they’re still much less damaging to the environment than cigarettes.

In fact, cigarette butts – made from cellulose acetate, which is a type of plastic that takes over a decade to decompose – are still the single biggest cause of plastic pollution in our oceans. 

It’s also said that just a single cigarette filter can pollute 1000 litres of water! So keep in mind that whether you’re vaping disposables or a reusable device, if you’ve swapped traditional cigarettes with an electric alternative then you’re already making a difference.